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Leisure Park Elementary School


									                         Leisure Park Elementary School
                                             “Learn, Laugh, Love”
Vol. 25                                       November, 2007                                                           No. 3
PICTURE RETAKES – Friday, November 2             10:00 – 1:30
                                                                          rd    th                       nd
VETERAN’S DAY CELEBRATION – Monday, November 12                    9:15 3 – 5 grades 1:30 PreK – 2            grades

CICI’S FAMILY NIGHT – Family night at CiCi’s (New Orleans & Elm) is Tuesday, November 13, from 5 p.m. until 9 p.m.
Leisure Park will receive 10% of the proceeds. LP PTA has made the arrangements for this fun evening.

THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY – School will be dismissed Tuesday, Nov. 20, at 3:40 p.m. for the Thanksgiving Holiday.
School will resume on Monday, November 26.
TEACHER OF THE YEAR - Representing Leisure Park this year is Wanda Little, 4 Grade teacher. Following is a list of
those nominated. Congratulations to all these winners: Johnnie Rockefeller, Kathleen Veatch, Carol White, Joyce
Krueger, Jama Rush, Kathy Nammari, Wanda Little, Jo Curlee, Mendy Schanck, Rhonda Aud, Shelley Holt and Jayne

SAFETY PATROLS AND CROSSWALKS - The school safety patrols deserve a special thank you for their dedication
during cold, rainy weather. They work faithfully and voluntarily to provide an added measure of safety for students
walking to and from school. Please be patient and remember the patrols are only 10 years old. The patrols are expected
to follow the guidelines established for them but they do not have adult judgment.

PARENTS - Please make note of the following items:
         STUDENT DRESS CODE: There has been some discussion about what is appropriate dress for school. Please
refer to your student handbook for specific guidelines. Please no clothing which promotes profanity, violence, disrespect,
drugs, alcohol, or anything which would be indecent or in poor taste.
         VISITORS TO LEISURE PARK: Please remember to always sign in through the office and get a visitor badge
when visiting the school whether you’re eating lunch, volunteering, or for any other reason.

CLOTHING - With the cold weather approaching, the boys and girls will be wearing their coats and jackets to school and
there are always several coats lost or misplaced. If you would please MARK THESE GARMENTS WITH THEIR NAME, it
would help us return them to the owners. At the end of the season those unclaimed coats are given to a charitable
organization. Also, as the weather turns colder, shorts will no longer be appropriate.

BOOK FAIR NEWS - Leisure Park just completed a very successful book fair which earned $1722 in cash profit for the
school library and $697 profit in books for the library and for individual classroom use. In addition, book fair funds may
also be used to purchase the Accelerated Reader quizzes that accompany most of the books in our Media Center. Cindy
Jenkins and Mala Anpalagan, Book Fair Chairmen, and Jayne Selman, Media Specialist, wish to thank all of the
volunteers who worked so hard to make our book fair such a big success. We could not possibly have a book fair without
the help of our volunteers, who are willing to work long hours to keep the book fair running smoothly. A big thank you also
goes out to the parents, students and teachers who supported the book fair with their purchases and their time.


Ice cream cones in the upper corner indicate that this is an “Ice Cream Bulletin” - a great incentive to get these bulletins
from the school and into your hands at home. Students’ names are drawn at random. If your child’s name appears
below, please sign, cut off and have your child return only this part to the office tomorrow morning first thing so that your
child can receive a ticket for a special treat at lunchtime. Parents, we hope this helps get messages to your home!!

Logan Booker, Tucker Holloway, Levi Langdon, Chloe Patrick, Charles Nettles, Paul Bernius, Alana Hall, Roshondra
Jones, Elisheba Ross, Matthew Barnard, Alexis Wilden, Amber Tull

