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					                   Olweus Bully Prevention Program

                  What is the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program (OBPP)?

The Olweus (Ol-VAY-us) Bullying Prevention Program is a comprehensive framework for
educating staff, students and parents about bullying behaviors and implementing
concrete, measurable action plans for reducing bullying behaviors in schools and improving
school climate.

As a result of implementation across the elementary program, all Mt. Lebanon students (K - 5)
participate in a weekly meeting with their classroom teacher and an additional support person
(principal, counselor, instructional support teacher, special education teacher, special subject
teacher, or instructional aide). These two adults co-facilitate a classroom meeting with students
that addresses student concerns around bullying behaviors at school. Classroom meetings take
place at the same time each week as decided upon by respective building staffs. These
meetings help students to build relationships in the classroom among themselves and with
educational professionals. During the initial nine weeks, significant time is spent defining bullying
behaviors with students:

                 Bullying is purposeful words or actions that are mean or hurtful

                 Bullying happens repeatedly

                 Bullying happens when there is an imbalance of power

This definition is reflected within Mt. Lebanon's revised Bullying Policy. Additionally, each
elementary school has adopted OBPP rules most typically:

             1.   We will not bully

             2.   We will try to help students who are bullied

             3.   We will include students who are left out of games or activities

             4.   We will tell an adult about bullying behavior when we know a student is being
After defining bullying behaviors and sharing rules, classroom meetings begin to focus on
building empathic relationships - friends taking care of friends. Teachers often share books from
the library, related quotes and other team building activities with students. There are commonly
discussions about being a good friend, including others and intervening to help others who are
being bullied. Discussion topics are flexible and are adapted to proactively resolve emerging
issues within a given building or classroom and meet students' individual needs as they share
them. The OBPP is only possible through a strong collaborative effort between students, parents,
teachers, staff and administration. It is a team approach to support children in our schools, to
teach students skills necessary for future successes and to assist in providing the best education
possible for each and every student by improving our learning environment.

Where can I expect to see the program within Mt. Lebanon School District?
The OBPP is in place in all seven elementary buildings (Foster, Hoover, Howe, Jefferson,
Lincoln, Markham and Washington) for the start of the 2009-10 school year. Planning is now
underway to bring the OBPP to Jefferson Middle School and Mellon Middle School for the start of
the 2010-11 school year.

When and how was the program introduced to professional staff in our school buildings?
Core Teams from Markham Elementary and Washington Elementary were trained in the OBPP
during Spring 2007. These Core Teams then trained all staff members in their respective
buildings for the start of the 2007-08 school year.
The OBPP was subsequently piloted/implemented in these buildings with students in September
2007 and was met with great success. In February 2009, based on the measurable impact of the
program in these two elementary buildings, the district trained Core Teams in the five remaining
elementary buildings: Foster, Hoover, Howe, Jefferson and Lincoln Elementary Schools. These
Core Teams then trained their respective buildings at an elementary-wide in-service during May

Who has been/will be trained?
Training was provided to a Core Team in each building consisting of teachers, counselors,
principals and school psychologist who then trained all elementary school staff in their respective
buildings including:
Classroom teachers
Special subject teachers
Special education teachers
Building staff
Building aides

Additionally, the district was also able to provide OBPP training to Officer Mike Reimer and
Officer Mike Welsh of the Mt. Lebanon Police Department as part of Core Team training.

Why did the district choose to implement the OBPP?
The Olweus framework is an internationally recognized, research-based, and data driven bullying
prevention program. The district implemented OBPP because of its comprehensive approach and
proven efficacy in reducing instances of bullying behaviors of all types within elementary and
middle school settings. OBPP complements the district’s existing character education program to
provide a safer and more inclusive learning environment for all Mt. Lebanon students.

How was the training and implementation of the OBPP funded?
Within the Mt. Lebanon School District, the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program is fully funded by
a goods-and-services contract provided for by HALT/Highmark Healthy High 5.
Provisions include:

               On-Site Training and In-Service Opportunities

               Off-Site Training Opportunities

               All Training Materials

               Resource Materials

               Annual Student Surveys

               Data Compilation Services

               Consultation with a HALT Trainer

How will the OBPP's efficacy be measured?
Baseline data was collected from students in each of the district's seven elementary buildings
prior to program implementation. This data was collected by surveying students in grades 3-5
about bullying behaviors in their elementary buildings. Subsequent years' data sets have and will
continue to be collected, compiled and compared with prior year results through the use of like-
surveys each spring with our elementary students. This data is normed by building, district, and
nation in the form of a 70+page report provided to the Mt. Lebanon School District by Hazelden
Publishing. Outcomes of this report are then shared with each building's core team, reviewed
with all staff, analyzed, and acted upon to make positive changes to the program for future
years. Data showing the prevalence of bullying in any school building is a powerful tool toward
action. Annual surveys and longitudinal study will provide each of our buildings a means of
continually assessing and improving the educational climate of our school system.

Additionally, qualitative feedback, both positive and negative, from our students, parents,
teachers, staff and principals about the OBPP has and will continue to be used to gauge the
program's strengths/weaknesses.

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