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Business Letters in English
Business letters are formal paper communications between, to or from businesses
and usually sent through the Post Office or sometimes by courier. Business
letters are sometimes called "snail-mail" (in contrast to email which is faster).
This lesson concentrates on business letters but also looks at other business
correspondence. It includes:

      letter
      memo
      fax
      email

Who writes Business Letters?

Most people who have an occupation have to write business letters. Some write
many letters each day and others only write a few letters over the course of a
career. Business people also read letters on a daily basis. Letters are written
from a person/group, known as the sender to a person/group, known in business
as the recipient. Here are some examples of senders and recipients:

      business «» business
      business «» consumer
      job applicant «» company
      citizen «» government official
      employer «» employee
      staff member «» staff member


There are many reasons why you may need to write business letters or other

      to persuade
      to inform
      to request
      to express thanks
      to remind
      to recommend
      to apologize
      to congratulate
      to reject a proposal or offer
      to introduce a person or policy
      to invite or welcome
      to follow up
      to formalize decisions

Business Letter Vocabulary
Attachment          extra document or image that is added to an email

                    most common business letter format, single spaced, all
Block format
                    paragraphs begin at the left margin

                    the content of the letter; between the salutation and

                    small dark dots used to set off items in an unnumbered

                    important letters that sender pays extra postage for in
Certified mail
                    order to receive a notice of receipt

Coherent            logical; easy to understand

Concise             gets to the point quickly


                    demonstrating consideration and kindness

Direct mail, junk
                  marketing letters addressed to a large audience

Double space        format where one blank line is left between lines of text

Enclosure           extra document or image included with a letter

                    uses set formatting and business language, opposite of

Format              the set up or organization of a document

                    a word or phrase that indicates what the text below will
                    be about

Indent              extra spaces (usually 5) at the beginning of a paragraph

Informal            casual

Inside address      recipient's mailing information

Justified margins   straight and even text, always begins at the same place

                    specialized paper with a (company) logo or name printed at the

Logo                  symbol or image that identifies a specific organization

Margin                a blank space that borders the edge of the text

Memorandum            document sent within a company (internal), presented in
(memo)                short form

Modified      block left justified as block format, but date and closing are
format              centered

                      notice to recipient that appears on an envelope (e.g.
On arrival notation

Postage               the cost of sending a letter through the Post Office

Proofread             read through a finished document to check for mistakes

                      marks used within or after sentences and phrases (e.g.
                      periods, commas)

Reader-friendly       easy to read

Recipient             the person who receives the letter

                      format in which text on the right side of the document
Right ragged
                      ends at slightly different points (not justified)

Salutation            greeting in a letter (e.g. "Dear Mr Jones")

Sensitive             content in a letter that may cause the receiver to feel
information           upset

Semi-block format paragraphs are indented, not left-justified

Sincerely             term used before a name when formally closing a letter

                      format where no blanks lines are left in-between lines of
Single spaced

Spacing               blank area between words or lines of text

Tone                  the feeling of the language (e.g. serious, enthusiastic)

                      words or phrases used to make a letter flow naturally (e.g.
                      "furthermore", "on the other hand")

Business Letter Formats
There are certain standards for formatting a business letter, though some
variations are acceptable (for example between European and North American
business letters). Here are some basic guidelines:

      Use A4 (European) or 8½ X 11 inch (North American) paper or letterhead
      Use 2.5 cm or 1 inch margins on all four sides
      Use a simple font such as Times New Roman or Arial
      Use 10 to 12 point font
      Use a comma after the salutation (Dear Mr Bond,)
      Lay out the letter so that it fits the paper appropriately
      Single space within paragraphs
      Double space between paragraphs
      Double space between last sentence and closing (Sincerely, Best wishes)
      Leave three to fives spaces for a handwritten signature
      cc: (meaning "copies to") comes after the typed name (if necessary)
      enc: (meaning "enclosure") comes next (if necessary)
      Fold in three (horizontally) before placing in the envelope
      Use right ragged formatting (not justified on right side)

Formatting Business Letters

Block format is the most common format used in business today. With this
format, nothing is centred. The sender's address, the recipient's address, the date
and all new paragraphs begin at the left margin, like this:

Wicked Wax Co. Ltd                          « SENDER'S ADDRESS« SENDER'S
22 Charlton Way                             ADDRESS
London, SE10 8QY                            « may be printed company logo and

5th December, 2006                          « DATE

Ms. Maggie Jones
Angel Cosmetics Inc.                        « RECIPIENT'S ADDRESS
110 East 25th Street
New York, NY, 10021

Your ref: 123                               «RECIPIENT'S REFERENCE (IF ANY)

Our ref: abc                                « SENDER'S REFERENCE (IF ANY)

Dear Ms. Jones,                             « SALUTATION

Forthcoming Exhibition                      « SUBJECT

First paragraph...

Second paragraph...                         « BODY OF LETTER

Third paragraph...

Sincerely,                                  «CLOSING

Morris Howard                               «SIGNATURE (HAND-WRITTEN)

Morris Howard, President                    « NAME, TITLE (TYPED)

cc: Brian Waldorf                           « COPY TO

Enc: catalogue                              « ENCLOSURE

This are other, slightly different ways of formatting a business letter, where for
example paragraphs are indented or the date is typed on the right hand side. You
can see examples of these in the sample letters.

Formatting Envelopes for Business Letters

It is best to type an envelope for a business letter. Most word document programs
contain an envelope labelling function to help you. All you need to do is indicate
the size of envelope you are using and type the correct information in the
appropriate fields, for example:

Sending company's name and address
is sometimes printed here                                           Postage

                Ms. Maggie Jones
                Angel Cosmetics Inc.
                110 East 25th Street
                New York
                NY 10021

Formatting Business Memos

Memos are short internal business letters, sent to other staff within the same
company. A memo (or memorandum) may also be posted some where inside a
company for all to see. Memos are becoming less common as electronic mail
becomes more common. In contrast to letters, memos do not usually contain
salutations or closings, and may be typed or hand-written. The text portion of the
memo is generally in block format. Memos should include "From", "To", "Date",
"Subject" and the message itself, like this:

                                   [Company logo]


From: [name or initials]
To: [name or initials]
Subject: [short description]

Message starts here...

      often
      with
      bullet
      points

Formatting Business Email

When using email in business, most of the guidelines for standard formatting in
business letters apply. Here are a few differences:

