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sUNDAY, JUNE 0, 2007
6:30 - 8:00pm     Welcome Reception                  Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

	     	     	     ▪ dick anderson, Chairman, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce
	     	     	     ▪ saxby chambliss, U.S. Senator for Georgia
                  ▪ carlos m. gutierrez, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce
                  ▪ franklin L. Lavin, Under Secretary for International Trade, U.S. Department of Commerce

MoNDAY, JUNE , 2007
8:30 - 9:15am     opening Plenary: Welcome to the ACF                               Marquis Ballroom B-D

                  Remarks by:
	     	     	     ▪ shirley franklin, Mayor, City of Atlanta
                  Keynote Address by:
	     	     	     ▪ carlos m. gutierrez, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce
                  Plenary Facilitator:
	     	     	     ▪ israel Hernandez, Assistant Secretary for Trade Promotion and Director General of the U.S.
                    and Foreign Commercial Service, U.S. Department of Commerce

9:15 - 10:30am    Plenary session: The state of Competitiveness in the
                  Western Hemisphere Marquis Ballroom B-D
                  Moderated by:
	     	     	     ▪ Luis alberto moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank
	     	     	     ▪ ana vilma de escobar, Vice President, El Salvador
	     	     	     ▪ Hernando de soto, President, Institute for Liberty and Democracy
	     	     	     ▪ eduardo sólorzano morales, President and CEO, Wal-Mart Mexico
10:30 - 11:00am   Plenary session: Interactive Video Conference
                  Marquis Ballroom B-D

                  NAsA space Program – Digital Learning Network

                  Moderated by:
	     	     	     ▪ dr. robert e. Lindberg, President, National Institute of Aerospace                                                                                agenda   
11am - 12:15pm                Concurrent Panel Discussions (Please select one)

Building A Bridge: The Link                 Trends in Non-Traditional       Trends in Traditional Alternative
Between Education and                       Alternative Energy Technologies Energy Technologies
Business (Education and                     (Innovation) A702               (Innovation) A704
Workforce Development) A703
                                            Moderated by:                                Moderated by:
Moderated by:                               ▪ Alessandro Golombiewski Teixeira,          ▪ Claudio Pinto, Partner, JCA Markets
▪ Wayne Johnson, Vice President,              President, Export Promotion Agency, Brazil
  University Relations Worldwide,                                                        Panelists:
  Hewlett-Packard                           Panelists:                                   ▪ Chuck Alsberg, President, North American
                                            ▪ Fernando Baratelli Jr., General Manager      Hydro
Panelists:                                     for Gas, Energy and Sustainable           ▪ Carlos Alvarez, Executive Vice President,
▪ Linda Claflin, Senior Vice President,        Development R&D, Petrobras                  CORFO
  Asia/Pacific and Americas Region,         ▪ Dan Clarkson, Vice President, Prometheus ▪ Andy Kruse, Vice President, Southwest
  Junior Achievement                           Energy                                      Windpower
▪ Gary Gereffi, Director, Center for        ▪ Larry schafer, CEO, Diamond Group LLC      ▪ Ken Westrick, CEO, 3Tier Environmental
  Globalization, Governance and             ▪ James Taylor, General Manager, Nova          Forecast Group
  Competitiveness, Duke University             Scotia Power Inc.
▪ Henry Howard, President & CEO, U.S.       ▪ Trey Taylor, President, Verdant Power
  Education Finance Group
▪ Noel Quiñones, Operación Éxito

