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									Compendex and Google Scholar

Presentation Notes

  •   Presentation is intended to serve as a slide library for
      presenting value of Compendex on EV vs. Google Scholar
  •   Select slides most appropriate for your selling situation,
       • Slides 3-13: Core Presentation – coverage overview, examples, main differences,
         value summary
       • Slides 14-19: Detailed benefit comparison – relevance, organization, record details
       • Slides 20-21: Coverage details – quick facts, coverage overlap
       • Slides 22-28: Searching on EV – advanced options
       • Slide 30: Side-by-Side quick summary

  •   1 page guide can be used as a customer leave-behind as
      backup for presentation

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   • Why Compendex?
   • Compendex and Google Scholar
       • Side-by-side benefits comparison
       • Coverage Details
   • Searching Compendex on EV
   • Summary
Search Compendex to Find Relevant, Reliable Information Fast
Quickly Zero in on Focused Engineering Content
                                                                         Google Scholar - All Subjects:
Sample Search: “Dolly”
• Compendex on EV
   • Focused coverage and indexing ensure relevance
   • Controlled terms offer insight and links to related content
• Google:
   • Do not always get relevant results, even when limiting subjects


                                                                       Google Scholar – Limited to “Engineering, computer
                                                                                           sciences, & mathematics”:
The Trusted Worldwide Standard for Engineering Research
 • Comprehensive engineering coverage
     • Sources include: Scholarly journals, Trade                    Trusted by top researchers at
       publications, Conference proceedings, and                     1000+ institutions worldwide,
       more                                                          including:
                                                                         • Academic Institutions: In more than
     • Coverage: Over 190 engineering disciplines,                         60 countries, including 98% of the top
       including civil, environmental, mechanical,                         engineering schools in the United
       mining, electrical, and general engineering
                                                                         • Leading Corporate Innovators:
     • Dates: With the Engineering Index Backfile                          Including fortune 500 companies
       dates to 1884, covering virtually every                           • Government Establishments:
       engineering innovation of the past 120 years                        Ranging from national labs to nuclear
                                                                           agencies and armed forces
 • Designed specifically for engineering
     • Sources selected by engineering experts
     • Indexed using the Engineering Index Thesaurus

                                                 *Source: US News and World Report: America‟s Best Graduate Schools, 2006
Compendex: Depth of Coverage Ensures Nothing is Missed

                 Subject Coverage                                                                  Bioengineering, Building Materials Properties, Construction
                                                                                                   Materials, Geology, Ocean and Underwater, Technology,
                                                                                           Civil   Pollution and Wastes, Sanitary Engineering, Transportation,
                                                                                                   Water and Waterworks
                                      11%                                                          Fuel Technology, Metal Groups, Metallurgical Engineering,
                Chemical                                                                Mining Petroleum Engineering
                  15%                                  Civil
                                                       15%                                         Agents and Industrial Chemicals, Agricultural and Food
                                                                                                   Technology, Chemical Apparatus and Plants, Chemical
                                                                                      Chemical     Engineering Processes, Materials, Coatings and Finishes

                                                         Mining                                    Aerospace, Automotive, Fluid Flow, Heat and Thermodynamics,
           Electrical                                                                              Materials Handling, Naval Architecture and Marine, Nuclear
                                                          12%                    Mechanical        Technology, Plant and Power, Railroad

                                           Mechanical                                              Computers and Data Processing, Control Engineering,
                                              12%                                                  Electronics and Communication, Light and Optical Technology,
                                                                                      Electrical   Sound and Acoustical Technology, Electricity and Magnetism,
                                                                                                   Electric Components and Equipment, Electronic and
                                                                                                   Thermionic Materials, Electronic Components and Tubes
                                                                                                   Engineering Management, Engineering Mathematics,
           Coverage focuses on disciplines                                             General Engineering Physics, Instruments and Measurement
           with average/ above average job
                  growth projections*