      Choose a subject line that is simple and straightforward. Refrain from
       using key words that might cause an email to go into another person's
       trash box.
      Repeat the subject line in the body of the email, beneath the salutation (as
       with a letter).
      Use the "cc" address line to copy more than one person with your
      You can request a receipt for important letters. The system will
       automatically let you know when someone has opened your email.
      Instead of a signature, include your typed name, and below it include your
       email address, business name and address, phone and fax number, and
       website if appropriate.
      Remember that people often print out emails, so your own email address
       and the subject line would be lost if you had not included them in the body
       of the email.
      Internal electronic mail may be formatted more like a memo than a formal

Planning a Business Letter
A business letter is not a place for chit-chat. Unlike business conversations where
a certain amount of small talk is used to break the ice, a business letter should be
clear and concise. By taking time to plan your letter, you will save time in the
writing and proofreading stages. During the planning stage, ask yourself a few
simple questions. Jot down your answers to create an outline before you start

Who am I writing this letter to?

Identifying your audience always comes first. Are you writing to more than one
person, to someone you don't know, or to someone you have known for a long
time? This will help you determine how formal the letter needs to be. You may
need to introduce yourself briefly in the letter if the recipient does not know you.
You may also need to find out the updated address and title of the recipient. This
is a good time to confirm the correct spelling of first and last names.

Why am I writing this letter?

The main reason for the letter should be understood from the subject line and
first few sentences. You may cover more than one thing in one business letter,
but there will almost always be a general reason for the letter. Identify your
main goal and what you hope to accomplish.

Are there specific details I need to include?

Gather any dates, addresses, names, prices, times or other information that you
may need to include before you write your letter. Double check details rather
than relying on your memory.

Do I require a response?

Many types of business letter require a response. Others are written in response
to a letter that has been received. Before you start writing, determine whether or
not you require an action or response from the recipient. Your request or
requirement should be very clear. In some cases you may even need to provide a
deadline for a response. If you do require a response, how should the recipient
contact you? Indicate this information clearly as well. You may want to provide
more than one option, such as an email address and a phone number.

How can I organize my points logically?

Think about how you would organize your thoughts if you were speaking rather
than writing to the recipient. First you would introduce yourself. Second you
would state your concern or reason for writing. After the main content of your
letter you would include information on how you can be contacted. The end of the
letter is also a place to express gratitude, wish good-luck, or offer sympathy. Here
is an example outline:


      Karen Jacobson
      Acquaintance (met twice before, briefly)
      Title: President, The Flying Club
      Address: 44 Windermere Drive, Waterloo, Ontario L1B 2C5


      To invite a board member to remain on the board for a second term.
      Other members suggested that she has enjoyed this position and has been
       thinking about staying on.
      No other volunteers have come forward to take over at the end of


      If she decides to stay on she will need to be available for the national
       meeting on 5 November.
      Board members who stay for two terms are sometimes asked to take on
       extra duties, such as taking minutes or hosting social events.


      She will need to respond by 1 September.
      She can contact me by email or phone.


      Return address of our institution
      Karen Jacobson's title and address
      Salutation: Dear Ms. Jacobson
      First paragraph: Introduce myself briefly--remind Karen where we met
       before. Provide my reason for writing: "I have heard from a number of
       board members that you may be interested in staying on for a second term.
       We would be very pleased to have you stay on for another year."
      Second paragraph: Explain what type of commitment this position will
       involve this year (once a month meetings, national meeting, plus possible
       extra duties)
      Third Paragraph: Provide deadline for response and how to contact me.
      Closing: Express thanks to Karen for volunteering her time this year .

Writing a Business Letter
The term "business letter" makes people nervous. Many people with English as a
second language worry that their writing is not advanced enough for business
writing. This is not the case. An effective letter in business uses short, simple
sentences and straightforward vocabulary. The easier a letter is to read, the
better. You will need to use smooth transitions so that your sentences do not
appear too choppy.


First and foremost, make sure that you spell the recipient's name correctly. You
should also confirm the gender and proper title. Use Ms. for women and Mr. for
men. Use Mrs. if you are 100% sure that a woman is married. Under less formal
circumstances, or after a long period of correspondence it may be acceptable to

address a person by his or her first name. When you don't know the name of a
person and cannot find this information out you may write, "To Whom It May
Concern". It is standard to use a comma (colon in North America) after the
salutation. It is also possible to use no punctuation mark at all. Here are some
common ways to address the recipient:

      Dear Mr Powell,
      Dear Ms Mackenzie,
      Dear Frederick Hanson,
      Dear Editor-in-Chief,
      Dear Valued Customer,
      Dear Sir or Madam,
      Dear Madam,
      Dear Sir,
      Dear Sirs,
      Gentlemen,

First paragraph

In most types of business letter it is common to use a friendly greeting in the first
sentence of the letter. Here are some examples:

      I hope you are enjoying a fine summer.
      Thank you for your kind letter of January 5th.
      I came across an ad for your company in The Star today.
      It was a pleasure meeting you at the conference this month.
      I appreciate your patience in waiting for a response.

After your short opening, state the main point of your letter in one or two

      I'm writing to enquire about...
      I'm interested in the job opening posted on your company website.
      We'd like to invite you to a members only luncheon on April 5th.

Second and third paragraphs

Use a few short paragraphs to go into greater detail about your main point. If one
paragraph is all you need, don't write an extra paragraph just to make your letter
look longer. If you are including sensitive material, such as rejecting an offer or
informing an employee of a layoff period, embed this sentence in the second
paragraph rather than opening with it. Here are some common ways to express
unpleasant facts:

      We regret to inform you...
      It is with great sadness that we...
      After careful consideration we have decided...

Final paragraph

Your last paragraph should include requests, reminders, and notes on enclosures.
If necessary, your contact information should also be in this paragraph. Here are
some common phrases used when closing a business letter:

      I look forward to...
      Please respond at your earliest convenience.
      I should also remind you that the next board meeting is on February 5th.
      For futher details...
      If you require more information...
      Thank you for taking this into consideration.
      I appreciate any feedback you may have.
      Enclosed you will find...
      Feel free to contact me by phone or email.


