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									UBC Reading Week 2008 Community Service Projects
Living Legends Project Plan                                                                  -1-
School: Mount Pleasant Elementary
Teachers / Community Leaders: Erin Scoretz and Darlene Kennedy
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Project Leader: xxx
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Student Leader: xxx
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Description of Project:

As part of a First Nations culture unit for Social Studies, students in Grades 4 and 4 will decorate papier
mache First Nations masks and simple percussion instruments to use in a ceremonial dance. Each
student will also get to write a description of their mask, discussing the significance of the specific animal
they’ve chosen. At the end, the students will display their artwork in for the school in a Gallery setting.

What is the learning theme and goals of the project?

Social Studies: To broaden students understanding of the First Nations culture and the importance of
animals and their characteristics to show their relationship with the environment. This project also
addresses diversity and how we learn from each other (e.g. different animals, different characteristics)

Art: the use of shapes in First Nations art, as well as the value of dance/legends to explain how the
world works.

Can the project be completed within the timeframe (9-12 hours over 3 days)?

Definitely. The masks will be prepared prior to the arrival of the UBC students. Also, the UBC Project
Leader and Student Leader will research and prepare materials for the creating of small percussion
instruments, as well as a template for creating the mask descriptions.

Approximately how many school staff/students will be participating in this project? What
grade levels or groupings?

2 Classroom Teachers and 54 students ( 38 grade 4 and 16 grade 5 students)
2 Classes in an open area

Approximately how many UBC students would be needed for your project?

The original request was 18 UBC students. Currently this project has 13 UBC students which creates a
ration of 1 UBC students : 4 Mount Pleasant students (still very manageable).

UBC Reading Week 2008 Community Service Projects
Living Legends Project Plan                                                                      -2-
Project Details:
MTP teachers will teach:
 Animal/legends, First Nations heritage, and oral storytelling, animal characteristics /personalities as
  well as First Nations Art
 Movement activities
 Percussion activities student made
 Public speaking in storytelling format
 Cooperative group work
 Assign groups of MTP students
UBC Project Leader and Student Leader will:
 Come up with ideas for simple percussion instruments – aquire supplies
 Come up with template for creating descriptions of animals
 Come up with ideas for hanging masks during gallery – aquire supplies
UBC Students during the project (Feb 18- 20th) will:
 Assist the teachers in supervising small groups of MTP students (1 UBC: 4 MTP), and encourage
   them in painting their masks, practice their dance movements, and help them complete the
   descriptions of their animal masks.
 Play the First Nations Bone game with MTP Students
 On the last day the UBC Students will help the MTP students set up the gallery and (perhaps)
   perform the dance.


List of Supplies Needed:                             Party Responsible for Providing Supplies:

               Papier mache masks (dried)                              Mount Pleasant

                           paint                                       Mount Pleasant

             Simple Percussion Instruments                               UBC Team

              Simple \Mask Display Holders                               UBC Team

                        markers                                        Mount Pleasant
      Glue Guns (For assembly of mask display /
                                                                         UBC Team
             Template for mask description                               UBC Team

          Materials for First Nations bone game                          UBC Team

Is there an appropriate ratio of adult supervision to school-aged students? Yes, 1:4 is sufficient.

Have all protective clothes, goggles, masks, etc. (if needed) been planned for and secured? Smocks for
painting covered by Mount Pleasant School, UBC students bring own if needed. UBC Students providing
and controlling use of glue guns. Discussed at earlier meetings, only go ahead with approval of MTP

UBC Reading Week 2008 Community Service Projects
Living Legends Project Plan                                                                    -3-

           Monday February 18th                Tuesday February 19th            Wednesday February 20th
8:30 –         UBC students arrive and
9:00 am         Project Leader will take       UBC students arrive and do check-ins as a group. Reflection time. The
            attendance. Project Leader to      Project Leader reviews the days’ schedule and the students then prep
              facilitate one team-building                             materials for the day.
9:00 –
               9:00-9:30 Steve Agabob,
10:15 am     Principal of Mt. Pleasant will
           give a guided tour of the school     Finish Up work from Monday:
                site, discuss emergency         UBC Students begin working
             procedures, safety protocol,         with small groups of MTP         UBC and MTP students work to
             and behaviour expectations.           Students on 4 activities:        complete the following tasks:
                                                  - drawing / painting masks           - Finish any outstanding
                                                    - learning dance moves                    descriptions
                                                       - completing animal       - Begin to set up displays for gallery
            9:30-10:15 Team-building with                  descriptions
           UBC and MTP students. Getting              - making percussion
            to know each other (activity)                  instruments

10:15 -
                                 Recess: UBC Students play with Mt. Pleasant students outside
10:30 am
10:30 am
–12:00       10:30- 11:15 UBC and MTP
pm             students discuss animal
            characteristics, art plan, etc…
                                                Continue work, or play First      - Finish setting up gallery around
                                                   Nations Bone Game                       open class room
            11:15-12:00 Roles are assigned         (depending on time)             - Rehearse dance / gallery walk
              to UBC students and MTP
             student groups, small get to
           know you activities, set up tasks
               for the afternoon tasks.
12:00 -
                          Lunch: UBC Students eat with, then play with Mt. Pleasant students outside
12:50 pm
12:55 –                                                                           1:00-1:20pm Mt. Pleasant school
2:30 pm                                                                            students (all) come and see the
                                                                                   work that has been completed
             UBC Students begin working
                                                                                  (both Mask and Mural projects).
               with small groups of MTP
                                                                                        1:20-1:30pm Regroup
                Students on 4 activities:
                                                Neighbourhood tour, other           1:30pm-2:30pm UBC and Mt.
              - drawing / painting masks
                                                     “activity” (TBA)              Pleasant students celebrate the
                - learning dance moves
                                                                                 completion of the project and do a
           - completing animal descriptions
                                                                                 “week in review”- photo slideshow
           - making percussion instruments
                                                                                 “Warm fuzzy” activity: appreciation
                                                                                         of each other (TBA)
2:30 –
                Clean-up the project                Clean-up the project.             Clean-up and good-byes.
3:10 –      UBC students clean-up, assess the day (reflection), and prep for      UBC students complete project
4:00 pm                             the next day                                          evaluations.


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