Linux Command Quick Sheet - DOC by jasonpeters


									                         Linux Command Quick Sheet
                           Helping the transition from Windows to Linux

Windows Command                 Linux Equivalent                 Description
help                            man                              Manual of commands
dir                             ls                               Directory listing
                                pwd                              Display current directory
cls                             clear                            Clear the screen
mkdir MyFiles                   mkdir MyFiles                    Make a directory
md MyFiles
chdir home/files                cd home/files                    Change directory
cd home/files                   cd ..                            w/ 2 dots = up one level
                                cd                               no parameters = home directory
rmdir MyFiles                   rmdir MyFiles                    Remove a directory
rd MyFiles                      rm -r MyFiles                    -r = recursively w/o prompt
                                rm -ir MyFiles                   -ir = with prompt
ren source destination          mv source destination            Rename a file
copy filename                   cp filename                      Copy a file
type filename                   more filename                    Prints a file to the screen
more filename                   less filename
                                cat filename
del filename                    rm filename                      Remove a file
cacls                           chmod                            Change permissions on a file

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