Energizing the Entrepreneurial              The Unobstructed supply Chain                Regional Business
Environment in Your Country                 (supply Chain strategies) A707               opportunities: Target Market
(small Business Development)                                                             – southern Cone A708
A706                                        Moderated by:
                                            ▪ steve Walton, Interim Associate          Moderated by:
Moderated by:                                 Dean of Full-time MBA Programs, Goizueta ▪ Anthony Wayne, U.S. Ambassador to
▪ Jerry Haar, Associate Director,             Business School, Emory University          Argentina
  Knight Ridder Center for Excellence
  in Management, Florida International     Panelists:                                    Panelists:
  University                               ▪ stephen Flowers, President, UPS             ▪ Alejandro Ferreiro, Minister of
                                             Americas Region, UPS                          Economy, Chile
Panelists:                                 ▪ George Hearn, Vice President and            ▪ José Maria Ibañez, Minister of Industry
▪ David Bohigian, Assistant Secretary,       Managing Director, U.S. Southern Region,       and Commerce, Paraguay
  International Trade Administration, U.S.   APL Limited                                 ▪ Jorge Lepra, Minister of Industry,
  Department of Commerce                   ▪ Henrique Rzezinski, Senior Vice President      Uruguay
▪ Rodrigo Calderón, Vice President, Public   for External Relations, Embraer             ▪ Miguel Gustavo Peirano, Secretary of
  Affairs & Communication, Coca-Cola Latin ▪ Lisa schimmelpfenning, Vice President,         Industry, Trade and Small and Medium
  America                                    Direct Imports Administration, Wal-Mart        Enterprises, Argentina
▪ Juan Malo, President, Cuenca Leather                                                   ▪ Ivan Ramalho, Vice Minister of
  Cluster                                                                                  Development, Industry and Commerce,
▪ Larry Palmer, President, Inter-American                                                   Brazil
  Foundation                                                                             ▪ Carlos Walde, Minister, Special Advisor to
▪ Marcelo salim, Founder & CEO, Rava                                                        the President, Paraguay
  Sports                                                                                             agenda    2
12:30 - 2:00pm                   Luncheon Address: Innovation                             Marquis Ballroom B-D

                                 Remarks by:
	            	         	         ▪ John roese, Chief Technology Officer, Nortel

                                 Keynote Address by:
	            	         	         ▪ vinton g. cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google

2:15 - 3:30pm                    Concurrent Panel Discussions (Please select one)

    Maximizing Public / Private                   Financing: The Lifeblood of    Regional Business
    Partnerships (Education and                   small Business (small Business opportunities: Target Market–
    Workforce Development) A703                   Development) A706              Central America and the
                                                                                 Dominican Republic A708
    Moderated by:                                 Moderated by:
    ▪ Emily stover DeRocco, Assistant             ▪ John A. Emens, Senior Vice President,        Moderated by:
      Secretary, Employment and Training            Small Business, Export-Import Bank of        ▪ Charles Ford, U.S. Ambassador to
       Administration, U.S. Department of Labor     the United States                              Honduras

    Panelists:                                    Panelists:                                     Panelists:
    ▪ Ann Cramer, Director, IBM North America     ▪ steven G. Bastin, Global Treasury            ▪ Yusuf Amdani, Presidential Advisor on
      Corporate Citizenship                         Management, PNC                                Investment, Honduras
    ▪ Renato da Fonseca, Executive Manager        ▪ Jovita Carranza, Deputy Administrator,       ▪ Alvaro Baltodano, Presidential
      for Research, Assessment and                  U.S. Small Business Administration             Commission on Investment Promotion,
      Development, National Confederation of      ▪ Fernando Fabre, Director General,              Nicaragua
      Industries                                    Endeavor Mexico                              ▪ Yolanda Mayora de Gavidia, Economy
    ▪ Jorge Nowalski, President, International    ▪ Roberto Zamora, President, LAFISE Group        Minister, El Salvador
      Center for Human Development                                                               ▪ Marco Vinicio Ruiz, Minister of Foreign
    ▪ Miguel ortiz de Zevallos, Servicio                                                           Trade, Costa Rica
      Nacional de Adiestramiento en Trabajo                                                      ▪ Emmanuel seidner, Presidential
      Industrial (SENATI)                                                                          Commission on Investment and
    ▪ Wilfrido Perea Curiel, Director General,                                                     Competitiveness, Guatemala
      Colegio Nacional de Educación                                                              ▪ Andres Van der Horst, Presidential
      Profesional Técnica                                                                          Advisor on Competitiveness, Dominican

