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									Kemp's Case Works, Inc.                                                                                                by John Paul Kemp
Clients PRIME Case Management
Policies & Implementation
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                        100        General Policy Decisions

                                        Is case management for use by Administration or Advocates or both?
                                        Will all cases be entered into Prime? Are there any special cases that shouldn't be entered?
                                        How do we convey the importance of case management to all staff?
                                        How do we involve everyone in the process
                                        What office polices and procedures should be eliminated so computers are just more work?
                                        How do we spread the implementation of all features over time?
                                        How are modifications to be agreed on, e.g., add a funding code, add a special program, etc.
                                        Develop Office policy manual for internal use. Should we distribute one to staff?
                                        What is the policy for modifying pull-downs, e.g., funding codes
                                        How should we use Phelped, Outcome, $ recovery and avoidance?
                                        Appoint two people to administer the System and give them the Responsibility and the Authority

                                        200        Basic Intake
                                                   Mark required fields with an Asterisk
                                                   Which field do WE want to require (versus what the system requires)
                                                   Three Levels of Intake - Where do we begin - Standard or mixed
                                                              Full Intake
                                                   Case Numbers
                                                   Unit Numbers
                                                   Conflict Checking
                                                              Add Usual Conflict Organizations
                                                              Where do you conflict check
                                                              Optional Add Family Members, Contacts, Spouse, Eligibility
                                                              Use of Search for looser search, Billy Bob Jones example
                                                   Case Outcomes
                                                              Multiple Main Benefits Using Special Program
                                                              Recovery, Monthly Recovery, Avoidance, Monthly Avoidance
                                                              Persons Helped

  ABC's of PRIME                                                   Page 1 of 9
                                        Client Lookup
                                        Use Agency Referrals/Handouts screen to track our client handouts
                                        How do we reopen cases?
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                                    Delete Closed Date and make note in case notes?
                                                    Duplicate case and make note in case notes?
                                        Where Do Rejects Go?
                                                    Eligibility or Clients or Both?
                                                    Review the Reject Codes?
                                        Use of LSC Audit to Insure Compliance
                                        Master Case Numbers
                                        Litigation Screen
                                        Special Programs on Client Intake and in V8 on Eligibility
                                        Form Letters
                                                                  Agency Referral Tab
                                                                               New Letter
                                                                               From Existing Work or WordPerfect
                                                    Document Assembly
                                                    Mail Merge
                                                    Paste Addresses
                                                    Modification and Add Policies - Who can add and change?
                                                    What is Office policy for use?
                                                    Types of Letters
                                                                  Informative Letter, e.g., Opening Letter Domestic Violence
                                                                  PBI and Staff
                                                    Use of Add Text and Canned Notes
                                                                  Use of subProgram
                                                                  Upkeep Form For Letterheads
                                                                  Dropping in Graphics
                                                    Custom Label Wizard

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                                                          Use Window Envelopes to Save Time
                                              Use of File Folder Labels
                                              Canned Notes
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                                           Advice to Clients
                                                           Internal Use - Opening and Closing requirements
                                                           Simple Intake System
                                                           Use in form letters
                                                           Proper Use
                                                                      Review with the client what you told them
                                                                      Document what you told them
                                                                      Include in form letter so they have a written copy
                                              Document Tracking
                                                           Associate any documents with a case - photos - PDF's - Word - etc.
                                                           Use to generate Brief Bank
                                                           Search from case
                                                           Search from Search Screen
                                                           Associate Document with Grant
                                              Family Members
                                              Case Notes
                                                           Date Notes
                                                           V8 Continuous Notes
                                                           Search Notes
                                        300   Interview - Intake System
                                              Setup and Use
                                              Who adds Questions?
                                              Who Maintains?
                                              Get from other Programs
                                              Maintain Advice
                                        400   Contacts
                                              Witnesses - Volunteers - Social Workers, etc.
                                              Look at them on the case - Search Screen or Contact Input
                                              Show up multiple times on the Search Screen
                                        500   PBI
                                              PBI Referrals
                                              PBI Time Keeping
                                                           Using PBI Slip when closing cases
                                                           Using PBI Time Slips
                                              PBI Law Firms

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                                              Lawyers Contacts
                                              Lawyers Subjects and Counties
                                              Compensated - Judicare - Contract Attorneys
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                              PBI Group Email Form V8
                                        600   Calendar
                                              Who will Maintain and be responsible?
                                              Calendar Basics
                                                         Letters - Put in Codes under Tickles
                                                         System Maintenance such as purging the tblLog
                                              Calendar Reports
                                                         Today - Outlook
                                                         Calendar Search
                                                         Calendar View Search
                                              Schedule Letters
                                                         Linked to Nat Index Code
                                                         Must be setup
                                              Outlook Policy
                                                         Instead of Outlook
                                                         Used with Outlook
                                              Do you purge records or let them remain as documentation?
                                              Related Calendar button on case
                                        700   To-Do List
                                              Private Schedule
                                              Stored by Staff Number
                                        800   Document Assembly

