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									Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - DAY ONE
TIME                                Morning Session - Montana Convention Center
7:00 to 5:00                        Registration – Montana Convention Center Lobby

8:30 to 12:00                       General Session – Montana Convention Center (Russell)

8:30 to 8:45                        Prayer - TBD
                                    Color Guard: Post 139 - Crow Color Guard, William Medicine Crow – Coordinator
                                    Drum Group - Blackfoot Confederacy – James Dusty Bull, Lead

8:45 to 9:05                        Welcome Tribal Nations Address - Honorable Cedric Black Eagle, Crow Tribe
                                    Native American Development Center Welcome Honorable Bill Whitehead, Chairman

9:05 to 9:15                        Welcome to Montana Address: Honorable Tom Hanel, Mayor of Billings, Montana

9:15 to 9:25                        Brief Conference Synopsis - Anne Jennings, Office of Indian Energy and Development, United States Department of

9:25 to 9:30                        United States Department of Interior Welcome - Gordon Jackson, Rocky Mountain Regional Deputy Director, Bureau
                                    of Indian Affairs, United States Department of Interior
9:30 to 10:00                       Telecommunications and Economic Development Legislation Update - Heather Dawn Thompson, Partner,
                                    Sonnenschein, Nath & Rosenthanl, LLP

10:00 to 10:15                      Networking Break - Montana Convention Center Lobby

10:15 to 10:30                      Montana SBA Efforts in Indian Country - Michelle Johnston, Montana District Director, United States Small Business

10:30 to 11:15                      Key Note Address - Clara Pratte, Director, Office of Native American Affairs, United States Small Business
11:15 to 12:00                      General Session Speaker - Mathew Jones, Montana State Director, Rural Development, United States Department of

12:00 to 1:15                       Luncheon Speaker - Anthony Priete, Director, Montana Dept of Commerce
1:15 to 2:45   TRACK ONE - (Big Horn)       TRACK TWO - (Bitterroot)         TRACK THREE -             TRACK FOUR - (Gallatin)
               Telecommunication -          Sustainable Housing Strategies   (Still Water)             Economic Development and
               Creating Profitable          - How to manage your             Contracting - Buy         Capacity Building -
               Partnerships in Indian       projects.                        Indian Act/Indian         Insulating Tribal Enterprises
               Country.                                                      Preference.               from Tribal Politics.

               Panel Members:                                                Panel Members:            Panel Members:
                                            Panel Members:
               Moderator Heather Dawn                                        Anne Jennings,            Moderator Jackie Old
               Thompson, Partner,           Moderator Robert Gauthier,       Economic                  Coyote, Director of
               Sonnenschein, Nath &         Member, Montana Board of         Development               Education and Outreach,
               Rosenthanl, LLP              Housing                          Specialist, Office of     Harvard Project on American
                                                                             Energy and Economic       Indian Economic
               James Hettrick, Chairman     Deborah Chorleton, Housing       Division, United States   Development
               and Chief Executive          Director, Rural Development,     Department of Interior
               Office, Information          United States Department of                                Joe Bremner, Board Member,
               Systems Management           Agriculture                      Tami Gallegos,            Siyeh Corporation
               Solutions, Inc.                                               Contract Specialist,
                                            Scott Moore, Architect, BNIM     Bureau of Indian          Tony Belcourt, Council
               Joe Todrzak, Partner,                                         Affairs, Unites States    Member, Chipewa Cree
               Bluewater Wireless, Inc.     Donald Sterhan, President and    Department of Interior    Tribe
               Madonna Peltier Yawakie,     Chief Executive Office,
               President, Turtle Island     Mountain Plains Equity Group     Lou Thompson, Senior
               Communications, Inc                                           Native American
                                                                             Affairs Specialist,
               Greg Jergeson, Chairman,                                      TransCanada
               Montana Public Service

