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List of Companies That Outsource Their Data Entry Work


List of Companies That Outsource Their Data Entry Work document sample

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                                             Outsource Data Entry Service India

       By Manoj Thakur
       Dated: Jul 10, 2009

       Data entry services are among the many benefits that the IT sector is providing to corporate firms

       Data entry services are among the many benefits that the IT sector is providing to corporate firms
       worldwide. These services often range from simple text data entry to alpha numerical entries requiring
       calculations such as bill processing for clients. To meet the demands for high quality and accurate textual
       and numerical data entry jobs, most outsourcing firms are employing the services of talented operators who
       are skilled in fast keyboard operations and word processing software.

        Often business firms find it difficult to manage their huge data manipulation jobs and are compelled to
       outsource such jobs. In order to meet the deadlines in document entry jobs, the Business Processing
       Outsourcing (BPOs) units that are engaged in providing data entry services are offering their services in a
       fast, competitive and efficient manner. Quality in work is given top priority by these BPOs and to ensure
       this, they utilize the services of proofreaders who always double check the processed data for errors.

        Data entry service providers also provide customized document entry services, suiting the requirements of
       client companies. Common data entry jobs being offered by BPOs include:

        • Online data entry
        • Offline data entry
        • Document processing and management

        Data entry services cover most business and professional activities, including data conversion, document
       and image processing, catalog processing, image enhancement, image editing, and photo manipulation.
       Some examples of data entry services are: data entry from product catalogs to web based systems; data
       entry from hard/soft copy to any database format; insurance claims entry; PDF document indexing; online
       data capture; data entry from images; online order entry and follow up; creation of new databases; and
       updates to existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services and
       service providers; Web-based indexed document retrieval services; tools and support; mailing lists; data
       mining and warehousing; data cleansing; audio transcriptions; legal documents; indexing of vouchers and
       documents; hand written ballot/card entry; online completion of surveys and responses of customers for
       various companies, at call centers etc. The list is obviously endless.

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