                                        900   Time Keeping

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                                               Case Related
                                                         Case Related - Eligibility - Callback
                                                         Pro Bono Work
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                               Supporting Activities
                                               Time Reports
                                               Three different Intake sheets
                                               Time of Day Tab
                                               Time Interval 6 or 15 minutes, .1 or .25 hours
                                               Use with Accounting - Vacation, etc.
                                               Closed Case Time Entry, what is your policy
                                               Use Time to track Activity on Case - How often Review
                                               Use of Billable Hours
                                                            Set up different billing rates
                                                            Report Available
                                               ABA Uniform Task Management and Billing Codes
                                               Require all to do their own time entry?
                                               Time on Case button on Intake
                                        1000   Matter Tracking - Non Case Related Work
                                               Non Case related work
                                               However, it can arise out of a case and be entered from one using a button
                                        1100   Search
                                               Search Basics
                                               Use as a Mini Report Writer
                                               Date Calculator
                                               SQL Search
                                               All Phones - All People
                                               Multi Criteria
                                               Record in Use
                                        1200   Reports
                                               Who Runs the Reports
                                               Reports is a term of Art that include Access Queries, Reports and Forms
                                               Frequent Reports - Your custom list on Today
                                               Criteria - QBF Reports
                                               Reports that Prompt for Input
                                               Other Table Reports

  ABC's of PRIME                                               Page 5 of 9
                                               Custom Report Writer
                                               Adding Your Own Reports
                                               Status Reports
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                               Graph Reports
                                               Mapping Using MapPoint
                                               Method to Review, Identify and Use Reports
                                                            Report Manual shows available reports optionals
                                               Use of Access Queries
                                               Use of Access Reports
                                               Cost per Case
                                        1300   Internal Messaging
                                               Setting it to be turned on
                                               Use with cases
                                               Other uses
                                        1400   Fund Raising
                                               Contributor Orgs
                                        1500   Courts and Judges
                                               Allow a report on success rates in front of judges
                                               Used on the Litigation Screen
                                               Use Courts if too many Judges
                                        1600   Grant Tracking - Optional
                                               Prepare Grant
                                               Input Grantor
                                               Input Grant
                                               Budget and Actual Expenses
                                               Tracking Grant Conditions
                                        1700   Agency Referrals
                                               From Intake
                                               From Callback
                                               From Search Screen
                                               Digital Input from Local United Way, CAP, County etc.
                                               Use for ineligible clients
                                               Use by receptionist
                                        1800   Trust Accounts

  ABC's of PRIME                                               Page 6 of 9
                                               Track Trust Accounts
                                               Must be linked to a case
                                               Use to Print Checks
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                               Who has access to use?
                                               Generate NonZero Balance Accounts
                                        1900   Project Management
                                               Manages Staff, Time and Money on a Project
                                               Multiple Cases
                                               Non Case
                                               Use for Gathering Case Information
                                        2000   Mailing Lists

                                        2100   Setup
                                               Eligibility - Assets
                                               Setting up Tables
                                               User Preferences
                                               Adding Staff Members
                                                              Which field to fill out since everyone sees.
                                               Standard Adverse Parties
                                               Set Subjects
                                               Delete Records
                                               Tracking Changes
                                                              SQL Server Transaction Log
                                               Near Duplicates
                                               Generate Technical Doc
                                                              Setup Passwords
                                                              Setup Security (Tab) Levels
                                                              Assign Security Levels
                                                              Use of Views to control what is seen - V8 Feature
                                               Change Tab Passwords
                                        2200   Customization
                                               Tracking changes
                                                              Track your changes
                                                              Excel, Word, Notepad

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                                               Types of Changes
                                                         Self documenting, example tables
Priority   When    Who is Responsible
                                               Make things invisible
                                               Special Programs
                                               Add Fields
                                               Add Reports and Queries
                                               Modify Help
                                                          Tab Help
                                                          Advocates Guide
                                                          Search Help
                                        2300   Training
                                               New Employees
                                               From Kemp's Case Works
                                        2400   Maintenance
                                               Error Checking
                                                          Base Error Report
                                                          Error Queries
                                                          Custom Error Queries
                                                          Near Duplicates
                                                          Use of Check Boxes in SQL version to limit checking
                                               Microsoft Front End (Back end also for Standard Version)
                                                          Compile the Code
                                                          Repair and compact
                                                          Purge transaction log
                                                          Shrink Database
                                                          Reboot Server?
                                                          Off site storage
                                                          Media Used
                                                          Periodic check to make sure it's working

  ABC's of PRIME                                              Page 8 of 9
                 Master Front end, automated distribution
                 Database Adminstrator - Deals with the Technical questions
                 Application Administrator - Deals with the Use of the System

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