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					Oak Grove Soccer League / Grain Valley Soccer League Proposed Merger

Name: Metro East Soccer Club

The club will operate as one entity. The Oak Grove Soccer League has been an
established Non-For-Profit 501-c3 Organization and is an established MYSA (Missouri
Youth Soccer Association) member. I propose the new Club operate under the Oak
Grove Soccer League umbrella, dba as Metro East Soccer Club. Other than for the
purpose of filing tax returns and keeping membership with MYSA the only name used
will be Metro East Soccer Club.

Purpose: To provide soccer opportunities for the youth in Oak Grove and Grain Valley
the opportunity to play soccer at any age and at any level. To promote the game of
soccer through league play, camps, clinics and quality coaching.

Funds: All funds will be collected under the Metro East Soccer Club name and will be
deposited in a bank account under the same name. The funds will be used to perform
normal business operations under the Club name. The funds will be assessable to
selected board members as dictated by the Club’s By-Laws and Constitution (Treasurer,
President, Vice-President).

Buy-out Clause: In the case the decision is made that the clubs feel they need to split to
operate separately, all liquid assets will be totaled minus each club’s initial contribution
and will be split 50/50 between the two clubs. In the case that one or more of the clubs
will no longer exists after the split then their assets will go to their respective Parks &
Recreations Department to fund the sport.

Website and Marketing: The club will have its own web site
with its own logo. All old sites will forward to this new site. The club will market itself
as the Metro East Soccer Club serving Oak Grove, Grain Valley and surrounding
communities. The phone # for the league will be 816-898-7564. Emails are available
through the website provider for each board member.

Position changes on board:
The following positions will not change: President, Treasurer, and Secretary, Scheduler,
The following positions will be deleted: Division Coordinators.
The following positions will be added: VP for Oak Grove, VP for Grain Valley. Each
will oversee the teams and operations in their prospective townships. Detailed job
descriptions to follow.
Playing Formats:

For 4-6 year olds, the Club will provide an Academy format in each town which will be
coached by professional coaches hired by the Club. All players at each facility will
practice together on one night of the week for 45 minutes by these coaches with an
approximate coach-to-player ratio of 10:1. On a 2nd night of the week the players will
play games. The group will be divided into teams of no more than 6 and will play 3 v 3
games as mandated by MYSA. Parent volunteers make up the “coaches” for each team.
The games will be organized by referees and will last 45 minutes. The program is 6
weeks long. The fee for the Academy will be $50 or TBD. A % of those fees go towards
the coaches’ fees. The club will provide shirts, socks and end of season trophies to all

For players U7/U8 the Club will provide an “In-House League”. Coed teams will be
formed in Oak Grove and in Grain Valley. Each team will be coached by a volunteer
parent. Teams from GV will practice and have a home game field in GV, transversely for
Oak Grove teams. League play will be between all teams, giving each team at least 4
games at home and a total of 8 games.

This format will follow MYSA’s mandated rules for small sided at this age (5v5 with
keeper) or MYSA’s recommended rules (4v4 no keepers and smaller goals). This format
gives the players and parents a taste of “share-play” yet keeping all games close to home.
This should help stimulate interest in soccer and help retain the players that are looking
for more challenge but not yet wanting to travel the metro for games. The fee for U8 will
be $55 or TBD.

If teams at this age want to play at a higher level in KCML they will be given the
opportunity to do so rather than take part in the “In-House League”.

All U8 teams, regardless of where they play will have 6 practices run once a week in an
Academy format as illustrated above.

For players U9 and above the Club will provide “Share-Play” through our membership
with the Kansas City Metro League (KCML). All Share-Play games will be played at the
Oak Grove Facility. If suitable fields were built in GV then the possibility of adding
another facility will be discussed by the current board at the time. Practice facilities will
be available at the Oak Grove Facility unless the team chose to practice elsewhere.
Teams can be formed from each town or can be a mixture of both depending on the need
and availability of players. Fees for this age level would range from $60 - $70 or TBD.

This format allows the Club to form teams based on gender, skill and age so the player
can play at his/her level. This promotes the player to grow at their pace rather than being
rushed onto a competitive team or forced to play at a lower level that does not challenge
or stimulate them.

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