Latest Wood R4 1.16 Kernel is released to support R4 DS Card

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					                         Download Wood R4 V1.16 Kernel for R4 DS Card
The latest software Wood R4 V1.16 kernel for R4 DS revolution is released today. Wood R4 team largely improve the kernel,
not only in the core buy also in the interface and compatibility. Many bugs are fixed in the new Wood R4 V1.16 kernel, After
upgrade, it is more comfortable for operation. Thanks to Wood R4 technical team, with their endeavor, wood r4 card offers
more functions with better compatibility. Since wood R4 v1.16 kernel fits DS better, players can enjoy more joy from r4 ds
card. Download Wood R4 V1.16 kernel from to upgrade your R4 DS

Wood R4 V1.16 Kernel Core
 --- some homebrews dont' work.
 --- softreset improved.
 --- do shutdown if 3d hardware locked up after soft-reset.
 --- direct sd saving is more accurate.

Wood R4 V1.16 Kernel interface
 --- simplified chinese localization updated. tnx to TGBUS-snake001.
 --- brazilian localization updated.
 --- romanian localization added. tnx to Attila13.
 --- deselect all' button in cheat dialog.

Wood R4 V1.16 Kernen better Compatibility
 --- tomodachi collection (japan) (rev 1)' fixed.
 --- radiant historia (japan)' fixed.
 --- goldeneye 007 (europe)' fixed.
 --- goldeneye 007 (usa)' fixed.
 --- captain tsubasa - new kick off (europe) (fr,de,es,it)' fixed.
 --- zac to ombra - maboroshi no yuuenchi (japan)' fixed.
 --- pokemon ranger - guardian signs (europe)' fixed.
 --- goldeneye 007 (italy)' fixed.
 --- call of duty - black ops (europe)' fixed.
 --- sonic colors (europe)' fixed.



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Description: Latest wood R4 V1.16 kernel is released on Nov 11th, 2010. It fixe the bugs and enable R4DS card to support Nintendo DS better.