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					Project Sheet: Mitre 10 Megastore – The Base Te Rapa
Primary Contractor:
  Naylor Love Construction

Landscape Architect:
  Mansergh Graham
  0-7-858 4959

Hard Landscaping:
                                                                                                  Project Planting:
  Cambridge Construction
  Te Awamutu
  0-7-871                                                                                         •   8,500 plants;
                                                                                                  •   25 species of plant;
Soft Landscaping:                                                                                          3
  Ecolynx (NZ) Ltd                                                                                •   500m bark mulch;
  Hamilton                                                                                        •   200m3 6-50mm ‘blue’ limestone chip;
  021 351 957                                                                                     •   50m3 40mm grey chip;
Irrigation:                                                                                       •   7500m2 polypropylene weed mat;
  Waterforce                                                                                      •   85 specimen trees.
  0-9-916 0092
                             This project continues the theme developed with the first of the site works on The Base Te Rapa site
                             back in 2005. Mixing natives with exotics has provided a range of colours and textures throughout the
Soft Landscaping Supplies:   site. A unique concept is the use of both the ‘blue’ limestone chip and grey chip as mulch on the
Treefrog Nurseries           gardens, in places giving a zebra effect which was appreciated by the public. Given the intolerance of
NZ Peat                      the azaleas to alkaline soil, the grey chip had been used as a means of providing the right environment
AT Kelly’s                   for the azaleas.
Kauri Park Nurseries
Taupo Native Plant Nursery   Metrosideros “Maori Queen” provide a striking presence
Industrial Textiles
Sunshine Trees
                             throughout the year with their rich dark green colouring. These
Leafland                     have a striking red flower during summer.
Full Bloom Flora
                             The preparation of the gardens was undertaken by Cambridge
                             Construction with good ‘clean’ soil used to backfill the gardens.
                             For this project we decided to hold all plants in our Nursery
                             rather than on site. This ensured plants could be watered on a
                             regular basis and any frost sensitive plants held in our wintering
                             over shade house. The Astelias responded very well to this
                             plant management process.

                             Totara and kahikatea dominate the 10m strip planting alongside
                             Te Rapa Rd. Kahikateas are a dominant tree throughout the
                             Waikato and are being widely used within the Hamilton City
                             boundary as specimen trees. All plants in this area are natives,
                             the selection providing a contrast of colours and textures.

                             Key attributes of Ecolynx which contributed to the successful
                             implementation of this project was the ability of the staff to
                             adjust to the constraints of the other sub-contractors working on
                             the site and accommodating last minute changes to the garden

                                  Ecolynx (NZ) Ltd PO Box 15174 - Hamilton - NEW ZEALAND
                                  Tel: +64 7 846 6085 – E-mail: Mobile: 021 351 957