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					Social Media Policy & Facebook
       Background Information
LIMO (Liaison, Marketing & Outreach) unit:
• Established Sept. 1, 2008 to promote Library
  services & resources to the campus
• Estimated 10,000+ employees and students
  on campus with 10% utilizing Library
• Google use very high on campus
• Let them know about Virtual Library
• Promotion & Design Specialist hired Jan. 2009
          Marketing Concerns
• Library as an entity has minimal to no public
  presence on university and social networking
• Increase electronic avenues of Library
  awareness, news and information was a goal
• Cost effective and green marketing strategy
• Recognition of social networking sites as
  viable location for information dissemination
             Facebook History
• Facebook began at Harvard University as a
  networking system and has now expanded to a
  larger audience.
• The popularity of the Library’s Web site searches
  with “Facebook” prompted an increased
  awareness of social networking as an important
  function of Library clients
• “UTSW Library” Group in existence for previous
  student employees is extinct, but the only current
            Benefits of Facebook
• Historical academic focus conducive for academic
  library’s needs
• Well established with multiple campus groups
• Increases avenues for promotion and marketing.
• Many Library staff currently hold accounts and are
  active participants, in relation to other social
  networking sites (Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace…)
• Provides a format conducive to a relatively self serving,
  easily updated online presence with built in staff
  presence to monitor page.
• It’s currently free.
 Established Target Audience Groups
• There were over 70 established groups with
  “UT Southwestern” or “UTSW” in the title
  present on Facebook. Some substantial
  populations included:
  – Student and Postdoctoral Groups
  – Clinical Resident Groups
  – Departmental Groups
        Student and Postdoc Groups
•   UT Southwestern Class of 2009 – 74 members
•   UT Southwestern Class of 2010 – 132 members
•   UT Southwestern Class of 2011 – 191 members
•   UT Southwestern Class of 2012 – 183 members
•   JAMP – 179 members
•   UT Southwestern MSTP – 81 members
•   UT Southwestern Class of 2013 – 71 members
•   UT Southwestern PA Class of 2009 – 30 members
•   UT Southwestern DPT Class of 2010 – 28 members
•   UT Southwestern Physician Assistant Class of 2010 – 27 members
•   UT Southwestern Physician Assistant Class of 2011 – 19 members
•   UT Southwestern STARS – 45 members
•   UT Southwestern Medical Illustrators – 38 members
•   Postdoctoral Association of UTSW – 48 members
              Clinical Resident Groups
•   The UT SW Housestaff Committee – 141 members
•   UTSW/Parkland Internal Medicine Residency – 123 members
•   UTSW/Parkland OB/GYN Residency – 106 members
•   UT Southwestern Surgical Residents – 9 members
•   UT SW Psychiatry Residents – 30 members
•   UTSW Pathology Residents – 30 members
•   UTSW Ophthalmology Residents 2010 – 7 members
•   UT Southwestern Surgical Residents – 9 members

                 Departmental Groups
•   UT Southwestern Neurosurgery Department – 11 members
•   UT Southwestern Plastic Surgery Department – 18 members
 Social Media Policy Development
Recognized need to have compliance in all social
  media settings for Library information.
  Promotion & Design Specialist researched
  other ‘media policy’ statements, developed
  draft for review of Library administration.
Current version adopted July 15, 2009 after
  review by campus legal department.
Promoted to staff on StaffWeb with Managers
  follow up.
             UT Southwestern
        Library Social Media Policy
Printed copy handout available
• Reasons for using ‘social media’
• Responsibility for postings on ‘social media’
• Honesty, identity, ‘write what you know’
• Disclaimer of expertise and ownership of
  comments posted
• Campus policies, Privacy, etc.
• Bibliography used in development
    Accessing the Facebook Page
• The site would be accessible by typing in any of
  the key words “UT Southwestern Medical Center
  Library” into the Facebook Search box.
• When viewing a Facebook “friend” info page, it
  would also be present under a “Fan page”
• It would be shortly featured on a person’s page
  after a “Friend” becomes a fan.
  NOTE: A 'fan' can not change content or add
  comments to content. Therefore, it is a safe way
  for clients to view content without having to
  heavily monitor feedback/comments.
              Promotion Plan

• A Library Banner on Library Web site
  introduced the Library’s Facebook Fan stie
• Promotional flyers on bulletin boards
• General Library Meeting to introduce to staff
• Promote staff sign up on Facebook
• Viral marketing of Facebook ‘Fan’ opportunity
             Maintenance Plan
• What's the on-going maintenance required?
  – Updates of events, classes and exhibits
  – How to track usage?
     • Number of Fans tracked by e-mail confirmations sent out.
     • Information about fans potentially available in profiles.
     • Broken up into Staff, Students, Faculty, Postdocs and Other
  – Estimated time spent on maintenance:
     • 1 -2 hours a month maintenance
     • Reality proved estimate was correct
• How can we determine the success of this
  project? i.e. the performance indicator
  – Banner hits from Banner promotion
  – Number of “Fans” to join Fan page
  – Include “Facebook” on class and event evaluation
    notification options (i.e. How did you find out about
    this class/program?)

• Future evaluation schedule
  – 6 month evaluation after initial implementation,
    annually after that
        Potential Enhancements

• Catalog links
• Instructional videos about resources
• Library Liaisons highlights
• Special Collections links
Catalog Links

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