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									                        Path is simple dream true?

 If talking about their careers. Another would be a career for anyone aspiring
parties (Formerly Teacher is another one who has dreamed of this job I like),
but no one knows what that Than to be a singer ..... I just have to work out the
public eye wash steam album Nia. It will end very sad and Co - Ta - ra really

 Start with the basics of our own need of some good singing. I said some
excellently. Not just singing right note. Rhythm just right then. It means that
the need to cry because The emotional tone. The slow songs and fast songs to
get. If it is unique in tone means that sound strange or unusual technique in
singing is just so good. What's strange because people tend to like Nia and
friendly even look at Lydia. The use of nasal singing voice. If the past is that I
sound like that would sing songs all the teachers being those that grew on
exactly. But Lydia is the voice used to sing a perfect fit. Appropriate time.
This would be a feat to raise the producer anyway.

 Many of you I consider myself well I look at it just in. First, there will be a
percentage excellently with if they do not think it is that you have now, whether
or not to dream. If not .... it would have to stop dreaming and then I stop
thinking about it generous. Then took the time to do anything else would be
better. But if the dream is to find different ways to practice anyway. Could be
practicing by yourself or if it is good to find a place to learn is to go around.
Which is not that good at the same time simple. It takes patience and quite a lot
of effort because it can take a year. Or perhaps for many years. This is for a
little off subject. I have some student teachers' hothead Want good soon. To
study each week. But not return to practice at home. Teachers see the
development that they return to practice with the teacher each week is enough to
know that Back at home, not to practice. Learning about a year. It came on
with good teachers, why not for once. I want to tell you everyone that I tired
my. In fact, teachers are only part that allows you to excel faster than you d
great way to practice on your own. Degongnegdegongnegn but it is yourself
that. You know how to correct the teacher then. You put it to practice on your
own or not. Because think about it. A case of student teachers tell Nia. School
teachers only once a week, once a class is a year I plan to quit because it is not
good for once. If deliberate together so well. Students studying with this
teacher came just 48 hours or 2 days only for myself I think of you at that.
People will do anything to excel in two days or not the experience of teachers in
teaching many pupils. Than you are the best singer the same size as it takes at
least 5 years Degongnegn almost the same. Some sizes are already stars. Than
to be a singer with an album with someone take the time to train yourself to 2
years, only this many people even quite discouraged.

 The following factors routes dream of being a singer is a character, appearance
and image of yourself. Must accept that this is a very important one. A simple
comparison. Let's say you buy a piece of candy washing. Be viewed by you, it
looks like you do not look likely. So you decide to buy. Even if packaged in a
beautiful package that makes decision making easier the more you get. Despite
the good do not even know it or not. Note that you may forget to look at one
more piece of candy is placed next to That looks normal. But delicious.
Opportunity to taste even none at all. So you need to buy pieces that it's good
looks more than your eyes. Of course, as artists as well. Producers must choose
someone who looks and personality definitely better. Maybe, might choose to
look like before even singing that motto because it comes out pretty handsome
to be good practice. Looks good, but ordinary people took to the cast was pretty

 Even if you decide to try any Dui. Send your work through the casting
department of each camp at it. I will tell you before that if you look normal or
not really cool crafts. It would be very difficult. Because they will copy your
photos from the first ABC is divided into groups sorted by the cast is pretty to
listen to work on your first one. แegyuan Imagine that If you look ordinary,
not outstanding enough to be in the AB group than that he will listen to your
work. I have to wait through the AB group before they are eligible or not they
may not listen to your work at all.

 When the first teacher I think this may be important given how many. But if
the thought as well. If you need to become part of the wallet to pay to make a
person famous. As artists. You also need to think now, if you can do anything
back. How cost-effective investment lost. So, do not blame him at all in.. Turn
to look at ourselves better than that. If factors are aspects of us, we lose the
chance to. We do have the opportunity to give back. This means that You
have to try to make up their singing skills. And express your stand and be
recognized. With a commitment to practice and try to go find the opportunity to
present your identity. May contest the stage with various The only major stage.
Because the teacher thought this would be the shortcuts for you. If you are
really cool.

 The teacher to tell you all excellently, not to emphasize that many people are
tired my peach. But I want to all of you Survey rid themselves that What
you're really a dream is what you love and love is true or not. Not only careers
but only I. In everything that you are either dreaming takes time and effort in
the struggle to gain Degongnegn. Therefore, they should be asking myself
before the first thing before you spend time with it, only an empty self.


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