    Partnerships Advancing Economic Growth and                           Facilitating Trade Movements Across Borders
    Living Conditions (Innovation) A704                                  (supply Chain strategies) A707
    Moderated by:                                                        Moderated by:
     ▪ Charles Waters, Chairman and CEO, Dynasty International, LLC      ▪ Chelsea (Chip) C. White III, Chair, Transportation and Logistics,
                                                                           School of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Institute of
    Panelists:                                                             Technology
    ▪ Terrence Heng, Chairman, Gridline Communications Holdings,
      Inc.                                                               Panelists:
    ▪ Diana Hoffman, CEO, CREATE Tech Village                            ▪ Jesus Canahuati, President, Elcatex and President, Honduran
    ▪ Wayne Johnson, Vice President, University Relations Worldwide,       Apparel Manufacturers Association
      Hewlett-Packard                                                    ▪ Allen Gina, Executive Director, Container Security Initiative and
    ▪ Juan F. Rada, Senior Vice President, Public Sector and Education     Secure Freight Office, U.S. Customs and Border Protection
      Global Business Unit, Oracle Corporation                           ▪ Juan Carlos Paiz, CEO, Panifica
    ▪ Gonzalo Rivas, Senior Advisor, Education, Science and              ▪ Francisco santeiro, Managing Director, Global Trade Services
      Technology, Inter-American Development Bank                          – Latin America and Caribbean Division, FedEx Express
                                                                         ▪ Kevin smith, Director, Global Customs, General Motors                                                                                                       agenda   3
3:45 - 5:15pm     Town Hall with Government Ministers:
                  Competitiveness in Practice Marquis Ballroom B-D
                  Interactive Moderated Question and Answer session with Ministers from the Region

                  Moderated by:
	     	     	     ▪ carlos m. gutierrez, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

	     	     	     ▪ mercedes araoz, Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Peru
	     	     	     ▪ maxime Bernier, Minister of Industry, Canada
                  ▪ alejandro ferreiro, Minister of Economy, Chile
	     	     	     ▪ alejandro ferrer, Minister of Commerce and Industry, Panama
	     	     	     ▪ Luis guillermo plata, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Colombia
	     	     	     ▪ eduardo sojo, Minister of Economy, Mexico

5:15 - 5:30pm     Closing Remarks               Marquis Ballroom B-D

	     	     	     ▪ Jaime morales carazo, Vice President, Nicaragua
	     	     	     ▪ cecilia velez white, Minister of Education, Colombia

7:00 - 10:00pm    Reception and Dinner                  The Georgia Aquarium

                  Remarks by:
	     	     	     ▪ Lee macenczak, Executive Vice President, Delta Airlines, Inc.

	     	     	     ▪ sonny perdue, Governor, State of Georgia                                                           agenda   4
TUEsDAY, JUNE 2, 2007
8:00 - 9:15am     opening Plenary              Marquis Ballroom B-D

	     	     	     ▪ enrique garcía, Executive President, Corporación Andina de Fomento
	     	     	     ▪ robert mosbacher, President, Overseas Private Investment Corporation

                  Keynote Address by:
	     	     	     ▪ Henry m. paulson, Jr., Secretary, U.S. Department of the Treasury

                  Introduced by:
	     	     	     ▪ carlos m. gutierrez, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

9:15 - 10:45am    Plenary session: supporting National and Regional
                  Innovation for Economic Prosperity Marquis Ballroom B-D
                  Remarks by:
	     	     	     ▪ william Jeffrey, Director, National Institute for Standards and Technology,
                    U.S. Department of Commerce

                  Moderated by:
	     	     	     ▪ deborah L. wince-smith, President, Council on Competitiveness

	     	     	     ▪ Jose tadeu alves, President, Latin America Human Health, Merck & Co., Inc.
	     	     	     ▪ g. wayne clough, President, Georgia Institute of Technology
	     	     	     ▪ Jorge gerdau Johannpeter, President, Brazilian Competitiveness Movement
	     	     	     ▪ marcos Kulka, CEO, Fundación Chile
	     	     	     ▪ roberto newell, CEO, Institute of Competitiveness of Mexico                                                                 agenda   
11am - 12:15pm                    Concurrent Panel Discussions (Please select one)

