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					            Terry Elementary
  Terry partners with family and community to inspire
       our students to become lifelong learners!

                                Terry Elementary School
                                 10800 Mara Lynn Drive
                                 Little Rock, AR 72211
                                      (501) 447-6500

                                 Lori Brown, Principal
                           Eloise Booth, Assistant Principal

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook      Page 1
September 2010

Dear Parent/Guardian:

This Parent/Student Handbook has been prepared to foster a good working relationship
between the school, students and parents. We want to make our expectations explicit by
clearly presenting rules, procedures and other school information. Please read it carefully
and refer to it as needed.

The school alone cannot teach the whole child. It takes the effort of the school, the
parents and the community working together. Parents are their child’s first teacher.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the education of their children. You can
become involved by reviewing homework each evening, listening to and reading with your
child/children and becoming a classroom volunteer and an active member of the Parent
Teacher Association (PTA).

We are extremely proud of Terry Elementary! The staff and I look forward to getting to
know you and assisting each child to reach his/her highest potential. We also anticipate
working with each parent to accomplish this task.

We’re all about kids!

Lori Brown
                          Please detach and return to your child’s teacher.

               2010-11 Parent/Student Handbook: Parent/Student Signature

I have read the Terry Elementary School Parent/Student Handbook and will support
and adhere to it.

______________________________                                _______________________________
Signature of Parent/Guardian                                  Signature of Student

______________________________                       _______           _________________________
Print Full Name of Student                           Grade             Teacher


Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                                      Page 2
      Terry Elementary School
      Parent/Student Handbook
                   Principal…….…………….(501) 447-6502
                    Assistant Principal…….(501) 447-6556
                   Attendance…..………….(501) 447-6510
                   Cafeteria……..…………..(501) 447-6507
                  Nurse………….……………(501) 447-6505
                   Counselor………………..(501- 447-6558
                  Library……………………..(501) 447-6506
                  Fax………..………………...(501) 447-6501

  For more information or for a specific department, call the school
                     office at (501) 447-6500.

     Little Rock School District main number…… (501) 447-1000

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook        Page 3
                                     Terry Elementary
                             2010-11 Parent/Student Handbook

                                        Table of Contents

Cover Page                                   1        Physical Examination/Health Tips     15
Welcome Message                              2        Animals at School/Lost and Found     15
Contact Information                          3        Toys and Personal Belongings         15
Table of Contents                            4        Visitor Policy                       15
Mission Statements                           5        Student Insurance                    16
Office Hours/Attendance                      6        Recess/Volunteers                    16
Excessive Absences/Tardiness                 7        PTA                                  17
Make-up Work/Early Check out                 7        School Parties/Birthday Parties      18
Other Regulations/Family Trip                8        School Breakfast & Lunch            18-19
Perfect Attendance                           8        Borrowed Lunch Money                 19
Standardized Testing/Homework                8        Free and Reduced Meals               19
Dress Code/ Care of School                   9        Guidance Services/Field Trips        19
Parent Communication                         9        Report Cards                          20
Terry Staff Directory/Student                9        Parent Teacher Conference             20
Bus Passes/ Changes in                      10        Room Placement                        20
Students Who Walk Home                      10        Discipline                            21
Carpool Safety/Carpool Access               10-       School Rules/Classroom Rules          21
Staff Parking Lot                           11        Appropriate Behavior                  22
Bus Transportation/Contact                  11        Inappropriate Behavior                22
Bus Safety                                  11-       End of School Year Procedures         22
Late Bus Information/ CARE                  12        Check Deadline/Lunch Money Loans      22
Pupil Information Forms (PIF)               12        Final Report Card/Attendance         22
Change of Address                           12        Monies Owed to the School            22
Withdrawal from School                      13        Building Schedule                    23
Inclement Weather/ Emergency                13        School Staff Directory              24-25
Safety Drills/School Dismissal              13        School Events Calendar              26-27
Medication Protocol                         14        School Song/Motto                    28
Prescription Medication                     14
Immunizations/Student Illness               14-

  Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                              Page 4
                    Terry Elementary School
                       Mission Statement
Terry Elementary School, in partnership with family
and community, will provide a nurturing, challenging
and disciplined environment where meaningful
learning experiences will inspire our diverse student
population to become productive, lifelong learners
with a vision for their future.

                  Little Rock School District
                       Mission Statement

The mission of the Little Rock School District is to
equip all students with the skills and knowledge to
realize their aspirations, think critically and
independently, learn continuously, and face the future
as productive, contributing citizens.

This mission is accomplished through open access to
a diverse, innovative, and challenging curriculum, in a
secure environment with a staff dedicated to
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook   Page 5
excellence and empowered with the trust and support
of our community.

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook   Page 6
Office Hours
The school office is open Monday through Friday, 7:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students
        are not permitted on school grounds prior to 7:15 a.m., unless enrolled in
            the Little Rock School District CARE Program. You may contact the
             CARE Program at (501) 447-1880 for registration information.

               The school’s doors will officially open for students at 7:15 a.m.,
unless notified of changes. (Instruction will begin promptly at 7:40 a.m.). Adult
supervision of students will begin at 7:15 a.m. It is unsafe for students to arrive
before 7:15 a.m. because adequate supervision will not be available.

A student’s achievement in school is directly related to attendance. Students who
have excessive absences do not make acceptable progress and are prone to
failure. Excessive absences also create extra tasks and work for the teaching
staff, thus reducing their effectiveness for other students. It is the responsibility of
the parent/guardian to see that the student attends school daily. Parents and
students need to treat this issue seriously. Irregular attendance, tardiness or
truancy will result in a referral to the Pulaski County Juvenile Court as per the
LRSD Student Handbook.

The parent/guardian must notify the school attendance office at (501)
447-6510 by noon on the day a student is absent.

Full Day or Half Day Excused Absences
An absence may be excused by the administration for:
      Student illness
      A serious family emergency
      A medical appointment which cannot be scheduled after school
      An authorized religious holiday
      School authorized event

A half day absence is considered being out of school for 4 hours. A student
arriving after 11:40 a.m. will be marked with a half day absence. Any student
checking out by 11:40 a.m. will also be marked with a half day absence.