 *US Dept of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook 2008-9
  • Information in context
     • Content indexed for engineers by engineering experts
     • Controlled vocabulary link to additional results truly related to specific
       search topics

  • Confidence in results
     • Content selected by editorial team with engineering expertise
     • Trusted sources live up to Elsevier‟s quality standards:
          • Peer-Reviewed scholarly journals
          • Leading engineering conferences
          • Cutting-edge trade publications

  • Suited for Complex and detailed research
     • Data-rich results for efficient discovery
     • Content not available anywhere else online provides in-depth view
     • Historical content necessary for complete view of development of
       research and technology over time
Google Scholar
Leveraging Google technology for scholarly research

  • Extensive content
                                                                                            Growing as a resource for
     • Coverage: virtually any scholarly subject area
                                                                                            scholarly research
       including social sciences, medicine, engineering,
                                                                                                 • Increase in coverage of Engineering
       etc.                                                                                        literature, particularly from 1990‟s –
     • Sources Include: scholarly publishers,
       professional societies, the web                                                           • Limited coverage of historical

  • Multidisciplinary across sciences
     • No subject indexing – uses Google algorithm and
       citations to retrieve results and determine

  • Familiar interface
     • In BETA phase of launch – not established as a
       research solution

                       *Source: Journal of Academic Librarianship, "Google Scholar‟s Coverage of the Engineering Literature: An Empirical Study“;
                                                                          John J. Meier and Thomas W. Conkling; Volume 34, Issue 3, May 2008
Engineering Village - Results

  • Sorting options: Relevance, date, author, source, publisher
  • Refine results: Facets leverage metadata from Compendex indexing
Faceted Search Results
Answers and insight – not just standalone data

•   View research trends at-a-glance                      Select terms to
                                                        include or exclude
     • Grouped result data („facets‟) and                  from search
       exportable charts display most
       prominent authors, countries, years,
       controlled vocabulary, etc.

•   Gain perspective with additional              View record counts within
    terms & concepts associated with           facets and export data or chart
                                                      to analyze trends
     • Controlled vocabulary in facets and
       individual records
     • Easily refine or expand search by
       controlled vocabulary, classification
       codes, and more
Google Scholar – Advanced Search

  • Search keywords, authors, publications, years, etc.
     • Limit to “Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics”

  • Retrieve millions of results with very limited options
     • Can only refine by “all articles” vs. “recent articles”
What are the Main Differences?

1. Depth and Breadth of Coverage for                 1. Breadth of coverage across multiple
   Engineering Research                                 disciplines for broad-based research
     • 190+ Engineering Disciplines                       • Science, social sciences, health science, etc.

2. Search leverages index data from                  2. Search based on Google Algorithm leverages
   Engineering Index Thesaurus to refine,               citation data (link from a result to that article‟s
   expand, and link searches by index terms             citations)

3. Peer-reviewed journals, hard-to-find              3. Content available online, including peer-
   conference papers, and trade publications, plus      reviewed paper abstracts, theses, books,
   historical content not available anywhere else       scientist homepages, public patent records, etc.

4. Comprehensive coverage of Engineering             4. Comprehensive coverage of Engineering
   literature from 1884 – present                       literature from 1990’s – present

5. Trusted by top engineers and researchers at       5. Trusted by millions of people searching the web
   leading universities, corporations, and              every day
   government facilities

                    Compendex provides deep insight into engineering;
            Google Scholar provides a very broad overview of many fields.
• Trusted resource for 1000+ institutions around the globe
• Content sources expertly selected for engineering ensure
  relevant results from trustworthy publications
• Engineering-specific indexing provides context and further
  ensures relevance
• Transparency of selection process gives confidence in content
• Trusted search platform leverages indexing for faster, more
  efficient research

   •   Why Compendex?
   •   Compendex and Google Scholar
        • Side-by-side benefits comparison
        • Coverage Details
   • Searching Compendex on EV
   • Summary
Relevant information to solve immediate problems faster

