Fall 09 - Training Week 3

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					TNT FALL 09 Week 3 BASE FOCUS: Last week of base building in this section. Your workout intensity will increase in the coming weeks, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. Think about technique and form this week. DAY SWIM BIKE RUN Monday Jun-01 Beginner Intermediate Day Off Advanced Tuesday Jun-02 Beginner Bike 10 Miles Intermediate Bike 15 Miles Advanced Bike 20 Miles Wednesday Jun-03 Beginner Run 2 Miles Intermediate Run 3 Miles Advanced Run 5 Miles Thursday Jun-04 Beginner Coached Swim at SMC Intermediate 7:00 - 7:45 PM or Advanced 7:45 - 8:30 PM Friday Jun-05 Beginner See swim schedule Intermediate See swim schedule Advanced See swim schedule Saturday Jun-06 Beginner Coached Bike, 8:00 AM at Westchester Parkway Intermediate Bike Basics and Flat Tire Clinic Advanced Sunday Jun-07 Beginner Run 30 Min Intermediate Run 35 Min Advanced Run 45 Min Suggested Workouts Bike - The bike should be flat and easy (Z1/Z2). Yes…still flat and easy! Note time and remember your course! Run Beg/Int/Adv: 5 min warm up Z1. Run 2, 3, or 5 miles in high Z2/low Z3. 5 min warm down Z1 Note time and remember your course! Run 30, 35, and 45 min - Keep the run light and easy (Z1/Z2). Z1 - Zone 1 - Warm-up and recovery pace. Talking is easy. Z2 - Zone 2 - Feels like you could "go all day" pace. Conversations shorter, but comfortable. Z3 - Zone 3 - Race Pace. One to two word sentences. Could go 60-90 min.

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