A written record of a student’s absence shall be kept in the student’s cumulative
record folder and will be reflected on their report card.

Unexcused Absences
Any absences which do not fall into the excused categories qualify as unexcused
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                           Page 7
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook   Page 8
Excessive Absences
Students who have chronic absenteeism in school tend to continue this pattern
which affects their academic performance and work habits when employed. The
school will make an effort to keep parents informed about the student’s attendance
habits. Please refer to the LRSD Student Handbook for full procedures.

Tardiness interrupts the learning process in the classroom. It is the responsibility
of the parent/guardian to see that the student arrives to school on time. A student
receives a tardy when he/she fails to be in the classroom or other assigned
location by the time the 7:40 a.m. tardy bell stops ringing. There are generally no
excused tardies. However, an exception will be made if the student is tardy due to
official school business, illness or medical appointments, (documentation is
required on the day the child returns to school) or for other reasons approved by
the principal.

Students who arrive after the tardy bell should go directly to the office, where they
will be marked by the secretary as tardy. Any student who arrives after 8:00 a.m.
should be accompanied by their parent who must sign their child in at the school
office. The student will then receive a tardy slip which is required before they are
allowed access into the classroom.

Disciplinary action will result from excessive tardiness to school. Please refer to
the LRSD Student Handbook for full procedures.

Make-Up Work
Students may make-up work for excused and for short term absences. It is the
student’s and/or parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to request make-up assignments
upon returning from excused absences. Teachers will determine a reasonable
amount of time for the completion of make-up work following excused absences.

Early Check Outs
Circumstances may require a parent to pick up their child from school early.
Please do not call the office and ask that students be called out of class and
waiting in the office for parents to arrive. This interrupts valuable instruction time.
Parents need to allow time for their child to be called out of class and arrive at the
office. Parents must sign their child out through the office on the appropriate form.
Please do not check your child out early unless it is an emergency. Early check-
outs should be prior to 2:00 p.m. since office personnel are busy with the end of
school activities, making transportation calls to classrooms, bus announcements
and end of the day school messages. Early checkouts will also result in the student
being marked tardy. Parents making a change in how the student gets home in the
afternoon must do so in writing or be sure to call the office by noon on the day of
the change.

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                        Page 9
Other Regulations
Only parents, legal guardians or their authorized representative are permitted to pick up a
student at school.

For the safety of our students and staff, we ask that parents DO NOT enter the trailers to
pick up their child prior to the dismissal bell. Parents and visitors are not allowed to enter
the trailers without signing in at the front office and wearing a visitor tag. All students,
including those in the trailers, checked out prior to the dismissal bell are required to be
signed out at the front office. If parents want to pick up their child after the dismissal bell,
please do so by waiting outside of the playground area.

Family Trips
Parents occasionally have an opportunity to take their child on a special trip. We believe
that students learn much while traveling, and we try to help your child take advantage of
educational opportunities that arise through travel. If possible, try to arrange special trips
during school holidays. If the special trip cannot be arranged during school holidays, we
ask that you notify the principal and teacher in writing ahead of time so the attendance
can be marked appropriately.

Perfect Attendance Award
Students are considered to have perfect attendance and are eligible for the Perfect
Attendance Award when they have been present, and have arrived on time with no
unexcused tardies for the school term.

Standardized Testing
The NRT Testing for Kindergarten-2nd grade students will be held on the weeks of April 4
           - 15, 2011. The State Benchmark Test for 3rd - 5th grade students will be
              held the week of April 11 - 15, 2011. It is critical to your child’s success
               that they are present, well rested, and that they have had a nutritional
              breakfast each day of these tests. We ask parents to not plan
             vacations/family trips, dental or doctor appointments during these time

Homework is assigned as an extension of our daily school program. Examples of
homework assignments your child may have are:
      Make-up work after an absence
      Using individual math or sight word flash cards
      Extra practice of basic skills in math, language arts, or reading
      Collecting or reading material for writing reports
      Gathering news or current information from news sources
      Special projects

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                 Page 10
Dress Code
Terry Elementary requires its students to wear uniforms. There are many options from
which students may choose their wardrobe:
        Solid polos
        Terry Wear ( t-shirts with the Terry logo)
        PTA spirit shirts
        Khaki or navy shorts, pants, skorts, or skirts (please wear proper covering
       Friday dress:
        Students may wear jeans (shorts or pants) on Fridays as long as they wear a
          Terry wear or PTA spirit shirt with them
       Casual for a Cause:
        Students may pay $1.00 to dress out of uniform (but still following the LRSD
          Student Handbook guidelines for modest and safe clothing) on the last Friday
          of each month. The monies collected will go towards school activities.

Care of School Property
Students are expected to take care of school property, including the building, equipment
and books. A student who deliberately damages school property is subject to disciplinary
action. Parents/guardians are liable for damages.

Parent Communication
Communication is very important! The classroom newsletter is a primary means of
                communication between you and your child’s teacher. It lists important
                    dates, classroom activities and upcoming events. Classroom
                    newsletters are sent home with the student in their Communication
                   Folder. Students in grades 1-5 have academic planners that are used
                  daily for parent/teacher communication. Check with your child’s teacher
                  to see when his/her classroom newsletter is distributed. In addition to
               newsletters from teachers and your school, announcements will be made
through the use of Parent Link. This service is a computerized phone system which
allows Terry to deliver a personal message to you or your answering machine.

Terry Staff Directory
There are telephones in every classroom with a direct number. Please learn your
child’s/children’s teachers’ direct extension. Please leave a message and the teacher will
return your call during a prep time or after school. Teachers will not answer the
classroom phones during instruction time. Staff members try to check voice mail regularly
for messages. If you have an urgent message, contact the office at (501)447-6500. For
a list of Terry staff, please refer to pages 24-25.

Student Messages
Students are not allowed to use the telephones in their classroom or school office unless
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                           Page 11
it is deemed an emergency. Children should make arrangements for after-school
activities before coming to school. Parents need to ensure that their child knows after-
school plans before leaving for school each morning. Children will not be allowed to call
home to request forgotten items. This, we believe, facilitates the development of
responsibility and clear understanding of the natural consequences of one’s behavior.

