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More than 125 years of history. . . With 125 years of production and expertise in the appliance and
metal industries, Blomberg is a quality and trusted name in the European household appliance market.
Now owned by Arcelik, the 3rd largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, Blomberg has gained a
sizeable presence in the average European home. For years Blomberg has been setting trends in both
technology and style, and they continue to employ technologically advanced appliances, while still
keeping the everday family life in mind. Blomberg has always been on the cutting edge of technology,
being the first company, in 1947, to produce a machine with less than 100 liters of water consumption.
They have recently been given the Energy Award by the leading German consumer reporting
magazine for most efficient appliances; as well as awards for innovation and ease of use. As a widely
recognized international name, Blomberg, has established themselves in the United States with
production of dishwashers and refrigerators that are reasonably priced and are superior in features and
quality. In the coming years, Blomberg, has its sights set on becoming a market leader in the United
States, just as it has been in Europe for so many years. Living with care and brilliance. . . The power of
imagination gave birth to Blomberg's new range of dishwashers which combines technologically unique
systems with superb designs and quiet noise levels.

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