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					Fall 2010 Internship Opportunities
Get a taste of the great fall internship opportunities available in the Twin Cities! This spreadshee
highlights the internships that come through our office. See more listings by searching our onlin
database at (from here you can also jump to
LACN, a larger database open to a consortium of small liberal arts colleges) or visit our office to
learn how to arrange an internship with a local organization.

Click the colored tab at the bottom of this page to start your internship search!
based on their location, organization, area of interest, deadline, etc. by clicking the icon on the
column titles and using the drop-down list. Notice that the internship titles contain a link to the
original internship posting. The newest postings are at the bottom of each page.

Questions? Contact the Internship Program at or call x6128.

                                                        * Some Mac users have experienced difficulty acces
                                                        job description PDFs. If you experience this, try usin
                                                        spreadsheet on a PC or email us at
                                               to request a copy of the
                                                        job description you are interested in.
 ble in the Twin Cities! This spreadsheet
ee more listings by searching our online
     (from here you can also jump to
eral arts colleges) or visit our office to

our internship search! Sort positions
dline, etc. by clicking the icon on the
e internship titles contain a link to the
            of each page. or call x6128.

me Mac users have experienced difficulty accessing the
description PDFs. If you experience this, try using the
adsheet on a PC or email us at to request a copy of the specific
description you are interested in.
Fall 2010 Internship Opportunities
**Use the drop-down headings to search for specific characteristics**

