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TRANSIT Reimbursement Request
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Employee Name ________________________________________ SSN/EEID ___________________ Employer __________________________________ Email address ____________________________ Home Address _______________________________________________________________________
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609 Home Phone No. (______)_________________ Work Phone No. (______)_______________________
area code area code ext.


Please list all transit and commuter expenses eligible for payment from your Transit/Commuter Reimbursement Account. For expenses where a receipt was not available to you: Please describe the service and certify the expense by initialing the space next to each amount listed below. Please note: The maximum monthly allowable reimbursement for the combination of Transit Pass and Commuter Highway Vehicle is $115 per month.

*The Date of Service is the date you actually traveled, which may be different from the date you actually paid for the service. **For expenses where a receipt was not available to you, under Initial, please certify the expense by initialing the space next to the amount. Also, please describe below what services were rendered. (Ex: Tokens):



Date of Service* _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____



Date of Service* _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____ _____/_____/_____



$______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____ $______________ ____

$_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____ $_____________ ____

___________ ___________ ___________

$0.00 TOTAL EXPENSES $______________

Submit receipts, canceled checks, statements or copies of punch cards, etc. with this form, showing the service, by whom, the amount charged and the date. Retain a copy for your records. Neglecting to submit required receipts MAY DELAY REIMBURSEMENT.

Employee Certification


I agree to hold my employer harmless if the Internal Revenue Service or any other tax agency challenges the nature of the payments made under the program and agree to pay any taxes, interest and penalties that may be assessed concerning such payments. I will reimburse my employer for my portion of any additional taxes that may be owed on my behalf should the Internal Revenue Service or any other tax agency successfully challenge the characterization of the payments under the program. I hereby acknowledge that my employer has made no representations or warranties to me whatsoever that the program will be qualified for tax purposes or that I will receive the tax benefits I am seeking. I agree to abide by all of the terms and conditions of the Program.


Employee Signature _____________________________________Date_____________


Transit Eligible Expenses 1. Expenses for “Transit Passes” (the cost of purchasing any pass, fare card or voucher) entitles an employee to transportation that either is: on mass transit facilities OR provided by a person in the business of transporting passengers for hire and in a vehicle with a seating capacity of at least six adults plus the driver. 2. Expenses may also include transportation in a “Commuter Highway Vehicle” (the cost of transportation between an employee’s residence and place of employment) provided the vehicle: has a seating capacity of at least six adults plus the driver AND is reasonably expected to be used for at least 80% of its mileage in commuter trips in which the vehicle is at least half full (not counting the driver). 3. The combination of Transit Pass and Commuter Highway Vehicle pre-tax benefits is limited to $115 per month.

Submission of Reimbursement Requests Please mail reimbursement requests to: Crosby Benefit Systems, PO Box 929125, Needham, MA 02492-9125 or fax to: 617928-0001. If your reimbursement request is denied, written notification will be mailed to you. You may resubmit expenses with proper documentation, if applicable. To expedite adjudication, please include a completed Reimbursement Request Form with each submission. Please Note Service dates for reimbursable expenses must fall within the plan year. Participants who leave the plan during the plan year will only be reimbursed for expenses incurred while they were participating in the plan. Expenses incurred before participation began or after participation has terminated will not be reimbursed. Reimbursement requests not submitted during the plan year must be submitted/received (pursuant to plan rules) and approved prior to the end of the run out period. Expenses are to be submitted to Crosby Benefit Systems, using the Transit Reimbursement Request Form. Please contact your Human Resources Department or Crosby Benefit Systems for more information.

Crosby Benefit Systems, Inc. - 800-462-2235 – Fax - 617-928-0001 - PO Box 929125, Needham, MA 02492-9125 - - version 0108

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