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					Online marketing made simple
Submitted by Anne Pihl
11th November, 2010

Not sure how to market your business online? Struggling to keep up with digital developments?
With so many upgrades and new products and services launching all the time, it’s not

Online Impact makes digital marketing easier

We help those of you who want to develop your website but never seem to find the time due to
other priorities. Or perhaps you lack the in-house staff to maintain your web presence. We
make life easier for small and medium sized organizations who want to succeed online.

Packaged solutions

We offer complete and well packaged solutions to help you create and maintain a successful
online presence, from websites to social media. We make it easy and comprehensible to buy
quality web services. All under one roof, at a fixed price where possible.

Full range of internet marketing services

Online Impact offers a full range of internet marketing services. From web strategy through to
production, we offer a one stop shop for all your online marketing needs.

We start with your web strategy

We help you figure out what makes sense for your company and how to make the most out of
your digital investment. To help you achieve the best possible results, Online Impact offers
consultancy services within web analysis and internet marketing strategy.

Then we move on to web development

Once all the plans have been agreed, we take care of the design and production of your web
presence. Web development services include concept planning, design and build.

Finally, we help you reach out online

Even the most perfectly crafted website is useless if nobody knows about it or can find it. A
separate online marketing plan is needed to maximize your web investment. To help you get
found, Online Impact provides search engine marketing services such as search engine
optimization, pay per click services and keyword research. We also plan and execute digital
campaigns to reach and engage your target audience and offer interactive communication
services, such as social media management and email marketing, to keep in touch with your

We measure results and keep things running smoothly

To know how well your web investment is working, you need to measure results. Online Impact
provides you with a framework to measure results. We also do the analysis to see what’s
working best and what can be adjusted. Our webmaster services help you to maintain and
recharge your web presence by keeping your content fresh and up to date.

For full information about our services see, email us at or call us on +46 8 6340700