Here are some common ways to close a letter. Use a comma between the closing
and your handwritten name (or typed in an email). If you do not use a comma or
colon in your salutation, leave out the comma after the closing phrase:

      Yours truly,
      Yours sincerely,
      Sincerely,
      Sincerely yours
      Thank you,
      Best wishes
      All the best,
      Best of luck
      Warm regards,

Writing Tips

      Use a conversational tone.
      Ask direct questions.
      Double-check gender and spelling of names.
      Use active voice whenever possible.
      Use polite modals ( would in favour of will).
      Always refer to yourself as "I".
      Don't use "we" unless it is clear exactly who the pronoun refers to.
      Rewrite any sentence or request that sounds vague.
      Don't forget to include the date. Day-Month-Year is conventional in many
       countries; however, to avoid confusion, write out the month instead of
       using numbers (e.g. July 5th, 2007)

Proofreading a Business Letter
"Proofread" means to read a text carefully to check it for errors and general tone.
You should always proofread a business letter before sending it.
The most important thing when proofreading any document is to read the text
out loud. Print the letter rather than read it on your computer screen. Make
notes where your letter sounds awkward. If possible allow one day between
writing and sending your letter. You are more likely to spot any typos or other
errors with a fresh eye. (If you have to respond to an important email on the
same day, write it in the morning and proofread it after lunch.) Use a spell-check
function on your computer program if possible. Computer programs are useful for
pointing out passive sentences, subject-verb agreement problems etc. However,
be careful when using grammar-check programs. Sometimes they will highlight a
phrase that is not actually an error. If you are in doubt, try to simplify the
sentence by using a sentence structure that you are more comfortable with.
If possible, ask another person to double-check your letter. You could offer to
return the favour for your colleague and become proofreading partners. You can
even use standard proofreading marks to make it easier to explain necessary
changes. Type "proofreading marks" into an internet search engine, and send the
list to your fellow proofreader.


   1. Did you read the letter out loud?
   2. Did you allow some time to pass after writing the letter before
       proofreading it?
   3. Are your requests, needs, concerns clear?
   4. Are there any long sentences that need to be broken into two?
   5. Do you use we incorrectly?
   6. Do all questions contain a question mark?
   7. Did you include the date?
   8. Did you spell the recipient's name correctly?
   9. Have you used a standard business format (e.g. block)?
   10. Have you used passive sentences that could be changed to active ones?
   11. Have you used standard spelling? (e.g. British English or American
   12. If it is an important letter (e.g. a cover letter for a resume), did someone
       else read it for you?

Sample Business Letters
Here is a selection of sample business letters and other correspondence that you
can copy and modify as you wish.
Letter Requesting Information

How to ask somebody to send you information.

Letter Sending Information

What to say when you send information.

Letter Changing Information

When a person or company changes important information, such as an address,
price, or date, it is necessary to send valued customers a letter with the new
information. This letter informs customers of a change in price.

Resume or CV

A resume (AmE) or CV (BrE) is usually requested by a prospective employer as a
record of your qualifications and professional experience. CV stands for the Latin
words "curriculum vitae", meaning "the course of one's life".

Covering Letter for Resume or CV

It is usual to send a covering letter (BrE) or cover letter (AmE) with your
resume/CV when applying for a job.

Letter of Reference

Companies and other organizations often ask for a letter of reference. This is a
character reference written by someone such as an ex-employer who knows the
subject personally.

Letter of Resignation

Though it is not necessary to give a reason, it is standard business procedure to send
written notice informing your employer that you are planning to quit your job.

Lay-off Notice

Companies and other organizations are usually required by law to present a written
notice to employees informing them of a lay-off. This letter usually cites reasons for
the lay-off, and acts as a formal apology. Employee rights may be included.

Letter of Invitation

It is often necessary in business to send an invitation to a person or group
requesting their attendance at a special event.

Letter of Request for Payment

Sometimes it is necessary to remind customers that they owe you money!

Internal Memo or Memorandum

Memos are sometimes used internally to inform an entire company or
department of something. This is an example of a memo referring to a staff
Christmas party.

Welcome Email

It is a common business practice to welcome new staff members to a company.
This is usually an informal note expressing best wishes and may contain contact
information. Companies may also send welcome letters to other companies that
move into a shared office building, or to visiting guest speakers and business

Business Correspondence Glossary

The letters above contain useful vocabulary you may want to use in your own
business correspondence. If you decide to copy and modify any of these letters for
your own personal use, make sure that you are choosing the correct words. This
glossary offers simple definitions of the vocabulary used in these samples.

Requesting Information

                        Dreamtime Movies Universal Ltd
                          54 Oxford Road, Skagnes SK3 4RG
                        Tel: 0223 123 4567 Fax: 0223 765 432 1
                        Email: info@ dreamtimem


Lingua Services Galactic Ltd
69 Milk Street

Dear Sirs

Translation Brochure

I should be grateful if you would send us your brochure and price list about your
translation services.

We are currently developing our sales literature and web sites and are interested in
translating these into five languages apart from English.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully

Andrea Philips

Andrea Philips

Marketing Manager

  Sending Information

                                     Lingua     Services     Galactic     Ltd
                                     69 Milk Street, LONDON SW7 6AW, UK
                                     Tel: +44 20 123 4567 Fax: +44 20 765 4321


Ms Andrea Philips
Dreamtime Movies Universal Ltd
54 Oxford Road

Dear Ms Philips

Translation Services & Fees

Thank you for your letter of 22 January enquiring about our translation

Lingua Services Galactic offer a full range of translation services to help
you in the development of sales literature and web sites. I have pleasure
in enclosing our latest brochures and price list from which you can see
that our prices are highly competitive.

I look forward to calling you in a few days.

Yours sincerely

James Brown

James Brown
Sales Manager

Enc: 3.

 Price Change Notice

Symphony of Sound
12 Main Street, Arrington, Tennessee, 37014
Tel: (615) 395-8765

November 21st, 20--

Alicia Hathoway
14 Sparks Rd
Arrington, Tennessee, 37014

Dear Ms. Hathoway:

Forthcoming Price Change

Season tickets for this year's symphony are going on sale next month and we wanted
you to be among the first to know.

As you probably know, rental prices have skyrocketed throughout Tennessee this year.
Due to our increase in rent at the Arrington Forum, we are finding it necessary to raise
the price of our season tickets from $228 to $275. Single viewing tickets will also be
subject to a price increase.