Bus Passes
Students may ride only the bus to which they have been assigned. Parents must have a
written request for student permission to ride another bus. Permission must then be
obtained from the school to ride any other bus or to get off at a location other than the
regular stop. Non-bus riders, who wish to ride home with a friend, must have a written
request from parents providing permission. Students must provide the written note to the
front office prior to the end of the day to receive their bus pass. Non-bus riders are
required to have a bus pass provided by the school office before they will be allowed
access to a school bus.

Changes in Transportation Home
                              Do not leave a voicemail with your teacher for changes in
                              transportation. If you have a mid-day change in transportation
                              home, call the main office at (501) 447-6500 and they will
                              relay your message to the student and teacher. Messages
                              regarding students’ transportation need to be received by the
                              office no later than 1:30 p.m.

Students Who Walk to School
Student conduct and safety on the way to and from school should be a matter of concern
to parents. The school will cooperate with parents on these matters. Parents should
discuss the safest route to school, emphasizing the use of sidewalks, and not trespassing
on private property. Children should be instructed to proceed directly to and from school
without talking to strangers or accepting rides without explicit parental permission to do

Carpool Safety
Carpool Access
Here’s how to help us keep Terry safe for our children!
       Pre K students (along with their siblings) are to use the second entrance with
         access to the Media Center door. Kindergartens through 5th grade students
         are to use the first entrance with access to the playground and front door.

          During carpool drop off and pick up for Pre K students please park your vehicle
           in either of the back parking lots and sign the student in/out on their list.

          During carpool drop off and pick up for all other students please use only the
           right lane when entering/exiting your vehicle. The left lane is for pulling through
           ONLY. It is very dangerous for students to leave their vehicle from the left lane
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                              Page 12
           and cross traffic.

          During carpool drop off and pick up DO NOT turn left from either parking lot
           onto Mara Lynn Drive. For the safety of our staff and students, please adhere to
           this important rule.

          Please pull ALL THE WAY forward in the carpool drives. This will allow the
           maximum number of cars to pull in behind you. Also, please wait until the door
           to your car is closed behind your child before driving off. Be courteous to the
           staff and safety patrol students directing the carpool line.

          If you are late for school and arrive after 8:00 a.m. you will need to park in a
           visitor’s space and walk your child in through the front doors. We require a
           parent or guardian to sign them in at the reception desk before they are allowed
           access into class.

          Please obey speed limits and traffic signs both on Mara Lynn and on school
           property. Remember there should be no left turn out of the parking lots during
           carpool times.

          In the event of inclement weather, K-2 car riders will be lined on the main
           hallway and 3-5 car riders will be lined at the first grade entrance door. Parents
           may pick up their children in the drive.

          Please display your car rider sign in the front ride side of your window, pull
           forward and staff will bring the student to your car.

          Put your cell phone away until you have left the parking lot.

Staff Parking Lot
The third parking lot is for bus and daycare/ arrival/dismissal as well as staff parking.
Please refrain from parking in this lot as there are a limited number of spaces available,
unless you are dropping off a Pre-K student. If you need to park and enter the building,
please do so in the main lot where the visitor parking is located in front of the building.

Bus Transportation

Transportation Contact Information
Main Number……………. (501) 447-4130
Late Bus Information…...(501) 447-4160
Bus Stop Changes………..(501) 447-4162

When calling First Student (formerly Laidlaw Educational Services)

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                               Page 13
regarding your child’s bus, please know the run number and pick up location.

Bus Safety
To ensure student safety, we have designated a bus loading zone which is in the rear of
the building. There is NO PARKING in the bus zone at any time, and children MAY NOT
be dropped off in the bus zone from a private vehicle.

Students who ride the bus must follow all rules and regulations of the school district. For
a complete list of transportation regulations, please refer to the LRSD Student Handbook.
Disciplinary action taken is in a range from minimum to maximum. Parents will be given a
written report informing them of any disciplinary incident involving a student on the school
bus or while waiting at the bus stop which may jeopardize the safety and well-being of all
students or himself/herself. Parents are urged to both appreciate action taken by the bus
driver and cooperate with the corrective action initiated by the school district.

Parents should refrain from discussing bus matters with drivers at bus stops. They
should call the transportation office at (501) 447-4130 to discuss the issue.

For the safety of all students, parents should not step onto a school bus for any reason,
unless invited to do so by school personnel.

Students must know their bus route number, their home address, and home telephone
number. Such information should be written down and taped on to backpacks.

Late Bus Information
Contact First Student at (501) 447-4160 to inquire on the status of a late bus. The
dispatch has radio contact with each bus and will have access to drivers.

          47 B
          47 D
          47 E
          47 F
          47 G
          47 I

CARE Program
Students enrolled in the morning Little Rock School District
CARE program may arrive at school as early as 7:00 a.m.
Please use the media center doors for entrance. Students will
be supervised by CARE teachers until time to go to the
classroom. Students who are enrolled in after-school CARE
may stay at school until 5:30 p.m. This is a day care service
provided by the school district for a fee. For complete details
and additional information please contact the CARE office at
(501) 447-1880.

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                             Page 14
Pupil Information Form (PIF)
It is essential that Terry has current phone numbers, including cell phones, so that
parents/guardians can be contacted in case of an emergency. An emergency number for
a nearby neighbor, friend or relative is also necessary. Please note on the PIF form if the
child is allergic to bee stings, insect bites, or is requires to take special medication.
Parents/guardians or the emergency person listed will be contacted if a child is ill or

Change of Address
It is very important that every student maintain an up-to-date address and telephone
number on record. Please notify the office immediately at (501) 447-6500 if you have a
change of address or telephone number during the year. An address correction form
must be completed and provided with proof of current address before records can be

Withdrawal from School
As soon as parents/guardians know their child/children will be moving from the district,
they should notify the office to ensure that all bills are paid and books returned. In order
to make a smooth transition to your new school, parents are invited to come by the office
to complete the withdrawal process of their child/children.