  • Search options include limiting by field,                     • Advanced search option allows limiting by
    document type, thesaurus search, browse                         some fields and limiting to subject area
    indexes, advanced search, searching tags, and                   (“Engineering, mathematics, and computer
    more                                                            science”)
  • Indexing process links records and determines                 • Results based on Google algorithm – details
    relevance                                                       protected as proprietary information
  • Engineering Index Thesaurus is updated                        • Relevance determined in part based on
    annually (includes controlled and uncontrolled                  citations
    vocabulary and hierarchy structure)
       •    Ensures results are distinctly relevant to the
            search term(s)
       •    Provides insight with additional related
            vocabulary, main headings, etc.

    “For me, [EV] works better than Google. Because Google comes up
      with a whole bunch of other stuff that is completely not relevant”*

                                                * ”Elsevier Engineering Village Attitude and Usage Study Among Corporate Engineers” September 2008
Evaluating Articles’ Relevance is Time Consuming
Need insight to move research forward
 Sample Search: “Metallic Compound”                   Google Scholar:
                                                       All Subjects

 •   Compendex on EV:                                 (525,000 results)

        •   Leverages indexing to offer sorting,
            filtering, and linking options

 •   Google:
        •   Impossible to gain insight with so many
            results and no way to organize

     Compendex (158,584 results)
                                                      Google Scholar:
                                                       (23,600 results)
Insight and Organization save valuable time

  •   Sort by relevance, date, author, source, title            •   View all records or “recent only”
  •   Quickly filter by fields including author, author         •   Link to more by same author
      affiliation, classification codes, controlled
                                                                •   Link to article citations
      vocabulary, publisher, date, source type, and
      more                                                      •   Link straight to publisher sites – no detailed
  •   Set up alerts, save searches, save records,
      export result data
  •   Tag records and create groups to share and
  •   Link to full-text on publisher site from results or
      record view

    “Google is like a large library where all the books are piled on the floor. You
   are just hunting through hoping you can find what you want. You kind of know
                  you‟re in the general section and that‟s about it.”*

                                              * ”Elsevier Engineering Village Attitude and Usage Study Among Corporate Engineers” September 2008
Managing Results is Essential

• Google Scholar: Broad Search                                 Number of results per database per year
   • Volume of results is useless for targeted research                Search Term: Metallic Compound

   • No focus on specific discipline or organized results
                                                                                             Google         Google
                                                               Year       Compendex
   • Result: information overload                                                            Scholar*       Scholar

• Google Scholar: Limited Search                               1980            1188             130           2860

   • “Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics”          1990           2430              390           5420
     still too broad/vague for precise engineering focus
                                                               2000           4776              849          12600
   • Yet results too limited to be sure nothing is missed
                                                               2007           9670              1130         15900
• Compendex                                                 * Limited to “Engineering, Computer Science, and Mathematics”

   • Comprehensive, trustworthy engineering coverage
                                                             Google Scholar: unmanageable
   • Indexing ensures results relevant for engineering
                                                             Google Scholar (limited): insufficient
   • Leverage indexing for organization options
                                                             Compendex: comprehensive and
 Individual Record Details for efficient discovery and innovation
    • Result details put record in context of greater research question to
      bring you to solutions faster

• Metadata from              • No detailed records;                 Compendex
  engineering indexing         often just record title             Detailed Record
• Consistent format and      • Inconsistent format
  data across results
                             • Link straight to
• Link from all record         publisher site without
  views to full-text on        any further information
  publisher sites
                             • Makes organizing,
• Hyperlinked data             tracking, and
  uncover relationships in     identifying relevance
  published research           near impossible
• Highlighted terms show
  relevance at-a-glance
Detailed Coverage
 Coverage Details
Focused Research vs. Broad Overview

