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					Pug Health - Taking Care of Your Pug For a Long and Happy Life

Good pug health care is important for these little dogs known for
their small size, perkiness, and loyalty. They have a short and sleek
coat, as well as a rounded and cute face. Pugs are short and stocky
and usually grow to about eleven inches. They are extremely good
with kids and with other animals, which makes them ideal
household pets. They are typically a sociable and friendly breed.
They do need a lot of attention, but in return you get a loyal and
very loving pet and companion.

Pugs have a very colorful history, being bred for royalty in China
and in Europe. Western and Chinese breeds of pugs grow up to
eleven to fourteen inches in length and usually have a black, white,
apricot, or silver short coat. They have a round face and round
eyes and curly tails. At its full grown size, pugs will usually weigh
up to eighteen pounds.

As for pug health, pugs are usually known to have some skin and
respiratory problems or complications. Respiratory problems may
arise from their condensed snouts. They also can have a problem
with shedding as pugs shed a lot more than other breeds. Since
they have many folds especially around their ears, this can be a
place for mites and other insects, so their ears need to be checked
regularly. Since pugs usually have flat faces but have protruding
eyes, it makes them prone to corneal ulcers.

Another piece of information about pug health is that they are
extremely sensitive to weather and are prone to cold. It is best that
they avoid any harsh type of weather, whether hot or cold. When
taking care of pugs and grooming them, they must be dried
completely after to avoid catching a cold.

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