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Where are Delinquent Property Tax Sales               should insure they know exactly what they
held?                                                 are intending to purchase prior to the sale.
San Juan County Delinquent Property Tax               If a buyer purchases a property through
sales are conducted at the county                     tax sale, are all other existing liens            What types of payment are accepted at
administration building, 100 South Oliver, Aztec,     against that property extinguished at that        Delinquent Property Tax sales?
NM.                                                   time?
                                                                                                        All payments must be in the form of a cashier’s
                                                      NO!      A sale properly made under the           check, money order, or personal/company
When does the Property Tax Division                   provisions of section 7-38-67 NMSA 1978           check if accompanied by a letter of credit from
conduct Delinquent Property Tax Sales?                constitutes full payment of all delinquent                           the issuing bank. All letters of
There is no set schedule for delinquent property      property taxes, penalties, and interest that                         credit must state that the
tax sales. Auctions are scheduled as title            are a New Mexico State tax lien against the                          bank      will “guarantee
research is completed and all other collection        property at the time of sale.                                        payment” up to a specific
efforts are exhausted in each county. For                                                                                  amount. The letter of credit
information as to when a sale may be                  All pre-existing liens that have a “perfected                        must be presented at the time
conducted in a given county that is not listed on     interest” (the lien was recorded with the         of registration.
our Current Sale Schedule, please contact the         county clerk) in the real property, retain lien   Personal/company checks will not be accepted
Property Tax Division office at (505) 827-0883.       holders interest if the lien was recorded prior   without a proper letter of credit.
                                                      to January 1st of the tax year in which the
                                                      property was sold.                                What happens if a buyer does not pay for a
Where can copies of sale lists be obtained?                                                             piece of property he/she purchased?
A list of the properties to be sold can obtained at
the Property Tax Division office located in Santa                          All pre-existing liens       Any bidder who does not pay within the allotted
Fe, NM. (Property Tax Division does not mail                               that have a “perfected       time after the sale will not be allowed to
out lists). Copies of sale list can also be                                interest” in the real        participate at any future property tax sales. In
obtained from the San Juan County Treasurer’s                              property lose their lien     addition, the bidder will be responsible for all
Office.                                                                    holders interest if the      costs, expenses, and attorney fees expended
                                                                           lien was recorded after      in the collection of uncollected bids.
                                                                           January 1st in which the
How can an interested purchaser bid on                                     property was sold.           Will property at a delinquent tax sale be
property offered at tax sales?                                                                          assessed and taxed based on the amount it
Individuals interested in bidding on property                                                           was purchased for?
must register on the day of the sale.
Registration closes promptly at the start of the      Does the State of New Mexico have a               NO! The purchase price of the property
sale.                                                 Right of Redemption for former owners?            acquired at auction will not be used for valuation
                                                                                                        purposes. The County Assessor has already
Registered participants must be present or be         NO!     The State of New Mexico has no            determined a taxable value on the property
represented by an agent. Upon registration, an        Right of Redemption for former owners.            through the appraisal process.
agent must present a document authorizing him         However, there is a two year period allowed
to act as an agent for the party he will represent.   in which the former owner has the right to        What type of deed does the Property Tax
                                                      challenge the sale through court. The only        Division issue for property purchased at tax
Does the Property Tax Division provide                redemption period in New Mexico is the            sales?
interested purchasers with title information          “120-day Federal IRS redemption
(deeds, mortgages, liens, etc.) prior to a tax        period”     (this means if the federal            The state issues a Quitclaim Deed. The deed
sale?                                                 government has a lien on the property, they       conveys all of the former owner’s interest in the
NO!        It is the sole responsibility of the       may exercise their option as lien holder          real property as of the date the state’s lien for
prospective buyer to locate the property and do       against the property within 120 days of           real property taxes arose. This deed is subject
all title research prior to the sale. All research    sale).                                            only to “perfected interests” in the real property
should be done at the county offices. Buyers                                                            existing before the date the property tax lien

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