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People who have troubles with their newly acquired cars often cower from Georgia Lemon Law thinking that it is beyond their understanding or only those who don smart ties and dark leather suitcases are fit to study state legislations.

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									Lemon Law in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Lemon Law applies to new cars, vans, motorcycles or
trucks less than 10,000 lbs that were purchased, leased and registered in
Rhode Island that have a defect or condition that has not yet been fixed
after 4 attempts by the manufacturer. It may also apply if the vehicle has
been in the shop for more than 30 days during the first year.

The problem must impair the vehicle’s use, value or safety and must be
reported within the first 12 months or 15,000 miles whichever comes first. If
your vehicle falls outside such guidelines, you can check what federal
warranty laws may apply.

In order for the lemon law to apply in your situation, you have to give the
manufacture some time to try and fix the problem. If they are unable to fix
it after 3 attempts, you can already write them a formal notice stating that
if this matter is not resolved, you have no other recourse but to demand
for a refund or replacement. The manufacturer has 7 days to comply with
this or face arbitration.

If nothing still happens, a hearing will be scheduled and a panel of experts
will be called in to review your case. During the hearing, you will have to
present documents that show you gave the manufacturer ample time to
repair the problem. This law also applies to leased vehicles.

When the ruling is made in favor of the customer, you can choose whether
to get a refund or have this replaced. Just remember that the manufacturer
may appeal that ruling just like you if it did not go your way.

Should this happen, you can take this matter to court hoping that a judge
will look favorable on your situation. If you win, you don’t have to worry
paying for legal fees because under the law, the manufacturer is required to
shoulder it.

It will take some time to find a lawyer that will handle your case. You can
get help from the office of the Attorney General or look online to find

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someone who specializes in these matters. So you know that this person
will be able to devote their time and effort, ask them some questions like
what is their workload, how often have they done this and the length of
time it will take before a decision is made.

If you think that the fees that the lawyer will be charging are way beyond
your budget, don’t worry because if the judge sees that your car is indeed
a lemon, the manufacturer will be instructed to pay for the legal fees.

The Rhode Island lemon law only applies to new cars so if you can’t
argue this if you are driving an old car. Will you be able to tell at once if
your car is a lemon? The answer is no because this is something you will
know in time when you are already behind the wheel and get the chance
to drive it.

If a problem appears, take note of it and keep track if it happens again.
Remember, one instance is not enough to tell you that your car is a
lemon. By law, there has to be four repair attempts to try before you can
exercise your right to get a refund or a replacement.

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