    The Global Model: What Can                     Merging Public and Private      Regional Business opportunity:
    We Learn from other Regions?                   Efforts for supply Chain        Target Market – CARICoM and
    (Education and Workforce                       Capacity Building (supply Chain Caribbean A708
    Development) A703                              strategies) A707
                                                                                                  Moderated by:
    Moderated by:                                  Moderated by:                                  ▪ Irwin LaRocque, Assistant Secretary-
    ▪ Andrea Bosch, Vice President, Education,     ▪ J. Luis Guasch, Senior Regional Advisor,        General, CARICOM
      International Youth Foundation                 World Bank
    Panelists:                                     Panelists:                                     ▪ Maggy Durce, Minister of Commerce,
    ▪ Bill Fowler, Executive Director, 21st        ▪ Ivan Anderson, Managing Director,              Haiti
      Century Schools Initiative, Cisco Systems       National Road Operating and Constructing    ▪ Timothy Harris, Minister of Foreign
    ▪ Leonard Haynes, Director, Fund for              Company                                       Affairs, Int’l trade, Industry, commerce
      Improvement in Post-Secondary                ▪ Alasdair Cain, Senior Research Associate,      and Consular Affairs, St. Kitts and Nevis
      Education, U.S. Department of Education         National Bus Rapid Transit Institute,       ▪ Clifford Marica, Minister of Trade and
    ▪ Joyce L. Winterton, Assistant                   University of South Florida                   Industry, Suriname
      Administrator for Education, National        ▪ Robert DeHaan, Deputy Assistant              ▪ Michael McGee, Commercial Counselor
      Aeronautics and Space Administration            Secretary for Transportation Policy, U.S.     for the Caribbean Region, U.S. and
      (NASA)                                          Department of Transportation                  Foreign Commercial Servcie
    ▪ Alex Wong, Director, Global Education        ▪ silvia sagari, Division Chief, Finance       ▪ Tiffany M. Moore, Assistant U.S. Trade
      Initiative, World Economic Forum                and Basic Infrastructure Division, Inter-     Representative, Intergovernmental Affairs
                                                      American Development Bank                     and Public Liaison, Executive Office of the
                                                                                                  ▪ Mia Mottley, Deputy Prime Minister of
                                                                                                    Economic Affairs and Development,
                                                                                                  ▪ Louis straker, Deputy Prime Minister and
                                                                                                    Minister of Foreign Affairs, St. Vincent &
                                                                                                    the Grenadines

    Policies supporting Innovation for Economic                            shaping the Business Environment through
    Prosperity (Innovation) A704                                           Innovative Policies (small Business
                                                                           Development) A706
    Moderated by:
    ▪ Hernando Jose Gomez, President, Colombian Private Sector             Moderated by:
      Competitiveness Council                                              ▪ Arturo Condo, President, INCAE Business School, Costa Rica

    Panelists:                                                             Panelists:
    ▪ Gregorio Cuevas, President, Biocluster de Occidente                  ▪ José Manuel de la sota, Governor of Córdoba, Argentina
    ▪ Andrés Franco Abascal, Sub-Secretary for Foreign Investment          ▪ Armando Jiménez, Secretary of Economic Development,
      and International Commerce, Nuevo Leon, Mexico                         Aguascalientes, Mexico
    ▪ Christian Gibbons, Director, Business/Industry Affairs, Littleton,   ▪ Georgy Llorens Bueno, Chief, Operations Management for Client
      Colorado                                                               Relations, Chile Compra
    ▪ Randall Kempner, Vice President, Regional Development, Council       ▪ Roberto Vainrub, Executive Vice President, IESA and
      on Competitiveness                                                     Founder, Center for Entrepreneurship, IESA, Venezuela
    ▪ Pete R. Pizarro, CEO, Telefónica USA, Inc.                           ▪ Milton Vera, Mayor, Yanahuara, Peru
    ▪ Michael Ryan, Director, Creative and Innovative Economy Center,
      George Washington University Law School
    ▪ Valerio Veloso, President, Porto Digital Management Unit

12:30 - 2:00pm                    Luncheon Addresses                       Marquis Ballroom B-D

                                  Introductory Remarks: Global Competitiveness
	            	         	          ▪ susan L. segal, President and CEO, Council of the Americas                                                                                                       agenda    6
                                  Keynote Address: supply Chain strategies
	            	          	         ▪ michael L. eskew, Chairman and CEO, UPS
                                  Plenary Facilitator:
	            	          	         ▪ ana m. guevara, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Services, U.S. Department of Commerce

2:15 - 3:30pm                     Concurrent Panel Discussions (Please select one)

