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									Systems Management
Server 2003 Backup and

Wally Mead
Program Manager
Systems Management Server
Microsoft Corporation
Session Agenda
   The backup and recovery process in Systems
    Management Server (SMS) 2003
   SMS site recovery rules
   Understanding SMS site recovery
   Summary of supported recovery scenarios
   Supported recovery configurations
   Understanding SMS serial numbers
   Testing a backup and recovery plan
   SMS site recovery tools
Overview of Backup and
   Automated built-in task
       Backup SMS site server backs up:
         Microsoft® SQL Server™ database
         Site server directories
         Registry configuration
         Microsoft Windows® operating system
           configuration information
       Included in both SMS 2.0 and SMS 2003
   Recovery is easier in SMS 2003
       SMS 2.0 required PSS intervention for tools
       Maintenance and recovery Web site
SMS Site Recovery Rules
   Site recovery:
       Begins when an SMS site code or site server
        name is reused in a hierarchy
       Is specific to that site hierarchy
   Site recovery is important because:
       Repairing and resynchronizing data are key
        tasks in a site recovery operation
       It is required to prevent interruption of
        operations and corruption of data in the

Understanding SMS Site
   SMS aspects that impact recovery
       SMS uses distributed data and tasks
       SMS uses multiple accounts
       SMS 2.0 secondary sites are not backed up
   Key recovery strategies
       Restore requires a snapshot backup
       Recovery without a backup is possible with data
       Serial numbers must be resynchronizeded in
        recoveries involving site hierarchies

Summary of Supported Recovery
   The physical computer stops responding
   The drive containing Microsoft
    Windows NT® or Windows 2000, SQL
    Server, or Systems Management Server
    (SMS) stops responding
   Windows NT or Windows 2000 stops
    responding and must be restored
   The file system becomes corrupted
   SQL Server stops responding and must be
   The SQL Server database becomes
    corrupted                                 6
Supported Recovery
   SQL Server 6.5 (SMS 2.0 only), SQL Server
    7.0, and SQL Server 2000
       Local or remote
   Local or remote SMS provider
   With no backup, old backup, or current
   Secondary site or primary site with or without
    a parent site
   Recovering a primary site with:
       No child sites
       Any mix of secondary and primary child sites   7
Understanding SMS Serial
   Serial numbers are used for the next object
   Must be synchronized upon a recovery,
    otherwise data loss or corruption may occur
   SMS site database
       Select * from NextIds
   SMS registry keys
       Replication Manager
       Discovery Data Manager
       Site Control Manager
   SMS installation directory
       Sms\Inboxes\\History\sitecode.trs   8
Testing a Backup and Recovery

   Planning – cover all potential issues
   Backup – verify backup plan is working as
   Test recovery – verify it is possible to
    recover if required

Planning Phase
   Document:
       Site hierarchy structure and site codes
       All custom accounts created
       Domain structure and trusts
       Any customizations to SMS
       SMS serial numbers (NextIds table and
        Replication Manager history file)
   It is necessary for the administrator to
    create an SMS client connection account
       If not, clients can be orphaned
       Required for SMS 2.0 and SMS 2003 if
        standard clients are used
Backup Phase
   Use Backup SMS Site Server task
       Automated procedure to safely back up a site server
       Copies important site server files (not binaries)
       Copies SMS-related registry data
       Copies SQL Server database
       Creates log of server configuration data
       Can run optional procedures after backup
   SMS 2003 supports backup of secondary sites
   Copy the backup to tape and store the tape offsite
       Do not leave data on the site server
   Option to manually back up distribution points
       SMS can redeploy packages
   No real need to back up other site systems
       Easy to re-create after a restore process             11
Test Recovery Phase
   Verify that the backup plan works
        Ensure necessary data was backed up
        Ensure plan can be used to recover site in a
         timely manner
   Three steps
    1.   Rebuild – SQL and SMS servers
    2.   Restore – data to rebuilt servers
    3.   Repair – resynchronize site and hierarchy data
   Restoring recovery data is the last step in
    a standalone site scenario
   Repair is necessary for site hierarchies
Tools to Help with Backup and
   SMS Maintenance and Recovery Web site
       Contains all documents necessary for planning
       Contains documents for server hardware swapping
       Contains SMS Site Recovery Expert
   SMS Site Recovery Expert
       Interactively queries administrator for site information
       Displays required steps for recovery
       Included with SMS 2003 and runs locally
   SMS Site Repair Wizard
       Helps with repairing a failed site that is a member of a
        site hierarchy
       Can perform restore phase automatically
       Included with SMS 2003
SMS Maintenance and Recovery Web
   Contains documents on:
       Planning for recovery
       Supported scenarios and configurations
       Swapping server hardware
       Moving SMS between domains
       Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
   Contains SMS Site Recovery Expert
       No sensitive data is required or sent to Microsoft
       For SMS 2.0 only
   Available at:
    administration/20/recovery/default.asp                   14
SMS 2003 Site Recovery Expert
   Included with SMS 2003
       Supports both SMS 2003 and SMS 2.0 sites
       Must be installed manually
         Requires Windows 2000 SP2 or later and
           Internet Information Server 5.0 or later
       Runs locally, not from Internet
       Running the Recovery Expert requires
        Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
       Includes tasks for hardware swapping scenarios
   Creates local Web site
   Can produce a list of all possible recovery
       Useful for documentation and preparation for
        processes                                        15
SMS 2003 Site Recovery Expert
Installation Screen Shot

