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					                          Updated Town Hall Fact Sheet

•   Square footage is just under 16,000 square feet
•   There is build out space available for growth
•   Town Hall is situated on 1.94 acres of land
•   Drainage area is covered and landscaped. Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural
    Engineers and Landscape Architects have been consulted for the Design and
    Development Plans.
•   Electric lines are buried on site.
•   Part of larger redevelopment project of the Town Center. Central old Piggly
    Wiggly space will be demolished and rebuilt from the ground up to support
    economic development.
•   Town Hall faces and connects to County ball fields/park area for festivals and
    community events. Path connects to the center of the fields with the outer fence
    removed and ball field fences in place.
•   Alderman Alexander sponsored two resolutions that would allow for bid letting
    the project and a land purchase price of $400,000 at the April 2nd BOMA
    meeting. Building location would be pad ready. Developer demolishes and
    prepares the site. Burial of power lines is developer’s responsibility with the town
    responsible for burial from the transformer to the panel.
•   Alderman Dugger sponsored a resolution to consider another Town Hall location
    for $696,000 at the April 2nd BOMA meeting. Site is located beside the Post
    Office at 5.18 acres. (Developer originally listed property for 1.4 million.) The
    town would be responsible to construct 500 foot portion of collector road that will
    eventually connect Oldham to Nolen Park that is estimated to cost $300,000 and
    would take approximately an acre of the site.
•   Resolutions have been deferred until comparative cost information can be
    provided to the board.
•   Either project would be funded by Adequate Facilities Tax Fund from new
    development and financed through TML Bond Fund for ownership and asset
    development. General Fund, AFT Fund and Road Impact Fees are different funds.
•   Two stories with Police Department, Auditorium, Court Clerk on First Floor.
•   Multi-purpose Auditorium for Municipal Court, Board of Mayor and Aldermen
    Meetings, Planning Commission Meetings, Veteran’s Day Breakfasts/Lunches,
    Broken Wheel Festival indoor booths, Fair booths and other community events.
    Auditorium could possibly be leased for other large private gatherings such as
    wedding receptions. (Meeting room seating for 112 and board seating for 10)
•   Town Hall offices and Police Department can be secured while still providing
    access to public restrooms and auditorium.
•   Large meeting room on Second Floor with retractable divider wall for staff
    meetings, conferences, Historic Zoning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals,
    Storm Water Appeals Board, Construction Board of Appeals, Design Review
    Committee, Trees and Trails Committee, Budget Committee meetings, etc.
•   Lobby and corridor walls will be used for Nolensville historic displays,
    photographs and exhibits.