We hope that you will consider purchasing season tickets for next year despite this
change. The Arrington Symphony has been together for 23 years, and relies on season-
ticket holders to fill 25% of the seating at each event. Without your support the
Arrington Symphony could be forced into retirement before its 25th anniversary.

To purchase tickets for the 20-- season, please visit our website at, or call the ticket agent representative at (615) 395-8750.

We look forward to having you in our audience again next year.

Yours truly,

Colin Fairchild

Colin Fairchild
Promotional Director

Some useful vocabulary: skyrocketed, support, retirement

Sample Resume/CV
                             Thomas Crown
Seeking an International Sales Management position in Information Technology where
my extensive sales experience will be used to the full.

2003-present       Intelel Inc     London, UK

National Sales Manager
   Increased sales from £60 million to £100 million.
   Implemented Internet sales grossing £25 million.
   Doubled sales per representative from £5 to £10 million.

2001-2003          Teletrona Systems Edinburgh, UK

Northern Sales Manager
   Increased regional sales from £95m to £200m.
   Suggested new services adding £35m to revenue.
   Expanded sales team from 30 to 60 representatives.

1996-2000           ESS Holdings              Cambridge, UK

Senior Sales Representative
    Increased sales by 300% annually.
    Closed deals with 100 major new accounts.
    Won over 25 competitor clients - adding £50 million to revenue.

1992-96         London University              London, UK
    BA, Business Administration & Information Systems
    Captain of University Rugby Club

1988-92           St Andrew's School                      Plymouth, UK
    4 GCE 'A' Levels
    President of school's Drama Society

St Andrew's Board of Governors, rugby, drama, chess

                              17 King's Terrace, Richmond, Surrey, UK
                              Tel: +44 181 123 456 Email:

Covering Letter for Resume or CV

                                                       26 rue Washington
                                                             75008 PARIS
                                                    tel: +33 1 77 77 77 77


      The Principal
      Interplay Languages
      77 bd Saint Germain
      75006 PARIS

      Dear Madam

      Director of Studies

      I am interested in working as Director of Studies for your
      organisation. I am an EFL language instructor with nearly 10 years'
      experience to offer you. I enclose my resume as a first step in
      exploring the possibilities of employment with Interplay Languages.

      My most recent experience was implementing English Through
      Drama workshops for use with corporate clients. I was responsible for
      the overall pedagogical content, including the student coursebook. In
      addition, I developed the first draft of the teacher's handbook.

      As Director of Studies with your organisation, I would bring a focus
      on quality and effectiveness to your syllabus design. Furthermore,
      I work well with others, and I am experienced in course planning.

      I would appreciate your keeping this enquiry confidential. I will
      call you in a few days to arrange an interview at a time convenient
      to you. Thank you for your consideration.

      Yours faithfully

      Rachel King
      Rachel King

Letter of Reference
                             A.N.Y. Company Ltd
                        69 Any Street, Anyville, Anystate
                                Tel: 0123456789


To Whom It May Concern:

Reference for Mr James Blond

James Blond joined the A.N.Y. Company in July 1998. Since then he has proved
to be a most reliable and effective member of the sales team.

James is professional and efficient in his approach to work and very well-liked by
his colleagues and executive clients. He is well-presented and able to work both
independently and as part of a team.

His contribution to all areas of company activity in which he has been involved
have been much appreciated.

I believe that James will make a valuable addition to any organization that he
may join. We deeply regret his decision to move on and I recommend him without

I would gladly answer any request for further information.


Penny Farthing
Penny Farthing
Managing Director


Some useful vocabulary: approach, attitude, conscientous, contribution,
dependable, effective, efficient, hard-working, highly-skilled, initiative,
professional, punctual, reliable, respected, supportive, versatile, well-liked.

Resignation Letter

                                22 Tufton Street
                               London, SW1P 3TL
                               Tel: 020 7593 1760

November 1st, 2007

Josie Waters
Fielders Pharmacy
14 Broadway
London, SE1 7DG

Dear Mrs. Waters,

I am writing to provide formal notice of my resignation from Fielders Pharmacy.
My last day will be November 14th, 2006.

I trust that two weeks is sufficient notice for you to find a replacement for my
position. I would be pleased to help train the individual you choose to take my

Thank you for employing me for the past three years. My experience as clerk,
supervisor, and floor manager has been very positive and I'm confident that I will
use many of the skills I have learned at Fielders in the future.

If you have any concerns, please contact me at my personal email address.

All the best,

Annie Wright
Annie Wright


Some useful vocabulary: formal, notice, resignation, sufficient, replacement,
confident, concerns

Lay-off Letter

                                  Pino's Pizzeria
                                   Viale Silvani
                             10, 2345 Bologna, Italy
                                 Tel:051 520799

November 30th, 20--

Joanne Montague
Via Belmeloro 18
40123 Bologna

Dear Ms Montague,

As you are probably aware, the recent smoking ban has had a profound impact on
our business. Our sales have dropped 40 percent in the last six months. Though
we do not expect this to be a long-term concern for our business, we don't expect
sales to return to normal until the summer when our patio opens for the tourist

Due to the loss in business we regret to inform you that we are laying-off all of
our hosts and hostesses for the winter and spring. With business being so slow
our servers can handle the task of greeting and seating customers on their own.

You are entitled to two week's severence pay, which will be paid in full on your
next paycheck. Please come in for any scheduled shifts next week.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication at Pino's Pizzaria. Please apply
again for our next summer season.


 Franco Bellini
Franco                                                                    Bellini


Some useful vocabulary: profound, impact, dropped, regret, lay-off, severance,

Letter of Invitation
                                    PJ Party
                       22 Yew Street, Cambridge, Ontario
                               Tel: 416-223-8900

April 7th, 20--

Dear Valued Customer:

Our records show that you have been a customer of PJ Party Inc. since our grand
opening last year. We would like to thank you for your business by inviting you to
our preferred customer Spring Extravaganza this Saturday.

Saturday's sales event is by invitation only. All of our stock, including pajamas
and bedding will be marked down from 50 -80% off.* Doors open at 9:00 AM
sharp. Complimentary coffee and donuts will be served. Public admission will
commence at noon.

In addition, please accept the enclosed $10 gift certificate to use with your
purchase of $75 or more.

We look forward to seeing you at PJ's on Saturday. Please bring this invitation
with you and present it at the door.


