Free Legal Forms Starter Template form51_5 by PrivateLabelArticles


									From 51.5 Form of advertisement for objections and claims in action of multiplepoinding IN THE COURT OF SESSION in the cause [A.B.] (designation and address) Pursuer and Real [or Nominal] Raiser against [C.D.] (designation and address) and Others Defenders An action of multiplepoinding has been brought in the Court of Session, Edinburgh by [A.B.], pursuer, in respect of (briefly describe nature of the fund in medio) On (date) Lord (name) ordered advertisement for objections and claims. Any person who wishes to object to the condescendence of the fund must do so by lodging defences, and any person who wishes to make a claim on the fund must do so by lodging a condescendence and claim, by (date on which period of notice expires) at the Office of Court, Court of Session, 2 Parliament Square, Edinburgh EH1 1RQ. (Signed) [Solicitor [or Agent] for pursuer] (Address)

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