Inclement Weather
A decision concerning the closing of the Terry Elementary School due to inclement
weather will be made by the Little Rock School District Superintendent. You may check
the LRSD website (www.lrsd.org) for school closings and current weather conditions.
Notices of any changes in the school schedule will be provided to area television and
radio stations.

                              KARK Channel 4
                              KATV Channel 7
                              KTHV Channel 11
                              KLRT Channel 16
                              KARN Radio
                              KSSN Radio

You may also tune to Comcast Cable Channel 4. LRSD-TV posts the most recent
updates on school closings in the Little Rock School District.

Emergency Closings
During an emergency, it might be necessary to close school rapidly and without previous
notice. Please discuss with your child where he is to go and what to do in the event you
are not at home. Local radio and TV stations are notified as soon as the decision is made
to close early. Listen to your radio or TV for word about LRSD schools. PLEASE DO
COMMUNICATE WITH THE DISTRICT. When weather or road conditions are poor but
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                             Page 15
expected to improve, the opening of school may be delayed or emergency snow routes
may be run by busses. Radio and TV stations will be notified. When the school opens
late, the students will be dismissed at the regular time unless early closing is necessary.

Safety Drills
Fire drills are practiced at least nine times each year. Correct practices make the process
of evacuation automatic should we ever have a real emergency. We encourage all
families to practice fire drills in their homes. Take-cover drills are practiced in the Fall and
Spring and students are instructed on safety practices during tornado watches and

School Dismissal
Parents are not to be in the classroom at dismissal time. Parents should wait for their
child in the carpool area. Teachers are getting students ready for dismissal. They are
responsible for their students until they are dismissed. Should you need your child prior
to dismissal please check them out in the office BEFORE 2:00. Only someone authorized
to pick up your child as indicated on the Pupil Information Form will be allowed to do so.
This contact list is kept in the main office.

Medication Protocol /Prescription Medication
If it becomes necessary for a student to take prescription medication at school, the
following steps must be taken:

       1. A parent must bring the medication to school where it is counted with the nurse
          or nurse’s assistant. We cannot accept medication from students.
       2. Medication must be in the original prescription bottle labeled with the
          student’s name, the dosage to be administered, and the reason for the
       3. A parent must fill out and sign a Medication Authorization and Release form.
       4. A parent must pick up any unused portion of the medication.

According to the Clinical Guidelines used with the LRSD, ―using OTC (over the counter)
medications is not in the best interest of students, nor in keeping with best
pediatric practice standards. Teaching students other strategies for
managing common health complaints is fundamental to quality practice.‖
We do not give OTC medications unless they are ordered by a physician.
We will try to help them find relief using alternate methods.

No medications may be carried by a student. This includes Tylenol, cough
drops, eye drops and the like. The only exception to this is asthma
inhalers. However, all health records must be on file and the nurse and
parents must mutually agree that this is safe for the student.

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                Page 16
Any child with a known diagnosis, such as asthma, diabetes, sickle cell, etc., must have
an individual health care plan filled out by a physician on file in the health room.

Arkansas state law requires all students enrolled in a public or private school to be
immunized. Dates of immunization must be provided in order to start school. The
following are required:

          Two doses of MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella)
          Minimum of four doses of DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis) the last
           being on or after the fourth birthday.
          Minimum of three doses of Polio with one on or after the fourth birthday
          Three doses of Hepatitis B
          Must have Varicella Vaccine or history of chicken pox
          Must have three doses of HIBS (Haemophilus influenza type B)

A child may be excluded from school if all vaccinations/immunizations are not up-to-date
and on file in the school health room.

Student Illness
If your child is absent due to illness, please notify the school before Noon by
calling (501) 447-6510 and informing the attendance secretary. If your
child has had a fever of 100.4 or more, the child should stay home for
24 hours after the temperature has returned to normal. If your child has
vomited or had diarrhea, the child should also stay home until 24 hours
after the last episode. All communicable conditions (i.e. chicken pox, strep
throat, head lice) should be reported to the school.

Physical Examinations
Arkansas State Law requires all students entering school for the first time (transfer to
LRSD or Pre K) to have a physical examination by a physician. The results of this exam
are to be recorded on a form and returned to the nurse. Forms for this physical are
provided in the health room.

Health Tips
Health service staff members suggest the following guideline for parents/guardians:

          Make sure your child receives adequate sleep and good nutrition
          Keep immunizations up-to-date and keep the school advised of those dates
          Keep your child home when he/she is ill
          Notify the school about severe allergic or chronic conditions your child may

Keep the school advised of accurate, current phone numbers (including cell) so that you
can be reached easily in case of an emergency.

                      Animals at School
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                               Page 17
Animals may not be brought to school without prior approval from the teacher and may
not be transported by the school bus.

Lost and Found
Your child’s name should be on all articles of clothing, school supplies, or other
possessions brought from home. The school assumes no responsibility for a child’s
personal belongings.

Any clothing item or lunch box found by students should be turned in to the lost and found
located by the door leading to the trailers. Parents and students are urged to check in the
lost and found regularly. Clothing items left unclaimed at the end of each school term will
be sent to a local clothing donation center. Money, jewelry or any other articles of value
are turned in to the office. Students may claim them after proper identification.

Toys and Other Personal Belongings
Toys and other personal belongings such as cell phones, radios, CD and tape players,
electronic games, baseball cards, character cards and cameras may not be brought to
school or on class field trips unless they have been approved as part of a class
assignment. If such items are brought to school, they may be taken up and kept in the
school office until parents come to claim them. Breaking this rule a second time may
result in punishment.

Visitor Policy
The school’s security plan requires all visitors to the campus, including parents, to
immediately proceed to the office and sign in and receive a visitor’s tag to visit the
school or communicate with any student or staff. The school’s security plan has
been established to protect the students and staff from the danger of an unauthorized
person on the campus, including trailers. For the safety of all students and staff, please

All parents or visitors entering the school building to drop off items for their child must first
report in at the office. In most cases your child will be called out of class to come to the
front office. Student learning time is a priority. Classroom interruptions must be kept to a
minimum. Please take time to ensure your child has their lunch, lunch money, backpacks
and/or homework prior to leaving home. When students are contacted in their room for
these items it is a distraction to the entire classroom.