 Linda Lane
Linda Lane
Store Manager

*All sales are final. No exchanges.

Enclosure: Gift Certificate #345 (not redeemable for cash)


Some useful vocabulary: records, preferred customer, extravaganza, by invitation
only, stock, sharp, complimentary, commence, present, look forward to.

Payment Request
                             Sampson's Stationary
                              30 Silverstone Ave
                                Kamloops, BC
                                   V2A 8B1

February 21st, 20--

Mr. Ken Davis
Hanson's Montessori School
15 Main St.
Kamloops, BC
V2A 7B5

Our ref: #223

Dear Mr. Davis:

Outstanding Invoice

Our records show that you have an outstanding balance dating back to January,
200-. Your January invoice was for $445.00 and we have yet to receive this
payment. Please find a copy of the invoice enclosed.

If this amount has already been paid, please disregard this notice. Otherwise,
please forward us the amount owed in full by March 1st, 20--. As our contract
indicates, we begin charging 5% interest for any outstanding balances after 30

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. We hope to continue doing business
with you in the future.


 Maria McPhee
Maria McPhee

Enclosure: Invoice #223


Some useful vocabulary: records, outstanding balance, invoice, enclosed,
disregard, indicates, cooperation

Internal Memo
                     CHOCOLATE HEAVEN EMPORIUM


TO: All Staff
FROM: Management T.C.
DATE: November 9th, 20--

It's that time of year again. As you all know, Christmas is our busiest season of
the year. Every year it is a struggle for management and supervisors to find the
time and energy to organize a staff Christmas party. This year, we have decided
to postpone the Christmas party until after our busy season.

Party Details

      Date: Second or third Saturday in January (T.B.A)
      Theme: Beach
      Food: Caribbean
      Special events: Karaoke and belly dancing

We apologize that the celebration will have to wait until the new year, but we
guarantee that it will be worth the wait. Anyone interested in volunteering to
help out with the event is encouraged to call Lucy, our events coordinator. Lucy's
cell phone number is 222-3098. Please contact Lucy outside of business hours
regarding this matter.
Thank you.

Some useful vocabulary: struggle, postpone, T.B.A., apologize, guarantee,
encouraged, coordinator, regarding

Welcome Email to New Staff Member
To: "Adrienne Moore" <>
Cc: All Staff
From: "Jackie Morris" <>
Subject: Welcome to our Team!

Dear Adrienne,

Welcome to our Team!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the staff of KC Electronics. We are excited to
have you join our team, and we hope that you will enjoy working with our

On the first Monday of each month we hold a special staff lunch to welcome any
new employees. Please be sure to come next week to meet all of our senior staff
and any other new staff members who have joined us this month. Alice Peters
will e-mail you with further details.

If you have any questions during your training period, please do not hesitate to
contact me. You can reach me at my email address or on my office line at 340-

Warm regards,

Jackie Morris, Sales Manager
Tel: 340-2222


Some useful vocabulary: pleasure, welcome, senior staff, do not hesitate, reach me.

Business Correspondence Glossary
Apologize - verb               say "sorry"

Approach - noun                method or style of doing something

Attitude - noun                outlook on life

by invitation only             only those who are asked to come will be allowed in

Commence - verb                start

Complimentary              -

Concerns - noun                problems, issues

Confidential - adjective       private

Conscientious- adjective       cares about quality of work

Contribution - noun            individual effort or support in a group

Convenient - adjective         suitable, favourable, makes life easy

Cooperation - noun             the act of working together

Coordinator - noun             person who organizes something

Dedication - noun              a lot of effort put into something

Dependable- adjective          can be trusted

Disregard- verb                ignore, pay no attention to

do not hesitate - phrase       don't wait

Dropped - verb                 fell to a lower amount

Effective - adjective          produces a positive response

Efficient - adjective          performs well

Enclosed - adjective           included inside

Encouraged - verb              persuaded or inspired

Enquire (BrE) - Inquire
                               looking for information
(AmE) - verb

Extravaganza - noun            exciting and rare event

Formal - adjective        following set requirements

Grateful - adjective      thankful

Guarantee - verb          promise

Impact - noun             effect

Indicates - verb          shows

Invoice - noun            document detailing purchases and money owed

Latest - adjective        most modern

                          take a job away from an employee (when employee is
lay-off - verb
                          not at fault)

Notice - noun             document that indicates a change or event

outstanding balance
                          money still owed
adjective + noun

Pleasure - noun           enjoyment

Postpone - verb           delay until later

preferred customer
                          buyer who comes back often
participle + noun

Present - verb            award something to someone

Professional- adjective   exhibits suitable behaviour on the job

Profound - adjective      deep

Punctual - noun           always on time

reach me - verb           find and talk to me

Records - noun            files that keep track of business matters

Regarding - verb          being about

Regret - verb             feel bad

Reliable - adj            dependable

Replacement - noun        someone who fills the position of another

                          a person who acts on behalf of another person,
Representative - noun
                          company, policy...

Resignation - noun    the act of leaving a job position

Respected - adj       considered good and honest

                      a permanent leave from the workplace (usually due to
Retirement - noun

senior staff          employees who hold high positions or have been
adj. + noun           working at the same place for a long time

Severance - noun      money paid to make up for a separation

Sharp - adverb        exactly (in reference to time)

Skyrocketed - verb    went up higher very quickly

Stock - noun          share in ownership

Struggle - verb       work at with difficulty

Sufficient - adj      enough

Support - noun        financial help

T.B.A                 To Be Announced

Versatile - adj       with a variety of skills and abilities

Welcome - adjective   (happily) permitted to do something

English for Hotel Staff
Working in the hotel industry you will come across many types of travellers.
Some will be business guests, others will be tourists and visitors. Many will
speak a different language other than your own. Chances are, plenty of your
guests will speak English. Do you know how to speak politely to a guest in
English? Can you understand their requests and serve them accordingly?
Whether your job is to take reservations or clean the hotel rooms, these pages can
help you learn important words and expressions to use on the job in the hotel
industry. Read and listen to the lessons. Then take the quizzes to test your
part of speech       Meaning                        Example sentence
adjoining     rooms two hotel rooms with a door If you want we can book your
noun                in the centre               parents in an adjoining room.
amenities            local facilities such as stores We are located downtown, so
noun                 and restaurants                 we are close to all of the
attractions          things for tourists to see and The zoo is our city's most
noun                 do                             popular attraction for kids.

