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									The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

          John Couleur
         NPower Arizona
         November 2003
      The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• What this presentation will talk about
  – What is business continuity planning?
  – What are the costs associated with not
    planning for disasters?
  – What are some of the key elements of a DR/BC
  – What are some good resources?
• What this presentation will not talk
  – How to do a NT backup
• What would you like to discuss?
       The Bullet-Proof Non Profit
• What is the difference between Disaster Recovery
  and Business Continuity planning?
  – Disaster recovery
     • In the IS context, disaster recovery is the restoration of
       computing and telecommunications services after an event
       has disrupted those services. The event might be
       something huge—like an earthquake or the terrorist
       attacks on the World Trade Center, which killed thousands
       and affected everything from telephones to the New York
       Stock Exchange—or something comparatively small, like
       malfunctioning software caused by a computer virus.
  – Business continuity planning
     • Business continuity planning (also called contingency
       planning) determines how a company will keep functioning
       until its normal facilities are restored after a disruptive
       event. This encompasses how employees will be contacted,
       where they will go and how they will keep doing their jobs
      The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• What is the cost of not planning for
  – The Northeast blackout of 2003 cost $1B
  – One in three U.S. businesses would lose critical
    data or operational capabilities if struck by a
    disaster – Gartner 2003
  – While reports vary, as many as 40 percent of
    small businesses do not reopen after a major
    disaster like a flood – American Red Cross
  – 43% of the businesses suffering a disaster
    never recover - London study May 03
      The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• How prepared are businesses for
  – More than 60 percent of IT departments did
    not have formal plans and procedures in place
    to deal with the blackout - Info Tech Research
  – Although more than 76 percent of companies
    surveyed said that the 2003 blackout had an
    impact on their organization, most of them
    admitted that they were not sufficiently
    prepared - Info Tech Research
  – About 30% of companies lack a formal disaster
    recovery strategy, and 64% of companies say
    their data backup and disaster recovery plans
    have significant vulnerabilities – Imation 2003
     The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• The four steps to a successful
  Business Continuity plan
  – Assess
  – Document
  – Plan
  – Manage
     The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• Assess
  – Identify the risks
  – Determine the vulnerability
  – Analyze the impact to the business
    • Probability and Cost

  “A ounce of prevention is worth a pound
    of cure‖
    • Reduce the risk whenever possible
          The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• Half of the 877 IT directors interviewed for the research cited
  human-related issues -- accidental errors and malicious behavior -
  - as the main threat to the security of their business. Almost two-
  thirds also cited hardware failure, while 59 per cent said software
  failure and viruses are a significant threat – Veritas 2003
• The Risk list
   –   Electronic security
   –   Viruses
   –   Hardware failure
   –   Fire
   –   Power outages
   –   Physical security
   –   Flood
   –   Storms
   –   Civil unrest
   –   Sabotage
   –   Labor disputes
     The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• Document
 – Business requirements
 – Systems and software
 – The other stuff
    • Non computer generated forms
 – Contact information of staff, vendors and
      The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• Plan
  – Response and Recovery priorities
  – Roles and responsibilities during and after the
  – Alternatives
     • Office space?
     • Computers?
     The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• Manage
 – Train
 – Test
    • 87% of companies have a formal data backup and
      storage plan implemented, but 32% of those
      companies reported not testing their plans on a
      regular basis - Imation
 – Review and Update
      The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• Partnering with outside vendors to
  reduce risk
  – ASP’s
  – Hot sites
     • Online backups
  – Cold sites
  – Offsite storage
      The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• Some Good sites
  – Sample DR plans
    • Fema
    • MIT
  – Writing an outsourcing contract
  – If you want to believe that the problem can be
    solved by spending $199
     The Bullet-Proof Non Profit

• From the

  ―We offer our ex NATO nuclear bunker for
   use in a disaster recovery plan. We can
   provide hosting support and secure data
   storage for white hot sites‖
The Bullet-Proof Non Profit


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