    Bringing Ideas to the                           The Quality of Education in                     sustainability (Innovation) A702
    Marketplace (Innovation) A704                   the Americas (Education and
                                                    Workforce Development) A703                     Moderated by:
    Moderated by:                                                                                   ▪ Charles Liotta, Vice Provost, Research
    ▪ Ned Ellignton, Director, Strategic Partners   Moderated by:                                     and Director, Institute for Sustainable
      Office, Enterprise Innovation Institute,      ▪ Jeffrey Puryear, Vice President, Inter-         Technology and Development, Georgia
      Georgia Institute of Technology                 American Dialogue and Co-Director,              Institute of Technology
                                                      Partnership for Education Revitalization in
    Panelists:                                        the Americas (PREAL)                          Panelists:
    ▪ Pablo Chilibroste, President, INIA                                                            ▪ Mike Bertolucci, Consultant to CEO,
    ▪ stephen Fleming, Chief                        Panelists:                                        Interface
      Commercialization Officer, Georgia            ▪ Rachelle Cochrane, Assistant Deputy           ▪ Chantal Line Carpentíer, Chef de
      Institute of Technology                         Minister, Ministry of Education for             Programme, Environnement, Economie,
    ▪ Diego Ibañez, Acceleration Manager,             Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada               et Commerce, Commission de
      Incubadora Octantis                           ▪ Javier Luque, Ministry of Economy and           Coopération Environnementale
    ▪ Marc Lautenbach, General Manager, IBM           Finance, Peru                                 ▪ Tom Hicks, Vice President, U.S. Green
      Americas, IBM                                 ▪ Juan Carlos Navarro, Chief, Education           Building Council
    ▪ Kevin Taylor, Vice President, Carrier,          Unit, Inter-American Development Bank         ▪ Philippe Pommez, Executive Advisor,
      Nortel                                        ▪ Emiliana Vegas, Senior Education                Natura Cosméticos
    ▪ Jorge G. Tezon, Manager, S&T                    Economist, World Bank
      Development, CONICET

    Regional Business opportunity:                  Building Resilience to Disasters Regional Business opportunity:
    Target Market – North America                   through Public / Private         Target Market – Andean Region
    A706                                            Partnerships A707                A708

    Moderated by:                               Moderated by:                                       Moderated by:
    ▪ Jose Ignacio Gonzalez, Managing Partner, ▪ William Jeffrey, Director, National                ▪ Charles s. shapiro, Principal Deputy
      Hemisphere Trade Services                   Institute for Standards and Technology,             Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of
                                                  U.S. Department of Commerce                         State
    ▪ Bob Bathgate, President, American         Panelists:                                          Panelists:
      Chamber of Commerce, Canada               ▪ Carlos Fuller, President, Regional                ▪ Fabio Valencia Cossio, Special Advisor to
    ▪ Janice Corbett, Senior Commercial           Association IV, The World Meteorological            the President, Colombia
      Officer, Canada, U.S. and Foreign           Organization                                      ▪ Jose Luis Chicoma, Special Advisor to the
      Commercial Service                        ▪ D.L. Johnson, Assistant Administrator for           Minister of Commerce, Peru
    ▪ Mario ste-Marie, Director General, Invest   Weather Services, U.S. National Oceanic           ▪ Everett H. Eissenstat, Assistant U.S.
      in Canada Bureau, Department of Foreign     and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)               Trade Representative for the Americas
      Affairs and International Trade, Canada   ▪ Richard Marcogliese, Executive Vice               ▪ Margaret Hanson-Muse, Senior
    ▪ Eduardo solis, Chief, Office for            President, Operations, Valero Energy                Commercial Officer, Peru, U.S. and
      Investment Promotion, Ministry of           Corporation                                         Foreign Commercial Service
      Economy, Mexico                           ▪ David Whatly, Home Depot (Retired)                ▪ sean Kelley, Senior Commercial Officer,
    ▪ Karen Zens, Senior Commercial Officer,                                                          Venezuela, U.S. and Foreign Commercial
      Mexico                                                                                          Service
                                                                                                    ▪ Raul sagasti, Minister of Industry and
                                                                                                      Competitiveness, Ecuador                                                                                                         agenda   7
4:00 - 4:30pm     Plenary session: Education                    Marquis Ballroom B-D

                  Remarks by:
	     	     	     ▪ Hazel manning, Minister of Education, Trinidad and Tobago

                  Keynote Address:
	     	     	     ▪ margaret spellings, Secretary, U.S. Department of Education

                  Introduced by:
	     	     	     ▪ carlos m. gutierrez, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

4:30 - 5:00pm     Closing session: A Framework for the Future
                  Marquis Ballroom B-D

                  Keynote Address by:
	     	     	     ▪ carlos m. gutierrez, Secretary, U.S. Department of Commerce

6:00 - 8:00pm     Farewell Reception               The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

                  Keynote Address by:
	     	     	     ▪ dennis p. Lockhart, President and CEO, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta                                                            agenda   8

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