Student Insurance
For the benefit of district families with school age children, low cost student accident and
dental insurance programs are made available. This insurance is optional and is offered
only as a service. In instances where families have other insurance, the school plan is
secondary. All transactions regarding school insurance are handled by the insurance
company—NOT THE SCHOOL. However, claim forms may be obtained in the school

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                 Page 18

One recess a day is scheduled at lunch for Kindergarten through 5th grade, with
additional recess periods at the discretion of the classroom teacher. Pre K classes have
their own recess schedules.

Students and parents should consider weather conditions when dressing for school.
Please label outerwear-coats, boots, gloves, and hats with your child’s name.

If a child needs to stay indoors for medical reasons, please send a note from a physician
to the nurse’s office.

Volunteers...WE NEED YOU!
You make the difference here at Terry. When school budgets are not enough, it is often
parents who make it possible for many programs to continue.

There are many ways you can volunteer your time at school. Each teacher has different
needs and will tell you how you may help in your child’s classroom. You can often tailor
your volunteering to fit your time and interests. You can either volunteer in your own
child’s classroom or be placed elsewhere in the school.

You may be asked to:
      Type or make copies
      Collate materials
      Make phone calls
      Organize special events
      Write newsletters
      Read with a child
      Tutor a child
      Supervise projects
      Accompany students on field trips
      Create bulletin boards

               Terry Parent Teacher Association (PTA) 2010-2011
Terry has an active PTA with close to 100% school membership. If interested in joining
the Terry PTA, membership forms can be acquired from any of the officers listed below.
There are many functions that require parent assistance and all volunteers are welcome.
All families are encouraged to become involved in this association.

                                            501-227-7724 H
President              Laura Pelletier                       laura_pelletier@yahoo.com
                                            501-442-8288 C

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                Page 19
Vice President          Tiffany Gillette    (501)590-2419 C   tiffany.gillette@lrsd.org

                                            501-224-0268 H    felicia.west@securities.arkansas.gov;
2nd Vice President      Felicia West
                                            501-680-6904 C    scooterwest@comcast.net
Secretary               Terri Chambers      501-228-8949      saffire93@att.net
                                            501-221-3832 H
Treasurer               Amy Bowen                             acb522@aol.com
                                            501-425-7911 C
Box Tops                Tamara Thomas       501-225-9180      tlmthomas@sbcglobal.net
Casual for a Cause      Tiffani Scott                         tiffani.scott@lrsd.org
Dad's Club
Field Day               Faith Speight                         faith.speigh@lrsd.org
Fund Raising

Grandparent Day

Hospitality             Shannon Wilson      501-228-0758 H    wilsonshannonK@uams.edu
                                            501-224-0268 H    felicia.west@securities.arkansas.gov;
Membership Chair        Felicia West
                                            501-680-6904 C    scooterwest@comcast.net
Partners In Education Tiffany Gillette      501-590-2419 C    tiffany.gillette@lrsd.org

Promotion               Laura Pelletier     501-442-8288      laura_pelletier@yahoo.com

PTA Council Rep
Teacher PTA Liaison     Linda Melberg                         linda.melberg@lrsd.org
                                            501-227-5398 H
VIPS Chair              Virginia Randolph                     chri0903@aim.com
                                            501-837-5398 C
Principal               Lori Brown          501-447-6500      lori.brown@lrsd.org
School Secretary        Dani Kawbawi        501-447-6503
                        Mark Aderholt       501-376-3071      Aderholt@pobox.com
Parent Involvement      Monekia English                       monekia.english@lrsd.org
                                            501-960-4117 C
Terry Counselor         Benita Terry        501-447-6500      benita.terry@lrsd.org

School Parties
The Arkansas state nutrition standards states that students may be given food or
beverage items for up to nine different school events to be determined and approved by
school officials. Terry will not use food as a student reward except in these following
designated exceptions (with others to be approved throughout the year):

            Winter Holiday Party
            Valentine Party
            100th day of school
            Kindergarten Mother’s day tea
            Field day

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                       Page 20
Birthday Parties
Birthdays are not considered as part of the nine special school events. Therefore, NO
special food treats (cupcakes, cakes, sweets of any type) may be brought to school for
these events. At the teacher’s discretion, they may opt to have healthy snacks for the
entire class on the last day of the month. If you are providing snacks for a class, please
choose healthy snacks. Ask the nurse or your child’s teacher for a list of acceptable
choices. Please be mindful of Terry’s multicultural population in your party preparations.

Birthday party invitations may be distributed at the school only if the entire class is invited.
Otherwise, make arrangements to distribute the invitations so feelings will not be hurt.

School Breakfast and Lunch
                              Meal Prices
Regular Meal Price                           $1.25
Reduced Meal Price                                     $0.30
Adults Meal Price                            $1.75
Extra Milk                                   $0.35

Regular Meal Price                           $2.25
Reduced Meal Price                                     $0.40
Adults Meal Price                            $3.00
Extra Milk                                   $0.35

A balanced breakfast and hot lunch with milk is served daily. The Little Rock School
District is providing a new method for parents to not only pay online but to monitor their
child’s lunch account. Funds may be deposited into the account through the LRSD
website at http://www.lrsd.org 24/7. Just click on the Student Meal Pre-payment link. To
make payment online you will need: MasterCard or VISA (debit, credit or check card)
number and expiration date and child’s 6 digit LRSD student ID number. Parents will be
charge a handling fee on each

transaction. Student account balances will be updated each school day afternoon.
Transactions can be made up until 10:00am to post for that day. Therefore it is critical that
you monitor your chil’s lunch account to ensure they have adequate money in their lunch
account each morning. It is the responsibility of the child’s parents to monitor their
child/children’s accounts to ensure sufficient funds are available to cover their meals.
Should the account fall short, the parents will be contacted and asked to bring a meal or
funds to pay for a meal. Parents are asked to help and encourage their children to learn
their ID numbers as early as possible in the school year to facilitate service.

