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					Name: ____________________________________                                                    Period: _____

Part I- Exploration: All answers must be in complete sentences. Make sure you answer all questions.

   1) What was Christopher Columbus looking for when he came to the New World?

   2) What is the name of the “system” Columbus is given credit for starting? What was the impact of this

   3) What were the PEGS of exploration?

   4) Define mercantilism. How does it differ from free enterprise?

   5) How did the colonists benefit from triangular trade?

                                                                              Social Studies TAKS Review 1
Name: ____________________________________                                                   Period: _____

Part II- Colonization: (If required) All answers must be in complete sentences. Make sure you answer all

____________________ 1. First permanent colony

____________________ 2. The first representative government assembly in the colonies.

____________________ 3. A document outlining principles of self government for the Plymouth Colony

____________________ 4. One of the first written constitutions in America

5. What were the differences (at least 4) between the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies? (Worth 50

6. What were each of the 13 colonies founded? Use PEGS and explain.


New Hampshire

Rhode Island


New York



New Jersey


North Carolina

South Carolina


                                                                             Social Studies TAKS Review 2
Name: ____________________________________                                              Period: _____

Part III-Revolutionary Era

   1. Describe the French and Indian War.

      Who won the war?
      What did they receive from the Treaty of Paris 1763?

   Events Leading to Revolt:


   The Proclamation of 1763:

   Stamp Act-1765:

   Boston Massacre-1770:

   Tea Act-1773:

   Intolerable Acts-1774:

   Organized At Last:

   1. What did the Second Continental Congress decide in 1776?

   2. Who was appointed the Commanding General of the Continental Army?

   3. Who was Thomas Paine? Briefly describe his message.

   4. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? When was it written?

War For Independence:


   Battle of Saratoga:


   List the terms of the Treaty of Paris 1783:

                                                                          Social Studies TAKS Review 3
Name: ____________________________________                                                 Period: _____

   Significant People: Describe the role these individuals played during this time.

   George Washington:

   Sam Adams:


   Thomas Jefferson:

   Patrick Henry:

   What is the difference between Loyalists and Patriots?

                                                                             Social Studies TAKS Review 4
Name: ____________________________________                                                     Period: _____

Part IV: United States Constitution

   What document was written in 1787?


   Virginia Plan:

   New Jersey Plan:

   Great Compromise:

   Three-Fifths Compromise:

   Structure of the Government:
   The writers of the Constitution did not want to give too much power to any one branch of the government so
   they divided the government’s power among three branches. What does each branch do?

   Article 1: Legislative Branch:
   Article 2: Executive Branch:
   Article 3: Judicial Branch:

   Principles of the U.S. System of Government:
   Define each in your own words:
   Checks and Balances:

   Limited Government:


   Separation of Powers:

   Popular Sovereignty:



   What is process to amend the Constitution? How many states were needed to ratify the Constitution in order
   for it to become law?

   Who were among the leading men that supported this group? What were their beliefs for government?
   What were the Federalist Papers?

                                                                              Social Studies TAKS Review 5
Name: ____________________________________                                                   Period: _____

   Who were among the Anti-Federalists? What did they want for the new country?

   What are the first ten amendments to the Constitution called? What is their purpose?

   Amendment 1:
   Amendment 2:
   Amendment 3:
   Amendment 4:
   Amendment 5:
   Amendment 6:
   Amendment 7:
   Amendment 8:
   Amendment 9:
   Amendment 10:
   Civil War Amendments:

   Amendment 13:
   Amendment 14:
   Amendment 15:

   Who is the Father of the Constitution?

   What does the Elastic Clause do?

   What is the electoral collage? Why does it receive so much criticism?

                                                                               Social Studies TAKS Review 6