Date posted Organization/Company                Internship Title                                 Area of Interest        Location         Compensation
5/11/10     Matt Entenza for Governor           Hmong Community Organizer                        Political               St. Paul         unpaid
7/20/10     Atlas Obscura                       Fall Intern                                      PR/Marketing            Minneapolis      unspecified
7/20/10     Lyndale Neighborhood Assoc.         Lyndale Women's Leadership Program Asst.         Nonprofit (local)       Minneapolis      unpaid
8/9/10      District 6 Planning Council         Undergraduate Research Assistant                 Government (local)      St. Paul         $10.74/hour
8/9/10      Washington Conservation District    Undergraduate Research Assistant                 Government (local)      Stillwater, MN   $10.74/hour
8/9/10      Seward Redesign                     Undergraduate Research Assistant                 Nonprofit (local)       Minneapolis      $10.74/hour
8/9/10      Homeline                            Tenant Advocate                                  Government (local)      St. Paul         unpaid
8/9/10      Spare Key Foundation                Public Relations and Communications Intern       PR/Marketing            Bloomington      stipend
8/19/10                                         Intern
            TRACES Center for History and Culture                                                Nonprofit (local)       St. Paul         unspecified
8/19/10     Consortium Book Sales & DistributionMarketing Intern                                                         Minneapolis
                                                                                                 Business/Econ (corporate)                unpaid
8/19/10     Planned Parenthood                  Various positions                                Medical/Healthcare      St. Paul         unpaid
8/19/10     Bower Law Office                    Fall Web Developer Intern                        Law (local)             Bloomington      unspecified
8/19/10     Grassroots Solutions                Grassroots Organizing Intern                     Government (national) Minneapolis        $595 stipend
8/19/10     Grassroots Solutions                Various positions                                Government (national) Minneapolis        $595 stipend
8/23/10     Children's Heartlink                                                                 Medical/Healthcare
                                                Marketing and Communications Intern - Spring semester                    Edina, MN        unpaid
8/23/10     Children's Heartlink                Special Events Intern - Spring semester          Medical/Healthcare      Edina, MN        unpaid
8/23/10     Urban Arts Academy                  Various positions                                Education/Academia      Minneapolis      unpaid
8/23/10     The Center for Victims of Torture   Communications Intern                            Social Work/Counseling Minneapolis       unpaid
8/23/10     R. Mark Frey, Attorney at Law       Research Assistant - Spring Semester             Law (local)             St. Paul         unpaid
8/23/10     CrossingBarriers                    Program Assistant/Outreach                       Education/Academia      St. Paul         unpaid
8/23/10     The Soap Factory                    Historic Research and Building Intern                                    Minneapolis
                                                                                                 Arts/Entertainment/Recreation            unpaid
8/23/10     MN Fair Trade Coalition             Assistant Organizer                              Nonprofit (local)       Minneapolis      $700 stipend
8/23/10     OutFront MN                         Development Intern                               Nonprofit (local)       Minneapolis      unpaid
8/25/10     Keith Ellison for U.S. Congress     Finance Intern                                   Political               Minneapolis      unpaid
8/25/10     Keith Ellison for U.S. Congress     Field Intern                                     Political               Minneapolis      unpaid
8/26/10     PACER Center                        Health Information Center Intern                 Social Work/CounselingMinneapolis        unpaid
8/26/10     Project for Pride in Living (PPL)   Services Coordinator Intern                      Social Work/Counseling St. Paul          unpaid
8/26/10   University Ave. Business Association Various positions                                   Nonprofit (local)        St. Paul      unpaid
8/26/10   Ordway Center for the Performing Arts  Community Engagement Intern                                                St. Paul
                                                                                                   Arts/Entertainment/Recreation          unpaid
8/26/10   Ordway Center for the Performing Arts  Campus Connections Advisor                                                 St. Paul
                                                                                                   Arts/Entertainment/Recreation          $10.25
8/26/10   Ordway Center for the Performing Arts  Producing and Programming Intern                                           St. Paul
                                                                                                   Arts/Entertainment/Recreation          unpaid
8/26/10   Northwest Youth and Family Services Communications/PR Intern                             Social Work/Counseling Shoreview       unpaid
8/26/10   Northwest Youth and Family Services Discovery Mentor                                     Social Work/Counseling Shoreview       unpaid
8/26/10                                          Field Intern
          Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee                                                Political Orgs./Campaign Minneapolis   unpaid
8/31/10   Mighty Media (2 positions)             Editorial Internship and Design Internship        Comm.-Media/Journalism   Minneapolis   unpaid
8/31/10                                          Green
          Minnesota Internship Center High School Team Facilitator                                 Science/Environment Minneapolis        unpaid
9/1/10    Breakthrough St. Paul                  Leadership Intern                                 Comm.-PR/Marketing St. Paul            unpaid
9/1/10                                           U.S.
          Insitute for Agriculture and Trade Policy Food Assistance Program Research Intern        Science/Environment/LocalMinneapolis   unpaid
9/1/10                                           Promotions Intern for Northland Bioneers Conference cience/Environment-Local
          Northland Sustainable Solutions and Alliance for Sustainability                          S                        Minneapolis   unpaid
9/1/10    NARAL Pro Choice MN                    Campus Representative                             Non-Profit-Local         St. Paul      $75 mo./stipend
9/1/10    Project for Pride in Living (PPL)      Early Childhood Ed. Playgroup Leader/Intern       Education/Academia       St. Paul      unpaid
9/1/10    Project for Pride in Living (PPL)      Elementary Literacy Tutor/Intern                  Education/Academia       St. Paul      unpaid
