The Council of the Town of Dundurn in the Province of Saskatchewan enacts as follows: 1. THAT a Records Retention and Disposal Schedule for the Town of Dundurn, attached hereto as Schedule “A” and forming part of this bylaw, be adopted. 2. THAT the Administrator for the Town of Dundurn is hereby authorized to destroy all applicable documents of the Municipality in accordance with Schedule “A” of this bylaw. 3. THAT the Administrator shall contact the Saskatchewan Archives Board before the destruction of any records mentioned in Section 2 above and ensure that any documents requested by the Board for preservation in the Archives be deposited with the Board.

__________________________ Mayor Deborah Ehmann (S E A L) __________________________ Donna Haug, RMA
Section 82 The Urban Municipality Act, 1984

Introduced and read a first time this 13th day of September 2004. Read a second time this 13th day of September 2004. Read a third time and hereby Adopted this 13th day of September, 2004.
Certified True Copy of Bylaw 14-2004 Adopted by resolution of Council on September 13, 2004 ________________________________ Donna Haug, RMA

SCHEDULE “A” BYLAW 14-2004 Retention Period (in years) Accounting & Finance
Accounts Payable (includes billing, payments, overdue accounts, invoices, receipts, payment vouchers, receipt duplicates, related correspondence) Accounts Receivable (includes receipt records, write offs, invoices, vouchers, related correspondence) Annual Financial Statements Audits and Compliance Reviews (auditor recommendations, reports, etc.) Bank Accounts (includes records related to termination and establishment of bank accounts, deposit slips, cancelled cheques, passbooks, bank statements, reconciliations, deposit books, cheque stubs/duplicates, etc.) Budget (as part of the minutes) Cash Payments and Receipts (includes cash payments books, printouts, cash reports and summaries, vouchers) Debentures/Loans (includes registers, coupons,etc.) Federal/Provincial Remittance Grants (includes applications and supporting documentation) Investment Records Ledgers/Journals (includes general ledgers, subsidiary ledgers, ledger cards, reports, journals, etc.) Local Improvement Rolls Monthly financial Statements Tax Roll/Assessment Roll (includes hard copy of year end print out) Utility Documents (includes water & sewer cards, ledgers, utilities tax roll, etc.) 7

7 Permanent 7 7

Permanent 7

7 yrs. After final payment 7 7 yrs. after completion of project or rejection 7 yrs. after maturity 7 7 yrs. after project completion 7 Permanent 7

Retention Period (in years) Administration
Agreement/Contracts and Supporting Documentation (pertaining to land, buildings, properties, structures, owned by the municipality including construction agreements/contracts, etc.) Agreement/Contracts and Supporting Documentation (not related to land, buildings, property, etc.) Appeals (under the Planning & Development Act, 1983 Celebrations and Events Cemetery Records Change of Ownership Documents Inquiries (under Local Authority Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act) Insurance Policies – Liability Insurance Policies – Property Photographs Records Disposal Documentation Tax Assessment Appeals Tax assessment Records (assessor’s valuation records, reassessment sheets, etc) 10 yrs. after disposition of building, property, or structure 7 yrs, after termination of agreement/contract 7 yrs. after final decision rendered 3 yrs. after concluded Permanent 7 7 Permanent 7 yrs. after termination of policy Permanent Permanent 7 yrs. after final decision rendered 3 yrs. after superseded by new assessment or obsolete 7 yrs. after tax title property sold or property disposed of in any other manner 7 yrs. after settlement 25

Tax Enforcement Records (includes tax lien withdrawals, etc.)

Other Enforcement Records Water Analysis and Reports (may be required if there is a liability claim in the future)

Records Retention (in years) Election
Ballots Disclosure of Holdings Declaration of Agent/Friend Declaration of Polls Deputy Returning Officer Statement of Results Nominations and Receipts Oaths of Office Poll Maps Poll-by-Poll Election Results Returning Officer’s Summary of Results Poll Books Voters’ Registration Forms Ballot Box Contents 60 days 7 60 days 60 days Permanent 60 days Term of Office 60 days 60 days Permanent 60 days 60 days 60 days

Employee Records (includes time sheets, pay records, etc.) 10 yrs. after termination of employment 7

Income Tax (T4’s, TD1, etc.)

Minister’s Orders Claims (includes notices of claim, statements of claim, etc.) Petitions Writs Permanent 10 yrs. after settlement 7 10 yrs. after expiration or completion

Retention Period (in years) Licenses and Permits
Licenses and Permits Issued By the Town Building Permits (includes supporting documentation) after rejection of permit or life of building/structure plus 10 yrs. 25 yrs, after superseded 10 3 yrs. after expiration/ termination or rejection of permit 7 yrs. after termination/ expiration or rejection of license

Development Permits (includes supporting documentation) Development Permits – Denied Other Permits (not related to land, buildings, structures, development projects, etc.) Licenses (includes supporting documentation)

Licenses and Permits Issued To the Town Licenses and Permits (related to land, buildings, structures, properties) Upon rejection of permit /licenses or lifetime of structure, building, property, + 10 yrs. 7 yrs. after expiration/ termination or rejection of license or permit

Licenses and Permits (not related to land, buildings, structures, and development projects)

Maps, Plans, and Surveys
Architect’s Drawings (buildings, park sites, structures, etc.) Municipal Maps and Plans Lifetime of facility/ Structure + 10 yrs. Original or one selected copy to be retained permanently 7 7

Road Surveys Land Survey Certificates/Surveyor’s Reports

Retention Period (in years) Minutes and Bylaws
Council Minutes Repealed Bylaws (includes certifies copies that may be retained in Repealed Bylaw Register) Bylaw Registers (active and repealed) Permanent 7 Permanent

Reports and Statistics
Reports of Boards and Committees established by Council (not forming part of the council minutes) Vital Statistics 7 7


In accordance with the Records Retention and Disposal Guide (For Rural and Urban Municipalities), July 2004

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