SMS 2003 Site Recovery Expert
Required Information

   Version of SMS is being recovered (SMS 2003 or
    SMS 2.0)
   SMS site system that failed and requires recovery
   Primary or secondary site failure
   Hierarchy information
   Availability of a backup and changes since backup
   Intended use of the Repair Wizard

SMS 2003 Site Recovery Expert
SMS Site Recovery Expert Screen Shot

SMS 2003 Site Recovery Expert
Site Recovery Task List

   Steps to be manually performed:
    1.   Preparation steps
          Gather the software, documentation, and tools
    2.   Rebuild steps
          Reinstall operating system, install new
            SQL Server, reinstall SMS
    3.   Restore steps
          Restore directories, database, registry, and
    4.   Repair steps
          Synchronize with the rest of the hierarchy,
            increment IDs, install QFEs, and recreate
            manual accounts
    5.   Print the task list for reference
SMS 2003 Site Recovery Expert
Recovery Task List Screen Shot

SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard

   Included with SMS 2003
       Supports both SMS 2003 and SMS 2.0 sites
   Installed automatically
   Runs from SMS program group or SMS
    Administrator Console
   Can perform automatic restoration of SMS
   Performs automatic repair of site hierarchy
   Retrieves object data from child sites
   Retrieves site configuration data from
    parent site                                    21
SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard
Launch Screen Shot

SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard
Wizard Phase

    Prompts for server to be repaired
    Informs user of:
        Required rights
        Mandatory steps to be completed
    Queries for:
        Manual or automated restore
        Last backup date and date of failure
        Site hierarchy information
    Checks parent for connectivity
    Checks reference sites
    Requests object ID padding values          23
SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard
Restore and Failure Dates

SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard
Site Hierarchy and Reference Sites

SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard
Repair Phase

   Removes CAP data files
   Retrieves site control file from parent
   Rebuilds child site addresses
   Deletes orphaned parent data
   Updates transaction IDs and serial numbers
   Regenerates lost software object definitions
       Prevents orphaned data on child sites

SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard
Recovered Data

SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard

    Verifies each package source
    Can force package refresh to local
     distribution point
    Restarts SMS services
    Lists tasks to be manually verified
        Verify child sites are reporting properly
        Look for missing orphaned data
        Verify package deployments
        Configure any site settings

SMS 2003 Site Repair Wizard
Completion Screen Shot

   Backup and recovery are easier in SMS 2003
    than in SMS 2.0
       Secondary sites are supported for backup and recovery
   Recovery is required if you reuse a site code
    or server
   SMS serial numbers must be resynchronized
    during a recovery of a site in a hierarchy
       If not completed correctly, data corruption can occur
   Testing your backup and recovery plan is
   The SMS Site Recovery Expert provides
    details and procedures for site recovery
   The SMS Site Repair Wizard automates
    restore and repair processes                                30
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