2:45 to 3:15   Networking Break - Holiday Inn Lobby

3:15 to 4:45   TRACK ONE - (Big Horn)       TRACK TWO - (Bitterroot)         TRACK THREE -             TRACK FOUR - (Gallatin)
               Minority Small Business      Mentor Protégé/Teaming           (Still Water)             Economic Development and
               Programs - Review and        Agreements/Partnering with       Contracting -             Capacity Building -
               Certification.               Prime Contractors.               Commodities vs.           Incubator Projects.
                                                                             Services - Who buys
               Panel Members:               Panel Members:                   what and navigating the   Panel Members:
               Moderator Clara Pratte,      Moderator Mr. Thomas                                       Jim Mirehouse, Chief
               Director, Office of Native   "Stoney" Anketell, Council       Panel Members:            Executive Officer, Black
               American Affairs, United     Member, Fort Peck Tribal                                   Hills Business Development
               States Small Business        Council                          Moderator Brad            Center
               Administration                                                Sanders, Bureau Chief,
                                            Robert Much, Supervisory         Procurement Bureau,      Jackie Old Coyote, Director
               Pennie Estrada, Director,    Business Development             State of Montana         of Education and Outreach,
               Small Business Utilization   Specialist, Montana District,                             Harvard Project on American
               - Region 8, United States    United States Small Business     Jerry Black, Chief       Indian Economic
               General Services             Association                      Contracting Officer,     Development
               Administration                                                Billings Area Office,
                                            David Kelley, Senior Vice        Indian Health Service,   John Rogers, Economic
               John Klaman, Senior Area     President, Corporate Services,   United States            Development Representative,
               Manager, Montana District,   Englobal Solutions, Inc.         Department of Health     Economic Development
               United States Small          Barth Robinson, Chief            and Human Services       Administration, United States
               Business Administration      Executive Officer, Radiance                               Department of Commerce
                                            Technologies - Rosebud, SD       Charles Weibel, Small
               Ms. Wendy Stewart, DBE                                        Business Specialist,
               Program Manager, Civil                                        Malstrom Airforce
               Rights Bureau, Montana                                        Base, United States
               Department of                                                 Department of Defense
                                                                             Edwin Beussink,
                                                                             Director of Small
                                                                             Business, Scott
                                                                             Airforce Base, United
                                                                             States Department of

1:15 to 4:45   Matchmaking Sessions: Poolside Terrace
4:45 to 5:45                   Round Table One -           Round Table Two – Native       Round Table Three -      Round Table Four – Opening
                               Tourism: Taking             American Veteran               Montana Cattlemen’s      the lines of communications
                               Advantage of Cultural       Entrepreneurs and SBA          Association: Certified   between government entities
                               Tourism                     Partnerships for Success       Montana Natural Beef     (Federal, State, Tribal) and
                                                                                          Market                   local Native American
                               Description on page ??      Description on page ??                                  Design and Construction
                                                                                          Description on page ??   Professionals
                                                                                                                   Description on page ??

8:00 to 5:00                   Vendor Trade Show (Holiday Inn Grand Atrium) and Art Market (Cottonwood Room)

5:00 to 7:00                   ARTIST Reception, and Silent Auction - Pool Side Terrace

7:30 to 9:30                   JR Redwater - Reservation Sensation - Native Comedian $10.00 Admission Fee – Montana Convention Center - Ralston

