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					                                 Information Sheet for Applicants Applying for:
                                 POLICE OFFICER

                                 SIU School of Medicine
                                 Office of Human Resources

Thank you for your interest in our current vacancy of Police Officer. The application and Civil
Service testing process for this job contains multiple steps. You must successfully pass each step
of the process to be eligible to proceed to the next step. This document will provide you with an
overview of the process so that you will know what to expect and will understand the timeframe
associated with filling these positions. Please read ALL of this information carefully and make
certain that you understand it completely. If you have any questions regarding the process for
this vacancy, please contact our office at 545-7572.

Step 1. Application Review. You must submit our Application for Civil Service Employment,
Police Officer Addendum, apply in person and present a valid IL driver’s license, high school
diploma or GED certificate and, if applicable, copies of college transcripts and military discharge
forms. (A resume may accompany your application but may not be substituted.) Your
application materials will be carefully screened to determine if all provided information, including
your work history and conviction history, is acceptable. If acceptable, your qualifications will be
reviewed to determine whether or not you meet all of the minimum acceptable qualifications
required for the title of Police Officer under the State Universities Civil Service System (SUCSS).
You will be notified by our office of the results of the application review.

Step 2. Testing. The Police Officer test is comprised of 3 separate components. Failure to pass
any one component will disqualify you from moving on through the examination process and will
result in failure of the examination. You will be required to successfully pass a Knowledge Test,
Physical Fitness Test, and Oral Board Review. The total examination score will range from 0 to
100, with a score of 70 required to pass the examination. Veterans Preference points will be
added to passing scores, if proper documentation is provided to verify eligibility.

A brief explanation of the examination components is presented below.

KNOWLEDGE TEST FOR POLICE OFFICERS                                      40% of total exam score

NOTE: It is our intent to schedule the written exam approximately 2 weeks after the deadline to
apply for this vacancy. If you qualify to test, you will be notified of the date and time to report.
If you provide us with an email address on your application form, we will use this method to
contact you so that you will have as much advance notice as possible. If you do not provide us
with an email address, we will notify you by U.S. mail.

The knowledge test consists of multiple-choice questions in the following areas:
       •   Observation                           •   Math
       •   Reading Comprehension                 •   Decision Making
       •   English Language                      •   Prioritizing

It is suggested that in order to achieve a passing score for this portion of the examination, the
material in the book listed below be studied carefully.

                 A Pocket Style Manual, Diana T. Hacker, St. Martin’s Press.

Some of the exam questions do not require any preparation at all, while others are based on the
material included in this book. If you are submitting your application for Police Officer I, you are
STRONGLY advised to begin studying NOW. Several copies of this book are available in the SIU
Medical Library, 801 North Rutledge, 4th floor (North entrance), for review on-site (may not be
removed from the Library). The Library is open Mon-Thurs 8am-11pm; Fri 8am-7pm; Sat 9am-
6pm; and Sun 1pm-11pm. Or you may choose to purchase the book via the internet from
several different vendors.

The Training & Experience portion of this test will be rated by a Human Resource Officer, and will
be based upon the information you have provided this office via your application materials and
college transcripts.

PHYSICAL FITNESS TEST (PFT)                                                             Pass/Fail Only

If you pass the knowledge test, you will be notified of the date and time to report for the physical
fitness test. All applicants are urged to have a physical examination by a physician in order to
determine their physical fitness for participating in this test. Arrangement and payment for
physicals are the responsibility of each applicant. Specific information regarding the requirements
of each component of this exam is available on the SUCSS’s website at:

The PFT consists of 4 elements:
   1.   Sit and Reach – 3 attempts to pass          You must pass each component, in this
   2.   Bench Press – 1 attempt to pass             order, to proceed to the next component.
   3.   Sit-Ups – 1 attempt to pass                 Failure to pass any one component results
   4.   1.5 mile run – 1 attempt to pass            in a failed examination.

NOTE: It is our intent that the PFT will be administered during normal business hours; however,
depending upon the availability of facilities for testing, this component may be scheduled on a
weeknight or weekend.

ORAL BOARD REVIEW                                                          60% of total exam score

If you pass the physical fitness test, you will be notified of the date and time to report for the Oral
Board. Upon arrival, you will be given one (1) hour to complete the Oral Board Supplement which
will be reviewed by oral board members.

An Oral Board panel will conduct this stage of the examination. The Oral Board panel will consist
of three (3) individuals who have been recommended by SIU School of Medicine and approved by
SUCSS. You will be rated based on an oral resume, responses to a set of questions furnished by
SUCSS, and information completed on the Oral Board Supplement form. All applicants will be
rated on four examination elements:

   1.   Ability   to   Communicate in Writing
   2.   Ability   to   Communicate Orally
   3.   Ability   to   Make Decisions and Exercise Sound Judgment
   4.   Ability   to   Meet Demands of the University Police Work

The overall rating is determined by averaging the ratings of the three oral board members. Each
member is furnished a standard rating guide by SUCSS. Ratings are made independent of race,
color, sex, or political affiliation. The duration of the Oral Interview is approximately 30 to 45
minutes. Following the Oral Board, you will be required to complete the on-line IPAT Psycho-
logical Assessment Tool; however, the results of this test will not be included in your final score.

Step 3. Interview. Applicants who successfully pass all 3 components of the exam will be
notified, in writing, of their final examination score. You will be competing with other applicants,
in order by examination score, for an opportunity to interview with the hiring unit. The interview
team will consist of a minimum of 3 persons and will be the final step in the process towards
being selected for hire.

NOTE: Any offer of employment will be contingent upon successful completion of a medical and
psychological examination and extensive background investigation.

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