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October Marks Crime Prevention Month
[Governor/Mayor/Council President] today proclaimed October as Crime Prevention Month 2009 and
challenged the entire community to make crime prevention a priority. [He/she] also paid tribute to law
enforcement and the many people who have taken personal responsibility for their neighborhoods and
community organizations that work for the common good.

In 1984, the National Crime Prevention Council, the nation’s center of excellence for preventing crime,
designated October as Crime Prevention Month. The month-long commemoration reflects the adage that
prevention pays off. NCPC strongly believes that citizen involvement in crime prevention can and has played
a vital role in helping many communities stay safe.

“We must not stop working to continue reducing crime in our country,” said [Name of
Governor/Mayor/Council President]. Experience in [town or state] has proved that grassroots,
collaborative action to support law enforcement works to keep crime down. [Give examples.]

During Crime Prevention Month, government agencies, law enforcement, civic groups, schools, businesses,
and youth organizations in [town or state] will conduct a robust set of activities to highlight prevention
information, showcase their accomplishments, reach out to educate and empower the public through
educational campaigns, and explore new partnerships that build stronger communities in which crime cannot
survive. Events will include [list event, date, time, and place].

Since 1980, McGruff the Crime Dog® has been the icon of crime prevention and the symbol of NCPC’s
work nationwide. Together, NCPC and McGruff have helped communities spread the prevention word
through training events, public service advertising, demonstration programs, conferences, publications, and
numerous partnerships. Crime Prevention Month 2009 recognizes successful crime prevention efforts on
the local, state, and national levels to generate interest and enthusiasm for prevention efforts to continue to
grow even stronger and become more widespread. [Governor/Mayor/Council President] knows we can
all work together to “Take A Bite Out Of Crime®.”

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