Parent Signature
4 GRADE: Liam Langdon, Clara Anderson, Collin McSorley, Samantha Polites, Summer Parnell, Tyler Walker, Emma
Watts, Ciara Clemons, Landri Collins, Kylie Daniel, Gus Foster, Sonya Glander, Danielle Green, Johnathan Hoos, Tyler
Jones, Dalton Matchen, Jessa Melvin, Carley Petersen, Madison Quinton, Morgan Treadwell, Keara Baldwin, Austin
Wyatt, Sam Akem, Sam Ashley, Alyssa Myers, Elizabeth Holka, Emily Mishima, Cody Henson, Emily Clouse, Keaton
Sullivan, Andy Smith, Kaylee Crist, Nick Goad, Trent Morgan, Jason Archer, Korrine Baldwin, McKenzie Bedford, Gillian
Jenkins, Carter Kepford, Nickolas Kramer, Arielle Ormsby, Kaylen Price, Jacob Raley, Maria Syas, Madison Tolbert,
Courtney Bell, Austin Brewer, Caelee Casey, Aaron Fortner, Claire Kline, Jack Van Heel, Sarah Winger, Zarria Young,
Timandra Jones, Micaela Rutledge.
5 GRADE: Lauren Belty, Taylor Johnson, Taylor Kazmierczak, Meagan Leber, Samantha Lynn, Rebekah Michael,
Jessica Neighbors, Jacob Osborn, Amber Tull, Liz Watts, Allison Smith, Hannah Barnes, Jace Bedford, Kaylie Cotton,
Bailey Leland, Wes Music, Astrid Perez, Ricky Smith, Shawn Bianco, Tyler Burgett, Joshua Franzen, Christian Hahn,
John McDonald, Cody Wilkens, Cody Anpalagan, Sierra Berryhill, Grant Davis, Kelly Johnson, Karla Mejia, Joshua
Sanders, Annie Selman, Ethan Wilson, Aundrea Blackburn, Amber Blackstock, Cole Harris, Kylie Overlease, Kayla
Hoffman, Trystan Newman, Taylor Paine, Seth Paulson, Hailey Smith, Olivia Vargas, and Krystine Withers.

Love & Logic parenting techniques really do work!!!! Come to the LP Media and check out the CD, Oh Great!
What do I do now? Dr. Charles Fay from the Love & Logic Institute says re: parenting skills, “If you're like me, you
find yourself gradually getting out of the Love and Logic habit. My biggest challenge is to remember the empathy.
Empathy really is the key to making it all work! And it seems so simple at first glance. All I have to do is lock in a
strong dose of sadness or empathy before delivering consequences. All's good and fine until the rubber hits the
pavement in our own homes. “

The CD, Oh Great! What do I do now? will teach a variety of strategies for helping parents use empathy…even
when they don't feel like it. One of these strategies involves saying to your child: I'm going to have to do
something about this…but not now…later. I make better decisions when I'm calm. We'll talk then.

Please note the Love & Logic parenting classes being offered in our district. Feel free to pass along this information to any
parent who asks about parenting classes.

Becoming a Love and Logic Parent
Have you ever wished your child came with an owner’s manual? Have you ever wondered “how in the world am I going to raise this
child to be a responsible young adult,” especially when the world and its pressures seem to get in the way at every turn? If you are
like every other parent, then these concerns are probably very real to you.

Country Lane is preparing to offer a parenting seminar on parenting the Love and Logic way. This course is a 5 week course that
offers practical strategies that will make parenting more fun and rewarding and less chaotic and stressful. Becoming a Love and Logic
Parent is a video/discussion group authored by Jim Fay and Foster Cline that will center on raising responsible children who are able
to make their own choices toward positive behavior. The course will also help you understand your children better, gain family
cooperation, learn the difference between consequences and punishments (and how to construct a logical consequence), and develop
empathy within the family.

When: Thursday Evenings (starting Nov. 1 through Dec. 6 - no meeting the week of Thanksgiving)
Time: 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.
Where: Country Lane Elementary School Library
Who: Any parent who is interested in a more peaceful home! This course is applicable for all ages of children preschool to teen.
Facilitator: Christi Sturgeon, School Counselor

Nutritious “Tigers”           Pumpkin Nutrition
The bright orange color of pumpkin is a dead giveaway that pumpkin is loaded with an important antioxidant, beta-
carotene. Beta-carotene is one of the plant carotenoids converted to vitamin A in the body. In the conversion to vitamin A,
beta carotene performs many important functions in overall health.
Current research indicates that a diet rich in foods containing beta-carotene may reduce the risk of developing certain
types of cancer and offers protect against heart disease. Beta-carotene offers protection against other diseases as well as
some degenerative aspects of aging.

Ron Rieff, Principal Dawn Hackney, Assistant Principal

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