TIME             Morning Session - Montana Convention Center
8:00 to Noon     Registration – Montana Convention Center Lobby
8:00 to 12:00    General Session – Montana Convention Center (Russell)
8:30 to 8:45     Prayer TBD,
8:45 to 9:00     Welcome Address: Pete Conway, Director, Billings Area, Indian Health Service, United States
                 Department of Health and Human Services
9:00 to 9:10     Introduction of Lt. Governor - Jennifer Perez Cole, Director, Office of Indian Affairs, Montana
                 Governors Office
9:10 to 9:45     Montana Economic Update- Lieutenant Governor John Bolinger
9:45 to 10:00    Networking Break - Montana Convention Center Lobby
10:00 to 12:00   Economic Development Strategies
                 Ed Hall, Director, Office of Tourism, Bureau of Indian Affairs, United States Department of
                 Barth Robinson, Radiance Technologies, Inc.
12:00 to 1:15    Lunch - Montana Convention Center (Ralston)
1:15 to 2:30     TRACK ONE -             TRACK TWO –                  TRACK THREE –            TRACK ONE –
                 (Big Horn) Technical (Bitterroot) Marketing          (Still Water)            (Gallatin) Financing
                 Assistance and          Strategies - How to          Subcontracting -         for Entrepreneurship
                 training for            market your goods and        Gaining access to        and Community
                 government              services to the public and subcontracting             Development.
                 procurement             private sectors.             opportunities.
                                                                                               Panel Members:
                 Panel Members:          Panel Members:               Panel Members:
                                                                                              Deanna Comeau,
                 Moderator Leonard       Moderator Dee St. Cyr,       Shannon Augare,         Credit Officer, Loan
                 Smith, Program          Vice President of            Planning                Guaranty Program,
                 Manager, Native         Corporate Development,       Department,             United States
                 American                Caddo Solutions, Inc.        Blackfeet Nation        Department of
                 Development                                                                  Interior
                 Corporation             Betsy Baumgart, Director,    Lou Thomps on,
                 Procurement and         Travel Montana               Senior Native           Phillip Belangie,
                 Technical Assistance                                 American A ffairs       Entrepreneurial
                 Cent er                 Michael Gray, President,     Specialist,             Development
                                         G & G Advertising, Inc.      Trans Canada            Program Manager,
                 Amy Catherine Lea,                                                           Montana
                 Program Manager,        Brad Sanders, Bureau         Kevin Askan,            Department of
                 Wyoming                 Chief, Procurement           Cont ract Specialist,   Commerce
                 Procurement and         Bureau, State of Montana     Confederated Tribes
                 Technical Assistance                                 of the Salish and       Martin Olsson,
                 Cent er                                              Kootenai                President, Eagle
                 Jeff Estep, President
               and Chief Executive
               Officer, Heritage
               Global, Inc.

2:30 to 3:00   Networking Break - (Holiday Inn Atrium)
3:00 to 4:30   TRACK FOUR -          TRACK TWO –                     TRACK THREE –          TRACK FOUR –
               (Big Horn)            (Bitterroot)                    (Still Water)          (Gallatin) Economic
               Economic              Bid/Quote/Proposal              Managing your 8(a)     Development and
               Development and       Preparation - Standard          Business for Profit.   Capacity Building -
               Capacity Building –   contracting practices.                                 Workforce
               Bonding                                               Panel Members:         Development: How
                                        Panel Members:                                      to use your funding
               Panel Members:                                        Harold Buck Elk,       effectively.
                                        Pennie Estrada, Director,    Chief Executive
               Randall Simmons,         Small Business Utilization   Officer, Fort Peck     Panel Members:
               Government and           - Region 8, United States    Tech
               Legislative Affairs      General Services
               Associate, Navajo                                                            Leroy Bingham,
                                        Administration               Harry Barnes,          President, Tribal
               Nation Washington                                     Owner, Blackfeet
               Office                                                                       Planning Services
                                        Dan B riscoe, Vice           Construction
                                        President for Business                              George Kipp,
               Elizabeth T. Walker,     Development, Apollo, Inc     John Gilbert,
               Attorney at Law,                                                             Director, Blackfeet
                                                                     President, Silver      Man Power
               Walker Law, LLC          Brad Sanders, Bureau         Wolf Inc.
                                        Chief, Procurement                                  Rodney Miller,
               Townsend Hyatt,          Bureau, State of Montana
               Partner, Orrick,                                                             Director, Workforce
               Herrington & Sutcliffe                                                       Development, Fort
               LLC                                                                          Peck Tribes

               John Klaman, Senior
               Area Manager,
               Montana District,
               United States Small

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