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                Page 21
Parents are invited to eat lunch with students at any time. Please report to the office
upon arrival to obtain a visitor’s tag. You will be able to wait in the cafeteria for your child
to join you.

Students who bring lunch from home may purchase milk. Students should bring lunch in
a labeled lunch bag or box. Please do not pack anything in glass containers.
Carbonated drinks are not allowed. All food brought to school must be eaten in
the cafeteria. Students may not eat food in the classroom, on the playground, on
the bus, or at any other time or place other than designated lunch times in the
cafeteria. Please make sure that your child’s lunch needs are taken care of each

If a student requires a special diet, the parent must provide a statement from the doctor.

Borrowed Lunch Money
 If a student forgets lunch money, parents will be contacted by phone and asked to bring
money or a lunch to school. If a parent cannot be reached, any money borrowed from the
office must be paid back the next day. This money should be paid directly to the school
office and not returned to the student’s lunch room account. Students will not be permitted
to borrow a second time if they have not paid back the office after a notice has been sent
home. If after a call to parents, a lunch will not be brought to the school, a school snack
and juice will be provided to those who do not have their lunches. Excessive borrowing
from the office will result in the loss of the privilege.

Free and Reduced Meals
All students will be provided a Free and Reduced Meal Application on the day of
registration at their school site. If you choose to apply, please complete ONE application
for the entire household and return it to the school office.

A child, who is receiving free or reduced price meals at the end of a school year, will
automatically be placed in the same category for the first 30 days of the new school year.
However, a new application form must be completed within that time to insure
continuation in the program. New students to the district will be charged full price until an
application form has been received and processed. Approval for free or reduced meals
includes breakfast as well as lunch.

Guidance Services
Terry has a guidance counselor available to counsel students at scheduled times.
Students are encouraged to use the counselor’s help with academic, occupational, social,
and personal problems.

Field Trips
Each class will be allowed to have field trips each year. All field trips must be directly
related to the classroom curriculum.

Students participating in a field trip must have a signed permission slip turned in to their
teacher prior to the date of the trip. The permission slip must be signed by the child’s
parent or guardian.
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                 Page 22
Students participating must ride the bus from the school to the destination of the field trip.
Only parents/guardians signed up as helpers prior to the field trip may ride the bus with
students and teachers. Also, only parents or guardians may sign out their child from a
field trip.

Report Cards
Report cards will be sent to parents by the students at the conclusion of each nine-week
grading period, excluding the final report card, which will be mailed. Please review and
discuss the report card with your child.

          1st nine weeks:           August 19, 2010 -       October 14, 2010
          2nd nine weeks:                 October 18, 2010 -      December 17, 2010
          3rd nine weeks:                   January 4, 2011 -     March 17, 2011
          4th nine weeks:           March 28, 2011    -     June 2, 2011

Parent Teacher Conferences
October 19 & 21, 2010 and February 11, 2011 (2:50-6:10)

Guidelines are listed below:

          Conferences between parents and teachers will be scheduled once each
           semester of the school year.
          Information concerning dates and times will be sent to parents prior to
          Parents are welcome to call the teacher any time during the year to arrange a
           conference if they feel it is necessary.

Teachers are eager to develop close communications with parents. With a prearranged
appointment, teachers are willing to meet with parents before or after school. If a
conference is desired during the school year, please contact the teacher directly to
arrange a meeting.

Parents should feel free to consult the school any time a concern arises. It is best to
address the matter before the concern becomes a serious issue. Keeping communication
open between home and school is a joint responsibility of the family and the school.

Room Placement
Room placements are made by the principal with the intent of providing a quality learning
experience for each and every child. The characteristics considered for each classroom
are academics, personalities, ethnicity, and gender. Assignments are made after careful
consideration of the recommendations of our teachers, specialists, and support staff, all of
who interact with you children on a daily basis. Music, Physical Education (PE), Library,
Computer Lab, Speech, Resource, OT, PT, Gifted, and Counseling Services are subjects

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                               Page 23
taught or offered by other than your child’s classroom teacher. We hope parents and
students will support and respect the assigned teacher. Parents are encouraged to set
goals with their child and the teachers at the beginning of the school year and to
conference regularly as needed.

For these reasons, parents are discouraged from making classroom teacher
requests. We ask that you please accept the teacher assignment each year as a
process that has been thoughtfully considered by the principal to satisfy our diverse and
congenial student population and with the welfare of the student in mind. Some choices
that were not originally parent choices may have led children to their best school years.

One of the characteristics of an effective school is providing an environment that is safe,
orderly and wholesome. With this in mind, Terry Elementary School maintains high
expectations of student behavior. All pupils are expected to know and comply with school
rules, to cooperate with their teachers and other staff members and to greet all persons
on the campus with respect and kindness. Likewise, staff members are required to treat
students with respect and consideration. The staff and students are expected to work
together to make Terry Elementary School an exciting, rewarding and pleasant institute of
learning. Students who come to school knowing this will have very few problems with
discipline. Every student will be taught procedures and expectations, and will be
specifically informed of each teacher’s classroom rules. Students will be held
accountable for these rules.

We expect proper conduct from all students. Every child has the right to feel safe at
school and to be in a productive learning environment. If your child has any problems,
have him/her contact the classroom teacher, the principal, or any other adult school

Each parent must review the school rules with his/her child/children. It is also important
that parents carefully review the LRSD Student Handbook Code of Conduct for Pre K thru
5th grade students. This code of conduct is more comprehensive and includes District
imposed consequences for misbehavior. It is very important that each parent and child
have a clear understanding of the rules for appropriate behavior and of the consequences
that will follow if a child chooses to break the rules.

We feel that the following discipline regulations will assist in creating the safest possible
school environment for your child/children.

School Rules

       1. Be on time and enter the classroom quietly
       2. Follow directions! Show respect to all of Terry’s staff
       3. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourselves
       4. Raise your hands to speak in class and listen while others are
       5. Walk quietly on the right hand side in the building at all times

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                               Page 24
       6. Respect all school and personal property
       7. Be courteous and respect the rights of others

Individual Classroom Rules
These will be sent home by your teacher for your signature, returned to school, and kept
on file.

