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Kalyanamandap's woes


Nuisance from Kalyanamandap in HBR 5th block

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    No.1489, 17TH C main, 5th block, HBR layout, 1st stage, Bangalore-560043
                       Regd. No.: SOR/BLU/DR/1051/2009

To                                                           10th Nov 2010
Shri. K. J. George. MLA
Sarvagna Nagar Constituency,

Respected Sir,

Sub: Commercial operation of two Kalyana mantaps in HBR 5th block layout

Two kalyana mantaps in the name of Lakshmi Venkatesha kalyana mantap and
Lakshmi Srinivasa kalyana mantap at the end of 21st and 22nd crosses of HBR
Layout, 5th Block have started functioning on commercial basis. The choultry owner
has made the 21st and 22nd crosses as the entry point to the kalyana mantaps. Ever
since it has started functioning, the residents of HBR Layout 5 th block are put into
untold sufferings in terms of noise, sound and lighting pollutions. The residents
are denied peaceful living, which is a Constitutional right. Almost, everyday, there is
a marriage in these choultries and residents are facing following difficulties:

1. Due to movement of commercial vehicles carrying utility materials through the 21st
and 22nd cross is creating a lot of noise. Due to narrow passages of 21st and 22nd
crosses, the noise generated beyond the normal decibel levels for people inside the
house. This affects lives of residents very much.

2.Vehicles of the guests to the marriages are parked all along the streets of 21st and
22nd crosses and also in the vacant sites in front of 21st cross. The choultry owner has
Virtually made the HBR Layout as the parking place for the guests’ vehicles. His
security staff regulates these vehicles by blowing whistle continuously. The noise is
very much disturbing and irritating.

3.Pandals are erected at the entrance of 21st and 22nd crosses. Lighting is put through
out 21st and 22nd crosses and also from the ring road entrance. He has made the HBR
Layout 5th block, particularly the 21st and 22nd crosses as the extension of the
choultries. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to the movement of the vehicles of
the residents. The residents are unable to park their own vehicles in front of their
houses due to occupation of guests’ vehicles. Several times it leads to unpleasant
quarrels between the residents and the guests.

4.These kalyana mantaps use loud speakers and sound amplifiers. Sound amplified
due to beating of drums and nathaswarams is so much that the residents are unable to
have even peaceful sleep; not to speak about the disturbance to the students and
elders. There is a school nearby. Definitely the noise would affect the functioning of
the school.
5.Pandals are erected at the entrance of 21st and 22nd crosses by digging the road and
thus damaging public property.

6. More importantly, the residents near kalana mantapa are facing more sanitation
problem due to frequent overflow of sewage water.

                                                We are facing this problem ever since
                                               the choultry came into operational.
                                               The sewer pipes that were laid long
                                               back for residential use are not
                                               sustaining voluminous sewage water
                                               coming out of choultry which causing
                                               overflows. A meeting was conducted
                                               on Sunday, 30th May ‘10 with our
                                               area corporator to resolve this
                                               problem; but nothing has happened
                                               afterwards. We have written a letter to
                                               BWSSB on this matter for remedial
                                               action and it’s still in the budget stage.

The nuisance created by the choultry is both civil and criminal offence. The residents
of HBR Layout have a right to live peacefully. Since this layout was formed by
BDA, the living norms should not be allowed to dominate by commercial exploiters.

The residents of HBR 5th block humbly request your good self to put an end to the
above menace by taking suitable action.

Our peaceful living is in your hands and we hope that you will
intervene in this matter and do something to come out of this menace.
Thanking you,

With Best regards


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