baggage              bags and suitcases packed If you need help with your
noun                 with personal belongings  baggage we have a cart you
                                               can use.
Bed              and a home that offers a place to I can book you into a
Breakfast            stay and a place to eat       beautiful Bed and Breakfast
noun                                               on the lake.
bellboy              a staff member who helps The bellboy will take your
noun                 guests with their luggage bags to your room for you.
book                 arrange to stay in a hotel     I can book your family in for
verb                                                the weekend of the seventh.
booked               full, no vacancies             I'm afraid the hotel is booked
adj                                                 tonight.
brochures            small booklets that provide Feel free to take some
noun                 information on the local sites brochures to your room to
                     and attractions                look at.
check-in             go to the front desk to receive You can check-in anytime
verb                 keys                            after four o'clock.

check-out            return the keys and pay for Please return your parking
noun                 the bill                    pass when you check-out.

complimentary       free of charge                  All of our rooms          have
breakfast                                           complimentary             soap,
noun                                                shampoo, and coffee.
cot, rollaway bed   a single bed on wheels that If you need an extra bed, we
noun                folds up                    have cots available.

damage charge       money a guest owes for We will have to add a
noun                repairs to hotel property damage charge for the hole
                    (when caused by violent or you put in the wall.
                    careless acts)

deposit             amount paid ahead of time to You will not receive your
noun                secure a reservation         deposit back if you cancel.
double bed          a bed large enough for two They are a family of four, so
noun                people                     give them a room with two
                                               double beds.
floor               a level of the building         The swimming pool is on the
noun                                                main floor.
front desk,         the place where guests go to Towels are available at the
reception           check in and out and to get front desk.
noun                information
guest               a person that is staying at the Our washrooms       are     for
noun                hotel                           guests only.
hostel              a very inexpensive place for In the hostel you probably
noun                backbackers and travelers on won't get your own room.
                    a budget
hotel manager       person in charge at the hotel   I'll let you make         your
noun                                                complaint to  the         hotel
housekeeping,       staff members that clean the Put a sign on the door if you
maid noun           rooms and linen              want housekeeping to come
                                                 in and change the sheets on
                                                 the bed.
ice machine         a machine that automatically There is an ice machine by
noun                makes ice that guests can use the elevator on all of the even
                    to keep drinks cold           numbered floors.

indoor pool         place for guests      to   swim The heated indoor pool is
noun                inside the hotel                open until 10 pm.
inn                 another word for "hotel"        There's an inn on the other
noun                                                side of town that has a

Jacuzzi, hot tub,   a small hot pool for relaxation Our honeymoon room has a

whirl pool                                        personal hot tub.
king-size bed    extra large bed                  A room with a king size bed
noun                                              costs an extra ten dollars a

kitchenette      a small fridge and cooking Your room has a kitchenette
noun             area                       so you can prepare your own
                                            breakfasts and lunches.
late charge      a fee for staying past the You will be charged a ten
noun             check-out time             dollar   late    charge   for
                                            checking out after 11 am.
linen            sheets, blankets, pillow cases   We will come in and change
noun                                              the linens while you are out
                                                  of your room.
lobby            large open area at the front of You can stand in the lobby
noun             the hotel                       and wait for your bus.
luggage cart     a device on wheels that Please return the luggage
noun             guests can push their luggage cart to the lobby when you
                 on                            are finshed with it.
maximum          the most amount of people The maximum capacity in
capacity         allowed                   the hot tub is ten people.
motels           accommodations that are Our motel is very clean and
noun             slightly cheaper than hotels is close to the beach.
noisy            loud                             The guests next to you have
adj                                               complained that you are
                                                  being too noisy.
parking pass     a piece of paper that guests Display this parking pass in
noun             display in the car window your window to show that
                 while in the hotel parking lot you are a hotel guest.

pay-per-view     extra charge for movies and If you order a pay-per-view
movie            special television features movie, the charge will appear
noun                                         on your bill.
pillow case      the covering that goes over a Room 201 doesn't need their
noun             pillow                        sheets changed, but they
                                               requested one new pillow
queen size bed   bed with plenty of space for They have a queen size bed
noun             two people (bigger than a so the small child can eaily
                 double)                      fit in the middle.

rate                 cost of renting a room for a Our rates change depending
noun                 certain time period          on the season.
reservation          a request to save a specific They say they made a
noun                 room for a future date       reservation but it doesn't
                                                  show on the computer.

room service         delivery of food or other If you would like a bottle of
noun                 services requested by guests wine, just call room service.
sauna                a hot room for relaxation, We      don't   recommend
noun                 filled with steam          bringing young children into
                                                the sauna.
single bed           a bed for one person         The economy priced room
noun                                              includes one single bed.
sofa bed, pull-out   a bed built into a sofa or The room contains a sofa bed
couch                couch                      so the room actually sleeps
noun                                            five.
towels               used to cover and dry the You can get your swimming
noun                 body after swimming or pool towels at the front desk.
vacancy              available rooms              We only have one vacancy
noun                                              left, and it is for a single
vacant                                            room.
valet                staff that parks the guests' If you leave your car keys
noun                 vehicles                     with us, the valet will park
                                                  your car underground.
vending machine      a machine that distributes The vending machine on the
noun                 snacks and beverages when fifth floor has chocolate bars
                     you insert coins           and chips.
view                 a window that offers a nice The room is more expensive
noun                 image for guests            because it has a spectacular
                                                 view of the beach.
wake up call         a morning phone call from the What time would you like
noun                 front desk, acts as an alarm your wake up call?

weight room,         a room that guests can use for Our weight room has a stair
workout room,        exercise and fitness           climber and a stationary
gym                                                 bicycle.

English for Tour Guides
Being a tour guide is a very important job. In many cases, the tour guide is a
traveller's first impression of a foreign country. In other cases a tour guide may
be responsible for teaching tourists about the culture and sites in a city or town.
In addition, many tour guides hold the responsibility of teaching tourists about
safety. Even if you are only responsible for taking a tourist from the airport to his
or her hotel, it is your responsibility to make the short trip interesting,
informative, and safe. The following pages will help you learn some important
vocabulary and phrases that you can use with your English-speaking tourists.
Check your understanding as you go.

