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Animation Development Company on Creating a Veterans Day Power Point Presentation

November 11, Veterans Day, is a Federal holiday for the country to honor the military veterans in the
United States. Everyone knows that Veteran’s day is a holiday but not everyone knows the significance
of Veterans Day to our Armed Forces.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our day to day lives, that we forget what Veterans Day means to so
many of our men and women in the military. Honor them by attending a parade or other special
celebrations in your community to commemorate their special day.

We as a nation need to preserve our knowledge of Veterans Day so that the time honored traditions
carry on throughout the coming generations.

How would you go about creating a method of teaching someone what the traditions of Veterans Day
are to our military? You could tell the story of Veterans Day in a book or a blog posted on the internet.
You could also use a more digital method of storytelling by creating a power point presentation utilizing
video slides to convey the most accurate picture of why Veterans Day is a holiday.

Steps to making a Power Point presentation for Veterans Day

     Select quality photos on Veterans Day and import them to PowerPoint. You can find free photos
      on the internet to use for your presentation.
     In PowerPoint, open a blank presentation, and go to Insert -> Photo Albums -> New Photo
      Album. The Photo Album interface will appear. Click the File/Disk button to add from your
      veteran photo folder.
     Under the Photo Album tab, click Edit Photo Album to sort the selected the photos you wish to
      use and add captions to each photo slide. You can also set the color tone to black and white to
      give it a nostalgic touch.
     Use proper animations go along with your text and photos in the slides. This will add a dynamic
      effect to the veteran slideshow.
     Insert a piece of music, your voice narration or a movie clip of Veterans.
     Convert the veteran presentation to video with a PowerPoint to video converter
     Practice your presentation to ensure you deliver a knowledgeable, smooth presentation
     If you decide to convert the presentation to video, it can then be put on the Internet and
      attached to your iPhone, iPod or Blackberry. You will need a video conversion tool to convert
      your presentation into the program. Follow the instructions provided with the conversion tool
      for best results.
     The video can also be uploaded to hosting sites such as YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and your
      blog site to be shared with family and friends.

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Description: Animation Development takes a moment to honor Veterans with instructions on how to create a power point presentation describing Veterans Day in audio and video to share with family and friends.