Positive Consequences for Appropriate Behavior
Weekly:    Classroom teacher’s incentives: Treasure chest, Happy Gram, Homework
Pass, Good
           Friday Incentive Party.

9 Weeks:         Principal’s Honor Roll
                   A & B Honor Roll
                   Perfect Attendance
                   Good Citizenship
                   Most Improved
                   Individual Teacher Awards

Negative Consequences for Inappropriate Behavior
      1st offense * Warning
      2nd offense * Pupil sent to time out in classroom
      3rd offense * Pupil sent to co workers room
      4th offense * Parent Telephone Conference (referral to counselor)
      5th offense* Pupil sent to office


End of School Year Procedures
Personal Check Deadline
No personal checks will be accepted by the library or office after May
13, 2011.

Final Report Cards
       Year end report cards will be mailed home after the close of school. Please insure
                     the office has your current address. No report cards will be
                     released early.

Attendance is taken through the last day of school. Please be sure your child is in school.

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                           Page 25
Monies Owed to the School
All fees for lunch and lost books, including library books, must be paid in full prior to Field
Day each year. Students will not be allowed to participate in Field Day with outstanding

                                   Building Schedule
                                      (Subject to Change)

                                                      Morning Arrival

               7:15 a.m.                     Students Arrive
               7:35 a.m.                     Teachers Arrive
               7:40 a.m.                     Tardy Bell Rings


               10:10 a.m.- 11:00 a.m.              Pre K
               10:30 a.m. - 11:20 a.m.                 Kindergarten
               10:55 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.                 1st Grade
               11:20 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.       2nd & 3rd Grade
               11:55 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.       4th & 5th Grade


               2:15 p.m.                     Bus Riders
               2:15 p.m.                     Pre K (with siblings) car riders
               2:20 p.m.                            Walkers
               2:25 p.m.                     Van riders, Car Riders, CARE

               Students who arrive before 7:15 will not have adult

               Students who are not picked up on time on a consistent
               basis will be sent to CARE at a charge to the parents.
Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                Page 26
             Terry Elementary School 2010-11 Staff Directory
    (dial 447-65 + the extension to reach any of these staff members)

        GRADE                        STAFF NAME             PHONE NUMBER   ROOM
       Principal                      Lori Brown              447-6502
    Asst Principal                   Eloise Booth             447-6556
 Principal Secretary                Dani Kawkaba              447-6503
     Attendance                    Sandra McIntosh            447-6510
       Security                   Shamekia Gooden             447-6547
        Nurse                       Beth Toland               447-6505
          P4                        Nancy David               447-6526     105
          P4                        Olivia Piazza             447-6518     106
           K                         Julie Jones              447-6516     103
           K                        Sara Bicker               447-6519      121
           K                       Dianne Jackson             447-6515     122
           K                        Nona Grubbs               447-6513     123
           K                     Michelene Meachum            447-6517     124
           1                      Lauren Simmons              447-6520     102
           1                       Shannon Smith              447-6583      110
           1                       Melissa Udouj              447-6582      111
           1                     Jeanne Schallhorn            447-6571     1112
           2                     Shannon Southern             447-6521      115
           2                        Mary Taylor               447-6557     109
           2                      Rachelle Hankins            447-6530      117
           2                      Brenda Osborne              447-6528      118
           3                         Heidi King               447-6569      119
           3                       Clarissa White             447-6570     120

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                  Page 27
          3                       Tracey Halligan                  447-6534         114
          3                        Faith Speight                   447-6516         113
          4                       Kelecia Robinson                 447-6522         127
          4                       Benita Robinson                  447-6533         135
          4                        Ashley Burch                    447-6529         136
          5                        Alex Wakelyn                    447-6523         130
          5                         Lena Gilliam                   447-6514         129
          5                       Dorothy Malone                   447-6544         116
        Media                  Tommie Kelly/Kim Mount         457-6506/447-6542
        SPED                       Jennifer Nash                   447-6531         104
         Art                       Edgar Porchia                   447-6561

          PE                    Joseph Gregory/Amy                447-6574          128

Resource/Therapist                Misty Clark/Lisa                447-6527          101
                                Knighton/Kelli Parks
Literacy/Math Coach           Almeda Giles/Margo Rowe             447-6560          128

  Reading Recovery                Arbradella Smith                 447-6541
       Counselor            Benita Terry/                     447-6558/ 447-6554
Living Hope Counselor       Karen Lambert/Daniel Steed             447-6536
   Music Specialist          Rodney Wallace/Susan Crosby      447-6540 / 447-6575
         G/T                 Linda Mellberg/ Sally Saunders   447-6535/ 447-6581
        Speech               Susan White/Sherri Brown         447-6564/447-6560
      Technology                    Tiffani Scott                  447-6568
       Cafeteria                     Tina Turner                   447-6507
   Head Custodian                  Renardo Grant                   447-6508
      Custodians                Scott Holmes/Alice
                              Robinson/Marlon Stewart
    Pre K Para Pro           Nettie Irby/Gloria Holmes
      K Para Pro            Angela Williams/ Eric Ailsworth
     1st Para Pro                 Alyssa Jones
     2nd Para Pro                     Christy
     3rd Para Pro           Brandon Greenwood/Monekia
  4th/5th Para Pro             Andre’ Smith/Brandon
                            Greenwood/ Jaztone Brewer
Interventionist Para           Andre’ Smith/Jaztone
                               Brewer/Curtis Carroll
   CARE Program             CARE                                  447-6553

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                           Page 28
         LOUNGE                         LOUNGE                             447-6555

                                             Terry Elementary
                                         2010-2011 Master Calendar