Word                 Meaning                              Example sentence
activities           things to do                         There     are    lots  of
                                                          activities that the whole
                                                          family will enjoy.
architecture         design of a building                 The architecture of this
                                                          building is typical of the
                                                          Renaissance age.
art gallery          place to look at professional We are going to visit the
                     paintings and drawings        art gallery where local
                                                   painters exhibit their art.
attractions          places for tourists to see           The water park is our
                                                          most recent attraction .

bearings             feeling for understanding one's If you're having trouble
                     location/surroundings   in  an getting your bearings
                     unknown area                    just remember that the
                                                     mountains are west.

business district    area in a city that has many Keep in mind that this is
                     offices                      the business district so
                                                  that grocery store may be
castle               a building for royalty               No one has lived in this
                                                          castle since the last king
                                                          died twenty years ago.
church               a place to worship God               The church is the central
                                                          meeting place in this
conveniences         things that make life easier         There you will find all of
                                                          your conveniences, from
                                                          suntan     lotion       to

custom              something people of a region do It's a custom to hang
                    often                           beads in the windows at
                                                    this time of year.
en route            on the way                         While we are en route to
                                                       the hotel I will point out
                                                       the beach and the golf
entertainment       a place where there are theatres If you want to catch a
district            and concert halls                movie while you're here,
                                                     the          entertainment
                                                     district is off to your left.
exception           something/someone that does not With the exception of
                    follow the usual rules or Johnson Street, it is safe
                    expectations                    to walk around here at
exhibition          objects (i.e. art) displayed for a It may be tough to find
                    short time for the public to view parking with the car
                                                       exhibition on this week.
grocery             place to buy food to take home     Since    you    have    a
store/supermarket                                      kitchenette at your hotel
                                                       you will need to know
                                                       where the grocery store
highlight           the best part                      People often say that the
                                                       highlight of their trip is
                                                       the botanical gardens.

legend              a person or story known for a According to an old
                    long time                     legend, a sea monster
                                                  lives in this lake.
lobby               front entrance                     We will meet in the lobby
                                                       at 8 am sharp.
locals              people who live in an area         The locals are usually
                                                       happy to show tourists

location            place where something can be This location is the best
                    found                        because you don't need to
                                                 bother renting a car.
map                 shows roads and directions to I'll give you each a map
                    places                        so you can follow along
                                                  as we walk.

market                place to buy fresh food and Every Sunday there is a
                      homemade items              farmer's market on Wade
monument              a statue/structure that honours This monument honours
                      an event or person              the men and women who
                                                      died during the war.
museum                a place where historical items The museum charges a
                      are displayed                  small fee for adults, but
                                                     children are free.

necessities           things that people need for every We recommend that you
                      day living                        only carry necessities in
                                                        your purse and leave
                                                        everything else at the
original state        the way something       appeared Except for the roof, this
                      from the beginning               home has been left in its
                                                       original state.

photograph            picture taken with a camera        You    may  not take
                                                         photographs here, but
                                                         you can purchase a
postcard              a card with a picture on one       The gift shop has many
                      side(usually an object or place    great souvenirs, such as
                      that tourists see) that can be     postcards of the beautiful
                      mailed without an envelope         waterfalls.
questions        or things that tourists may want to The plane almost missed
concerns            say or ask                       the runway because it
                                                     was such a bad storm.
request               something that has been asked The driver has made a
                      for politely                  request that you throw
                                                    all of your garbage in the
                                                    bin at the front on your
                                                    way out.
restaurant district   part of a town/city with many You will see there are
                      places to eat                 many more eateries to
                                                    choose from when we
                                                    head to the restaurant
ritual                tradition,      custom,      action It is an old native ritual
                      (religious or cultural) that people to dance during the
                      do often                            sunrise.

scenery              natural beauty to look at            It is impossible to
                                                          capture the beauty of
                                                          this scenery in pictures.
settlers             people who first made a home in The    original settlers
                     an area                         relied on oxen to carry
                                                     their wares.
shopping district    area of town where there are You may want to save
                     many stores                  some spending money
                                                  because we'll be visiting
                                                  the shopping district this
site                 place,location                       This is the site of a very
                                                          famous battle.

stairway/stairwell   steps going up or down               The stairwell is very
                                                          steep, so please watch
                                                          your step.
street people        people who live on the street, You may be surprised
                     often begging for money        how many street people
                                                    ask you for money.
surroundings         things that you see around you       I hope you enjoy the
                                                          castle       and     its
                                                          surroundings, including
                                                          the secret garden.
voice                the sound        you    make   when I apologize for my voice
                     speaking                            today as I have a bit of a

voucher              a piece of paper that shows you Don't forget to bring your
                     have paid                       voucher for a free coffee
                                                     in the hotel lobby.
waterfront           piece of land next to an ocean, There will be plenty of
                     lake, or river                  live entertainment down
                                                     at the waterfront.
window               glass that you look out              We can peer in the
                                                          window but I think they
                                                          are probably closed for
                                                          the day.

Vocabulary (verbs)

Word             Meaning                    Example sentence
arrive           Reach a destination        I am glad to see you all arrived

close            to finish                  We will close the tour with a view of
                                            the city at sunset.
continue on      Keep going                 If you're all finished looking here, we
                                            will continue on with the tour.

depart           Leave                      The last ferry departs at 4pm, so
                                            make sure you don't miss it.
enjoy            Have a good experience     I have enjoyed meeting all of you
expect           think that something will You probably weren't expecting to
                 be/happen a certain way see snow.
permit           Allow                      You are permitted to have a
                                            beverage on the bus, but please do
                                            not eat any food.

proceed          go forward                 Please proceed all the way to the
                                            back of the bus.
raise (a hand)   Lift                       If you have any questions during the
                                            tour, please raise your hand.

recommend        suggest                    We recommend that you only keep a
                                            small amount of cash in your wallet.
refer            suggest                    I will gladly refer you to my
                                            favourite restaurants, if you are
relax            sit back and enjoy time in Tomorrow you will have a day to just
                 peace                      relax on the beach.
show someone take people to see an When we get to the museum
around       area                  someone else will show us around.

sit back         Relax in a seated position Please sit back and enjoy the bus
speak up         talk louder                If you need me to speak up or slow
                                            down, please let me know.

