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					Greece & Rome Application                                                      2009 - 2010
Thank you for your interest in the Greece & Rome Class/ Trip. Beacon is thrilled to offer
this unique opportunity to explore the world to our students. Please complete this
application as completely, AND HONESTLY, as possible. Write neatly! Good Luck!

Some Facts:
    The focus of the trip is Ancient Theatre History study. We tour ancient theatres,
      and make the direct connection between ancient drama and horror films. Why
      do we love them? Let’s prove it!
    The cost of the Greece & Rome class/ trip is approximately $2,300.00
    The trip will happen during February Break 2010.
    Families will need to pay in full by late November. (Most students will work and
      save up over the summer to fund their trip.)
    Ms. Cimato CANNOT coordinate fundraising for this event because of other
      fundraising obligations. Each student must raise the funds to meet the cost of his
      or her own expenses.
    The Greece & Rome Class will meet during the fall term, for .5 art credit.
    At this time 2 full scholarships and up to 4 partial scholarships may be available.
      Scholarships are made available only to students with demonstrated need and
      artistic merit. You may NOT ask for a scholarship AFTER you are chosen for the
      Class/Trip. Families are urged to be honest about their needs. If you cannot
      participate without a scholarship, please say so. Scholarship does not equal
    10, 11 & 12th Graders are welcome to apply!
      Up to 30 Students will be selected for the Class/ Trip.
      Students will be selected/notified by June 2009.

Personal Information:

Full Name:                                                                Advisor:
Beacon E-mail:                              Personal E-mail:
Home phone:                                 Cell phone:
Primary Guardian(s):
Graduation Year (circle one):               2010               2011            2012
Dear Parent/Guardian: By signing below you confirm that your Beacon student
has applied for a place in the 2009-2010 Greece & Rome Class/ Trip. You are
aware of the cost and anticipated deadline of full payment by November 2009.
You support your student’s participation in this Beacon experience.

Parent Guardian Signature:

                  Please return to Jo Ann Cimato by May 22, 2009.
                           Greece & Rome Application 2009-2010 – Page 1
1.    What attracts you to the Greece & Rome Project?

2.   What Greek or Roman plays have you read? Which did you like best?

3.    What art/theatre classes have you taken before?

4.    What art inspires you most? Be as specific as possible.

5.     What art do you prefer to create? If more than one, list no more than

6.   Have you ever been abroad before? If so where did you travel? For what

                Please return to Jo Ann Cimato by May 22, 2009.
                        Greece & Rome Application 2009-2010 – Page 2
7.     What is your favorite horror movie/ play? Why? Be specific.

8.     What is your most memorable memory of live performance?

9.     Have you ever left NYC with Beacon before? Where’d you go? When?

10.    Would your family require financial assistance for this trip? Please circle.

                                     Yes              No

11.    Based on NEED, not desire for discount, your family would like to request

      Full Scholarship             Half-Scholarship                  Quarter Scholarship

12.   If yes, why is it vital to your education that you attend that you participate
in Greece & Rome this year?

                  Please return to Jo Ann Cimato by May 22, 2009.
                          Greece & Rome Application 2009-2010 – Page 3
13.  Why should you be selected for this class/trip? Describe how it fits into your
Beacon Education.

14.   Tell us some thing fabulous about you. What makes you unique?

Teacher Recommendations: Take this completed application to two teachers at
Beacon who know you well and can vouch for your maturity, responsibility,
reliability and enthusiasm. Basically- two Beacon adults who think you’re
fabulous. Let them talk to you about your application and make sure you’re
representing yourself well. If time permits, have them sign below.

Yes! I enthusiastically recommend                                   for Greece & Rome!

1.                                                 2.

                Please return to Jo Ann Cimato by May 22, 2009.
                         Greece & Rome Application 2009-2010 – Page 4