2 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm                                                         November
6 Labor Day – School closed                             1 Cookie Dough Drive
14 LRSD PTA Council @ 11:30 am                          4 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm
13 Interim Report Week                                  4-5 Staff Development – Students out
14 PTA Mtg. & Open House @ 6 pm                         8-11 “Check Us Out” @ 9 am -1:30 pm
22-23 SOAR 2 -5th                                       15-18 American Education Week/Interim Report Week
23 School Board Meeting @ 5:30 pm                       15-19 Book Fair
24 Casual for a Cause/5 GT Field Trip                   16 VIPS Jane Mendel Reading Day
28 Watch D.O.G.S @ 6:00                                 17-18 SOAR 2 -5th
                                                                                               th   nd   rd    th   th
                                                        16,18, 19 Grandparent’s Day PK/K/1 16 ; 2 & 3 18 ; 4
                           October                         &5 19th
1 3 Grade Field Trip                                    18 School Security Appreciation Day
2 Immanuel Season of Service Day                           PTA Mtg. @ 6 pm *2 grade performance

7 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm/Vision & Hearing Screening          School Board Meeting @ 5:30 pm
8 Kindergarten Field Trip                               19 Casual for a Cause
3 Parent Institute TBA (District)                       24-26 Thanksgiving Holiday – School closed
11-15 National School Lunch Week                        29- Dec 10 Immanuel Food Pantry Drive
12 LRSD PTA Council @ 11:30 am
14 End of the 1 quarter (40 days)                       December
15 Teacher’s Record Day                                 1-2 SOAR 3rd-5th
18 School Pictures                                      2 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm/4 Grade Field Trip
24-29 Red Ribbon Week                                   14 LRSD PTA Council @ 11:30 am
19 & 21 Parent Teacher Conference @ 2:50 – 6:10 pm/AR   16 PTA Mtg. @ 6 pm Kindergarten Performance
Store                                                       School Board Meeting @ 5:30 pm
22 Report Cards Sent Home /Fall Carnival 6:00-8:00      17 Casual for a Cause
25 Flu Clinic 2:30-4:45                                    End of 2 quarter (40 days)
26 1 9 Weeks Honors & Award Assembly                      Winter Classroom Parties 1:30
28 School Board Meeting @5:30 pm
29 Casual for a Cause/2 Grade Field Trip                20-January 3 Winter Break

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                                     Page 29
                                                      6 3 Grade Field Trip
January                                               7 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm
4 Classes Resume                                      4-8 NRT Testing K-2 Grade
5 Spelling Bee                                        11-15 National Library Week
                                                                            rd th
6 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm                                Benchmark Testing 3 -5 Grade
10 Report Cards Sent Home                             12 LRSD PTA Council @ 11:30 pm
11 AR Store /LRSD PTA Council @11:30 am               15 3 Grade Field Tip
14 2 9 Weeks Honors Assembly                          18-22 National Volunteer Week
17 MLK Holiday – School closed                        21 PTA Mtg. @ 6 pm
20 PTA Meeting @ 6 pm * First Grade Performance       25 Interim Report Week
24 Donuts W/Dad/ Open Enrollment begins               26 VIPS - Evening with the Stars Event @ 5:30 pm
28 Casual for a Cause                                 27 Administrative Professionals Appreciation
                                                      28 School Board Mtg @ 5:30 pm
                                                      29 Casual for a Cause
3 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm
7 Interim report Week                                                            May
8 LRSD PTA Council @ 11:30 am                         2-6 Teacher Appreciation Week
9 School Counselors Appreciation                      2 Crystal Awards Banquet
                                   st                 3 National Teachers Day
10 Class Valentines parties 1:30/1 Grade Field Trip
11 Parent Conferences(students out)                   5 Child Nutrition Employees Day
14 PD Day (students out)                              5 PTA Leadership @ 6 pm
17 Paraprofessionals Appreciation                     6 Kindergarten Mother’s Day Tea
                      rd                              10 LRSD PTA Council @ 11:30 am
   PTA Mtg. @ 6 pm 3 Performance
   Fifth Grade Shadowing ?                            11-12 SOAR 2 -5th
18 Multicultural Show                                 12 National School Nurse Day
             nd                                           st                 rd
22-24 SOAR2 -5th                                      13 1 Grade Field Trip/3 Grade Field Trip
24 School Board Meeting @ 5:30 pm                     18 School Bus Driver Appreciation
25 Casual for a Cause                                 19 PTA Mtg @ 6 pm
                                                          School Board Mtg @ 5:30 pm Fifth Grade Performance
                          March                       20 Talent Show
2-3 SOAR 3rd-5th                                      24 AR Store
3 PTA Leadership 6 pm                                 26 Field Day
7-11 National School Breakfast                        27 Casual for a Cause
8 LRSD PTA Council Mtg. @ 11:30 am                       5 Grade Celebration @ 9:00/ Kindergarten Celebration
                                                      @ 1:00
15 PTA – VIPS hours & Nominations due by 5 pm
           rd                                         26 Field Day
17 End of 3 Quarter(50 days)
                     th                               30 Memorial Day Holiday – School Closed
    PTA Mtg. @ 6 pm 4 Performance
   School Board Meeting. @ 5:30 pm
18 Records Day – Students out                                                    June
21-25 Spring Break – School closed                    2 Students Last Day
29 AR Store                                           3 Last Day for Teachers - Staff Development
31 Causal for a Cause                                 8 Elementary Report Cards
                                                      23 School Board Meeting @ 5:30 pm

1 School Custodian Appreciation Day
  Report cards Sent Home
4-7 3 Nine Weeks Honors Assembly

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook                                                Page 2
                  Terry Elementary School Song
                                (to the tune of: ―Hey, Look Me Over‖)

                                  Hey, look us over,
                                     Terry is great!
                               We are the Terry Tigers,
                              you’ll say we are first rate.
                            We always do our best.
                      We’re winners through and through.
                      We’re here to say, ―We’re on our way
                       to make our dreams come true.‖
                            We know where we’re going,
                            our path is straight and true.
                              We are the Terry Tigers,
                            our future’s bright and new.
                               If you think we’ll win,
                                  we’ll find a way!
                               Let’s all begin today.
                          Give a roar for our great school.


Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook               Page 1
                  Terry Elementary School Motto
                             I have Terry Pride in myself.

  Today, I will learn as much as I can, behave as well as I can, and
                    be a good citizen of Terry School.

                          I am proud to be a Terry Tiger;
                      I will make Terry School proud of me.

Terry Elementary School 2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook        Page 2

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