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Word               Meaning                      Example sentence
ancient            very old                     The ancient village has been left

beautiful/gorgeous very nice looking            You will find beautiful homemade
                                                jewellery in that shop.
breathtaking       when a view is very Under the starlight the waterfall is
                   impressive          simply breathtaking.

customary          traditional                  It is customary to shake hands and
                                                bow as you enter.
dangerous          not safe                     It is dangerous to accept a ride
                                                from a local.
devastating        very sad, unfortunate        The tsunami was devastating for
                                                local hotels.
elegant            attractive, yet simple       There is an elegant dining room for
                                                guests to eat in.
enormous           very large                   This enormous sculpture stands
                                                one-hundred feet high.
exciting           makes one feel very It's so exciting to see new places,
                   happy/energetic     isn't it?
extensive          covers a lot                 This house has an extensive
                                                history, and you can
                                                the brochures.
fascinating        very    interesting        to It is fascinating to know how
                   learn about/see               people lived back then.

haunted            believed to have ghosts The house is said to be haunted
                   living there            and no one has lived in it for fifty
                                           years or more.
heritage           Of             historical The government named this school
                   importance                as a heritage site last year.

international      around the world             Every year it is an international
                                                celebration, with people coming
                                                from as far away as Africa.
lovely             very nice (appearance This is a lovely place to sit and
                   or personality)       watch the local birds.
magnificent        amazing                      This part of town is known for its
                                                magnificent wall murals.

popular         liked by many              June is the most popular time for
                                           tourists to come here.
prevalent       very noticeable            Crime is prevalent in the old parts
                                           of town.
reconstructed   built again                The village was reconstructed after
                                           the major fire in 1910.
restored        returned to its original All of the antique furniture has
                state                    been professionally restored.
safe            not dangerous              The water is safe to drink here.

scenic          nice to look at (nature)   We will go up to the balcony for a
                                           scenic view of the grounds.
superb          very good (i.e. service, The children put on a superb
                food, entertainment)     concert at Christmas time.

thrilling       exciting                   Cliff jumping is a thrilling
                                           experience for those of you who
                                           aren't afraid of heights.
unbelievable    too amazing/strange to It is unbelievable what some of
                seem true              these street entertainers can do.
visible         able to be seen            The top of the tower may not be
                                           visible because of the fog.

Explaining Rules, Safety and Etiquette
When giving a tour there may be rules and safety precautions that you need to
explain. It is best if you memorize a speech rather than read from a card. People
will pay more attention to you and understand you more clearly if you look into
their eyes as you speak. After you have explained the rules and safety
precautions make sure that guests have understood you, by asking, "Are there
any questions about this?" or "Is everyone clear on the rules?". Also, tourists will
appreciate any helpful advice you can give them, such as where to exchange their
money, what types of transportation to use, and how to obey the traffic rules.
Finally, if there are any customs or matters of etiquette that you think tourists
should be aware of, this is a good time to let them know.

Explaining rules

Tour Guide

      You are strictly forbidden from taking photographs inside the museum.
      Please stay on the marked path.
      I'm sure this goes unsaid, but remember to place all trash in the garbage
      Please pay attention to the time. We don't want to keep the driver waiting.
      Classes are in session, so we need to keep our voices down.
      The bus will be leaving at 5:00 pm sharp.
      You'll have some free time to look around after lunch.
      Please meet back here in one hour.

Explaining safety

Tour Guide

      Please keep your seltbelts fastened at all times.
      I ask that you keep your hands inside the train.
      As a safety precaution, please stand behind the yellow line.
      For your own safety, we ask that you refrain from putting your arms out
       the window.
      Please do not feed the animals.
      Please remain seated until we come to a full stop.
      Please stay with your group at all times.
      Please keep to the sidewalk.
      I do not recommend swimming here. The water is very rough.
      We suggest only carrying small amounts of cash.
      These rules are for your own comfort and safety.

Explaining etiquette and customs

Tour Guide

      It is customary in our country to tip the friendly bus driver.

      In this region we bow rather than shake hands during a first meeting.
      Though the all-inclusive includes tips for the servers, it does not include
       tips for the bellboy.
      To indicate that you want to get on or off the bus simply wave your hand at
       the driver.

Showing Places of Interest
Silence can be uncomfortable during a tour. While you can't talk the whole time,
you should try to know as much about the history, scenery, and culture (in
English) for the places where you are giving tours so that you can keep the
tourists interested. If you ever run out of something to say, you can always point
out something such as a landmark or a type of tree or flower. Here are some
different ways you can point out interest points during the tour.

Tour Guide

      In front of you is...
      On your right/left you will see...
      Up ahead...
      On your left you will see...
      As we turn the corner here, you will see...
      In the distance...
      If you look up you will notice...
      Off to the north...
      Look to the east...
      To your west...
      In a few minutes we'll be passing...
      We are now coming up to...
      As you will see...
      You may have noticed...
      Take a good look at...
      I'd like to point out...
      Keep your eyes open for...

                   Tourist Questions

      Is that were talking about?
      Are we going to pass the...?
      Are we going to see any...?
      Is it on the right or the left?
      I don't see it. Can you point it out again?
      Did I miss it?
      Will we see it on the way back?

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Business Letter Vocabulary……………………………………………….p. 3

Business Letter Formats……………………………………..…………..p. 5

Formatting Business Letters

Formatting Envelopes for Business Letters

Formatting Business Memos

Formatting Business Email

Planning a Business Letter…………………………………………….p.8

Who am I writing this letter to?

Why am I writing this letter?

Are there specific details I need to include?

Do I require a response?

How can I organize my points logically?

Writing a Business Letter……………………………………….…….p.10


First paragraph

Second and third paragraphs

Final paragraph


Writing Tips

Proofreading a Business Letter……………………… ………………………….p. 13


Sample Business Letters………………………………………………………p. 13

Requesting Information

Sending Information

Changing Information


Covering Letter for Resume or CV

Letter of Reference

Letter of Resignation

Lay-off Notice

Letter of Invitation

Request of Payment

Internal Memo

Welcome Email

Business Correspondence Glossary……………..…………………………….. p. 28

English for Hotel Staff…………………………………………..………………. p. 31

English for Tour Guides…………………………………….…………………….. p. 35

Vocabulary (verbs)

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Explaining Rules, Safety and Etiquette ……………………………………..p. 42

Explaining rules

Explaining safety

Explaining etiquette and customs

Showing Places of Interest ………………………………………………………..….p. 43


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