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									CheCk Payment:                                         return this application with a
Land Only $2,010 /                                     deposit of $250 per passenger.
Land and air Price $2,654 /
Single Supplement, $565
                                                       deposit $____________                                                                             AmericAn Friends
                                                                                                                                                           oF Yeshivot
                                                                                                                M I S S I O N TO
Credit Card Payment: add 4 %                           Please send check payable to
added to the air price is                              aFyBa to
Fuel Surcharge $250 and                                11 Broadway, Suite 901,
                                                                                                                                                            Bnei AkivA

airport tax $95 BOth are SUBJeCt                       new york, ny 10004.
tO ChanGe.
                                                       FULL Payment dUe
tips for Guide, driver and                             90 dayS BeFOre dePartUre
restaurants are included.                              (7 OCtOBer, 2009)
if planning an extension,
please notify us no later than                         Check your passport-it must be valid
3 months prior to departure.                           for 6 months beyond your trip return
Please attach sheet with desired                       date.
rooming arrangements (double, triple)

                                      itC termS and COnditiOnS
                                         (please sign at bottom)
rOOmS: Prices are based on double occupan- reSPOnSiBiLity FOr FLiGht and PaSSenGer
cy. Single rooms are available at a supplemen- aCCOmmOdatiOnS and SerViCeS: itC is re-
tary cost. $565.                                      sponsible for making all arrangements for tour
taXeS: airport tax and fuel surcharge are add- services offered in the itinerary. the airlines,
ed to the price when ticketed. * Fuel surcharge       hotels, land operators and other suppliers pro-
is subject to change.                                 viding services are independent contractors
                                                      and not agents, employees or associates of itC.
tiPPinG: tips for guides, drivers, Porters and acceptance and confirmation of your reserva-
restaurants are included in price.                    tion is at the discretion of the airlines even after
inSUranCe: insurance is not included in the full payment has been made. itC assumes no
tour price. We strongly recommend that you responsibility or liability in connection with the
purchase travel insurance. Please note that we service of an aircraft, motor coach, taxi, or other
cannot accept responsibility for any losses or conveyances, which may be used in the perfor-
expenses, which you or any member of your mance of its duty to the passengers. all vouch-

                                                                                                                                                         M I S S I O N TO
party may incur as a result of failing to secure ers and other documents for services issued
adequate coverage.                                    by the company are subject to the terms and
                                                      conditions specified by the suppliers and to the
mediCaL COnditiOn: itC is not responsible for laws of the country where services are supplied.
any medical conditions that may occur during if the tour services as indicated by the itinerary
or prior to the tour. We offer Group rate travel cannot be supplied or there are changes in the

insurance. Please check itC’s website at http:// itinerary for reasons beyond the control of itC, for coverage details. the we will arrange for provision of comparable ser-
cost is $139 per person and will cover pre-ex- vices. itC reserves the right to make changes in
isting conditions if purchased at time of your the itinerary whenever itC deems it necessary to
deposit date.                                         the comfort, convenience and safety of the par-
CanCeLLatiOn: all cancellations must be in ticipant at any time. the participant agrees that
                                                                                                                   One may apply to
writing to us and must be signed by the person itC shall not be liable for any changes in flight
who made the original reservation. Cancel- schedules, delays, weather conditions, damag-
lations are only effective from the day they es, losses (including personal injuries, death and
                                                                                                                  yBa Mission to Israel
are received by us. no refunds are issued for property losses) or expenses occasioned by acts
cancellations received after the date the tour or omissions of any person, including suppliers
                                                                                                                    at our website:
departs. Penalties will apply. if you cancel your providing services, or for any acts of war, insur-
tour, cancellation fees and penalties will be de- rection, revolts, or other civil uprisings, military
ducted from your refund or deposit. Cancella- actions, strikes, or acts of G-d occurring either in        
tion fees will apply to all deposit checks (airline the country of origin, through passage or des-
penalties could be equal to the total cost of the tination. no person other than an authorized
ticket.) Cancellation fees apply to each person. representative of itC by written consent is au-
                                                      thorized to vary, add or waive any term or con-
PriOr tO dePartUre CanCeLLatiOn Fee: dition in this agreement. the right is reserved to
90- 46 days $250.00 per person; 45-15 days decline to accept or retain any tour passenger
                                                                                                                                                             9 -17 January, 2010
$450.00 per person; 14- or less no refund; should such person’s health or general deport-
*Plus any penalties applied by airlines, hotels ment impede the operation of the tour to the
and tour operators. no refunds are issued for detriment of the other tour passengers.
cancellations on private tour itineraries. af-
ter itinerary is complete there will be a $100. PaSSPOrtS and ViSaS: each passenger partic-
                                                                                                                                                           With Rabbi Benjamin and
                                                                                                                                                                 Shevi Yudin
Change fee assessed per charge.                       ipant must have a valid passport. Please make
BaGGaGe: Luggage is the responsibility of the sure yourexpiration date is at least 6 months
passenger and that of the airlines. For lost lug- past            date of departure.
gage claims, the passenger is responsible for immUniZatiOnS: no immunization shots or
notifying the airline directly.                       vaccinations are required at present, unless
Seat aSSiGnmentS: there is no advanced otherwise noted.
seat selection for tour departures; however, nOte: the sequence of activities in the itiner-
we will try to meet individual requests upon ary may change or be reversed some may be
                                                                                                                   AmericAn Friends oF
availability. three hours advance arrival to the omitted due to circumstances beyond our con-
airport is necessary to insure adequate time for trol. Pricing is subject to change until the trip
                                                                                                                   Yeshivot Bnei AkivA
check in.                                             is paid in full.

