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									  Ariston Elegance Line LI640

The Ariston Elegance LI640 gives you the performance and efficiency you are looking for in a
dishwasher. Its True Care System built-in water softener, dynamic drying system, and eco-wash option
ensure that dishes come out spotless every time. Its triple-insulated tub and self-monitored water flow
make operation super silent and super safe. This is a high-quality dishwasher, both inside and out: the
upper and lower baskets are strong and smooth, white nylon-coated racks improve drying, and the
stainless steel door even comes with a lifetime guarantee. This is a dishwasher that strives to meet
your need for flexibility: it offers multiple rack and cutlery basket options, two adjustable front legs to
ensure that your appliance is level, and an adjustable rinse aid dispenser. A custom front panel is
installed on the front of this model, allowing you to create a personalized, custom look for your kitchen.
Hidden controls, sophisticated design lines, and a softly curved handle, the Elegance Dishwashers
from Ariston will make the perfect style of statement.

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