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									EU & US
Global partners, global responsibilities

                        Heinz R. Miko
     Framework of Relations

• 1990: Transatlantic Declaration
• 1995: New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA)
• Economic Initiative 2005
         New Transatlantic Agenda
    [Political Dialogues]

           EU/US                      EU/US Summit
         Ministerial                         (once a year)
       (twice a year)

                                        Senior Level Group
                                                                                       SLG on Biotechnology
      EU/US                                   (SLG)
Political Directors            (meeting normally twice under each Presidency)

                                               Task Force
                                                                                'subject cooperation'
  EU/US Troikas
                                                                                - Enivromment Dialogue
20 different EU/US Council                                                      - Energy Dialogue
Working Groups on foreign                 Transatlantic Economic                - Information Society Dialogue
policy meeting once under                      Partnership
     each Presidency                                                            - EU/ US Aid High Level Contact
                                                                                - DG TREN Working Groups / Dialogue on
                                           (steering group and various
                                                 working groups)                maritime transport, aviation, intermodality
                                                                                - DG EMPL Working Group
                                                                                - DG COMP Working Group
                                                                                - DG RTD Joint Consultative Group
                                                                                - TF on Communicable Diseases


                               Transatlantic Business Dialogue
                                Transatlantic Business Dialogue
                               Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue
                               Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue
                              Transatlantic Environment Dialogue
                             Transatlantic EnvironmentalDialogue
                                 Transatlantic Labour Dialogue
                                 Transatlantic Labour Dialogue

                              Transatlantic Legislators Dialogue
          Current NTA dialogues

•   Summit
•   Ministerial (Troika/EU 27)
•   Economic Ministerial
•   JHA Ministerial Troika
•   NTA Senior Level Group
•   NTA Task Force
   Political dialogue meetings

 Arms export           Mashreq/Maghreb
 Africa                Non-proliferation
 Asia/Oceania          Terrorism
 OSCE                  United Nations
 Consular Affairs      Western Balkans
 Disarmament           Southeast Europe
 Eastern Europe and    Middle East/Gulf
Central Asia           Middle East Peace
 Human Rights         Process
 Latin America
              More information

             The EU and the US
     global partners, global responsibilities

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