                                                                                                                    11 Broadway, Suite 901
                                                                                                                       New york, Ny 10004
date: ________________
my (our) signature(s) indicate(s) that i (we) have read and agree to the terms and Conditions
                                                                                                             Tel. (212) 248-0471 • Fax: (212) 248-0473
included with this trip package.                                                                                      email:
                                                                                                                                     american Friends of yeshivot Bnei akiva
          Mission to israel                                       • Visit the lovely, historical Tishbi Winery in Binyamina for a

                                                                    tour and wine tasting
                                                                  • Return to Jerusalem for a free evening                                           israel Mission
                                                                  • Overnight: Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem                                   With Rabbi Benjamin and Shevi Yudin
     9-17 January, 2010                                        Thursday, 14 January – The Negev                                                        9-17 January, 2010
                                                                  • Travel to Sderot to meet with residents and gain a first-                    reGistration ForM
Motzei Shabbat, 9 January – USA Departure                           hand understanding of the effects of the sustained
                                                                    bombardment they have endured; gaze into the Gaza Strip         1. Name oN PassPort:
   • Overnight flight to Israel
                                                                    from Sderot overlooks; meet with the mayor of Sderot
                                                                                                                                    First                middle            last
Sunday, 10 January – When You Come Into                           • Visit the YBA Ulpanat Netivot including lunch with the
the Land (Dev. 26:1)                                                                                                                street address       City              state            ZiP
                                                                  • Take part in a hands-on chesed project
   • Late afternoon arrival in Israel and ascent to
     Jerusalem                                                    • Stop to visit the beautiful, recently restored mosaic floor     Work PhoNe           home PhoNe        Cell PhoNe
                                                                    of a Byzantine-era synagogue in kibbutz nirim in the
   • Take in a breathtaking view of the Temple Mount
                                                                    Western negev                                                   Fax                  email             emergeNCy #
     from the mount of Olives                                                                                                                                   /     /
   • Welcome dinner at the hotel
                                                                  • Return to Jerusalem                                                                                                 /         /
                                                                                                                                    PassPort #               issue date                     doB
                                                                  • Dinner at Benny’s Fish Restaurant
   • Overnight: Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem                                                                                     2. Name oN PassPort:
                                                                  • Overnight: Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem
Monday, 11 January – In the Footsteps of                       Friday, 15 January – Jerusalem of Old                                First                middle            last
Patriarchs and Matriarchs                                         • Visit Yeshivat Hakotel, meet with students in the American
   • Stop for Tehillim and supplication at Kever Rachel             program                                                         street address       City              state            ZiP
   • Visit Ma’arat Hamachpela in the holy city of Hevron;         Choice of:
     visit with a hevron family                                                                                                     Work PhoNe           home PhoNe        Cell PhoNe
                                                                     tour david’s City, the most ancient section of Jerusalem,
   • Proceed to Sussya to visit our YBA Sussya, including            built by king david, including recent excavations and the      Fax                  email             emergeNCy #
     lunch with the students                                         new 3-d presentation                                                                       /     /
   • Enjoy a guided exploration of the ancient city of            or                                                                PassPort #               issue date                     doB
     Sussya, where Biblical, mishnaic, and talmudic texts
     come to life                                                 Off the Beaten Path with the yudin’s:                             3. Name oN PassPort:
   • Visit the community of Maon                                     o men visit rabbi Finkle, the rosh yeshiva of mir
   • Return to Jerusalem for a free evening                          o Women escort Shevi to a Women’s only Chesed Project          First                middle            last

   • Overnight: Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem                   • Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel or at a synagogue of your         street address       City              state            ZiP
Tuesday, 12 January – Rebirth and Renewal                         • Shabbat dinner at the hotel; Guest Speaker/oneg after           Work PhoNe           home PhoNe        Cell PhoNe
   • Depart for Israel’s northern coast city of Akko                dinner
   • Take part in a hands-on chesed project in Akko               • Overnight: Sheraton Plaza Hotel, Jerusalem                      Fax                  email             emergeNCy #
   • Visit our Yeshivat Hesder in Akko, including lunch                                                                                                         /     /
     with the students                                         Saturday, 16 January – Shabbat in Jerusalem                          PassPort #               issue date                     doB

   • Walk through Akko’s Old City and visit the British           • Shabbat morning davening at the shul of your choice             4. Name oN PassPort:
     prison, where Jewish freedom fighters were                   • Day of leisure in Jerusalem
     incarcerated.                                                • Shabbat lunch at the hotel                                      First                middle            last
   • Tour Akko’s amazing Tunisian Synagogue, which is             • Farewell seudah shlishit at the hotel
                                                                                                                                    street address       City              state            ZiP
     completely decorated with mosaics depicting stories          • Depart for the airport
     from Jewish history and traditional texts
   • Proceed to Maalot for hotel check-in and dinner           Sunday, 17 January – Return to USA                                   Work PhoNe           home PhoNe        Cell PhoNe

   • Overnight: Shir Lamaalot Guest House, Maalot                                                                                   Fax                  email             emergeNCy #
                                                                                                                                                                /     /
Wednesday, 13 January – Layers of History                                                                                           PassPort #               issue date                     doB
   • See ancient history come to life at the newly-
     opened multi-media center against the backdrop of                                                                                    tour operator inForMation: itC tours LLC
     ancient Caesarea. excavations include an impressive                                                                                          107 east mount Pleasant ave, Suite 115
     amphitheatre and aqueduct.                                                                                                                            Livingston, nJ 07039
   • Visit our Ulpana Ramat Karniel in Kfar Pines, including                                                                                973-535-2575 • 1-800-2-Usrael • Fax 973-535-2690
     lunch with the students
                                                                                                                                          Email •
   • Take part in a hands-on chesed project
                                                                                                                                                        continued on other side

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