  • More than 10 million records                 • Billions of records across disciplines; no
                                                   exact record count available
  • Detailed Source List available
                                                 • No source list; no way to know what is
  • Over 5,600 peer-reviewed journals, trade
    magazines, and conference proceedings
    indexed annually (selected by subject        • Less coverage of trade publications and
    experts)                                       conference papers
  • Coverage dating to 1969 or to1884 when       • No disclosure of dates covered, when
    purchased with the EI Backfile (additional     records are added, etc.
    1.7 million records)
                                                 • Doesn‟t own or have control over content
  • Updated weekly                                 so no regulation of errors like
                                                   misspellings, incorrect spacing, etc.
  • Over 650,000 records added annually
Coverage Overlap

 • Selective in scope; only cover the most relevant                           • Sources are not expertly or selectively chosen
   content                                                                      for inclusion; Don‟t disclose how sources are
    • May not cover every volume of a journal                                   decided
    • May not cover every issue in its entirety                               • Only covers about 50% of the trade
                                                                                publications and conference papers in
 • Indexes content available only in print, including
   historical records not available anywhere else online

                Google‟s coverage of trade journals and conference proceedings is lacking –
                both are essential resources for staying up-to-date and well informed:

                               *Source: Journal of Academic Librarianship, "Google Scholar‟s Coverage of the Engineering Literature: An Empirical Study“;
                                                                                  John J. Meier and Thomas W. Conkling; Volume 34, Issue 3, May 2008

   • Why Compendex?
   • Compendex and Google Scholar
      • Side-by-side benefits comparison
      • Coverage Details
   • Searching Compendex on EV
   • Summary
Engineering Village – Quick Search

   • Narrow by fields, browse indexes, set limits, select the database(s)
     that best suit your needs
Engineering Village – Expert Search

   • Enter search terms in open entry box

                                            indexes to find
                                             all versions of
                                              your search

                                            Expert Search
                                            Codes listed
                                            for reference
Engineering Village – Thesaurus

                                         Thesaurus Options:
                                         •   Select “Search” to
                                             search any terms
                                         •   Select “Exact Term” to
                                             find Thesaurus details
                                             for a known
                                             Ei controlled term
                                         •   Select “Browse” to scan
                                             an alphabetical list of
                                             index terms

                    Click terms to see
                    Thesaurus details.
                    Select terms to
                    include in search.
Engineering Village – Thesaurus

                                                     Click on         to
                                                     see more
                                                     information about
                                                     the term

                      Selected thesaurus terms are
                       automatically added to your
                              search form
Engineering Village – Record Tagging

   • Search   other users‟ tags to gain new perspectives
   • Share   tags with other users
   • Organize   records of interest for yourself and groups
How Record Tagging Works

                           •   Assign meaningful keywords
                           •   Choose with whom to share:
                                • Public = All Engineering Village users can see the tags
                                • My Institution = only people from the users’
                                  organization can see tags
                                • Private = Only the user can see their tags
                                • Or create groups to share tags with members

                           •   Tag externally to 2collab or

                                •   2collab: tag and share records in an environment
                                    specifically designed for scientific researchers
                                •   Manage tagged content from Science Direct,
                                    Scopus, and EV in one central location

   • Why Compendex?
   • Compendex and Google Scholar
      • Side-by-side benefits comparison
      • Coverage Details
   • Searching Compendex on EV
   • Summary
• Best suited for discovery and applied research            • Broad coverage makes it a practical
  in engineering.                                             starting point for general research in the
                                                              preliminary stages of discovery.
• Selective content and indexing provide in-
  depth, relevant coverage so you can:                      • Cross-discipline content can help give a
                                                              general sense of the research landscape in
     • gain expertise in a new area
                                                              a variety of subject areas.
     • trace a historical development
     • quickly hone in on targeted solutions

• Includes conference proceedings, trade
  publications, and historical information not
  available on the free web
• Engineering Village leverages content in
  search features to:
     • keep you up-to-date with solutions found by others
     • provide insight into trends
     • effectively manage research.

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