9/1/10    Project for Pride in Living (PPL)      Skill-Building Circle Assistant/Adult Ed Tutor    Education/Academia       St. Paul      unpaid
9/1/10    Project Nur                            Campus Outreach Intern                            Non Profit-National      St. Paul      unpaid
9/1/10    Project Nur                            Graphic Design Intern                             Non Profit-National      St. Paul      unpaid
9/2/10    Kidwind Project                        Education and Outreach Intern                                              St.
                                                                                                   Science/Environment-Local Paul         unpaid
9/7/10    Ashoka: Innovators for the Public      Various positions                                 Non Profit-National      Online        unspecified
9/7/10    Tarryl Clark Campaign for Congress Campaign Intern                                       Political Orgs./Campaign St. Paul      unpaid
9/7/10    Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota English-Spanish Translation Intern                                              S
                                                                                                   International/Immigrationt. Paul       unpaid
9/7/10    Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota Development Intern                                                              S
                                                                                                   Business/Econ-Non-Profit t. Paul       unpaid
9/7/10    Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota Hmong Outreach and Legal Intern                                                 S
                                                                                                   International/Immigrationt. Paul       unpaid
9/7/10    Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota Refugee/Asylee Client Intake Volunteer                                          S
                                                                                                   International/Immigrationt. Paul       unpaid
9/7/10    Immigrant Law Center of Minnesota Legislative Intern                                     Government/Law (local) St. Paul        unpaid
9/8/10    Lavender Media, Inc                    New Media Production Intern                       Comm.-Media/Journalism   Minneapolis   unknown
9/13/10   Asian Economic Development             Communications and Advocacy Assistants                                     S
                                                                                                   Business/Econ-Non-Profit t. Paul       unknown
9/13/10   Asian Economic Development             Web Marketing Assistant                           Business/Econ-Non-Profit t. Paul
                                                                                                                            S             unknown
9/13/10   MacPhail Center for Music              Graphic Design Intern                             Comm.-PR/Marketing Minneapolis         $500 stipend per month
9/13/10   Preventing Harm MN                     Preventing Harm MN Intern                                                  St.
                                                                                                   Science/Environment-Local Paul         unknown
9/13/10   Laura Jeffery Academy                  Webmaster Internship                              Technology               St. Paul      unpaid
9/13/10   Breakthrough St. Paul                  Program and Outreach Intern                       Education/Academia       St. Paul      unknown
9/13/10      Sibley Bike Depot                   Grant-writing and Fund-raising Internship                            St.
                                                                                             Science/Environment-Local Paul        unpaid
9/13/10      The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Marketing Intern                                                                      u
                                                                                             Comm.-PR/Marketing Golden Valley, MNnpaid
9/13/10      Mental Health Association of MN     Advocacy and Education Intern               Medical/Healthcare       Minneapolis  unpaid
9/13/10      Scottrade Inc.                      Stock Broker Intern                                                  Bloomington
                                                                                             Business / Econ - Corporate           $10.50/hourly
9/14/10      Northwest Youth and Family Services STEP Tutor                                  Social Work/Counseling Shoreview      unpaid
9/14/10      Northwest Youth and Family Services STEP Program Mentor                         Social Work/Counseling Shoreview      unpaid
9/15/10      Global Deaf Connection              Social Media Marketing                      Technology               Minneapolis  unpaid
9/15/10      Global Deaf Connection              Web Developer-Designer                      Technology               Minneapolis  unpaid
9/16/10      Children's Dental Services          Public Health dental intern                 Medical/Healthcare       Minneapolis  unpaid
9/16/10      Blue Octopus                        Sales Internship                                                     Minneapolis
                                                                                             Bussiness/ Econ- Corporate            $10 per hour
9/17/10      Planned Parenthood MN               Human resources assistant Internship        Non-Profit Local         St. Paul     unpaid
9/17/10      Arnold Worldwide                    Office Intern                                                        Bloomington
                                                                                             Bussiness/ Econ- Corporate            unpaid
9/17/10      Industrial Equities LLP             Commercial Real Estate Internship                                    Minneapolis
                                                                                             Business / Econ - Corporate           $7/hour
9/17/10      Coldwell Banker Burnet              Marketing & Office Assistant Manager                                 St.
                                                                                             Business / Econ - Corporate Paul      unpaid
9/17/10      NBC Universal                       Sales/Marketing Internship                                           Edina, MN
                                                                                             Business / Econ - Corporate           unknown
9/17/10      Innovate Financial                  Marketing Internship                                                 Minneapolis
                                                                                             Business / Econ - Corporate           $10 / hour
9/20/10      Tombolo                             Development Intern                          Comm.-PR/Marketing Minneapolis        unpaid
9/20/10      Tombolo                             Social Media and Marketing Intern           Comm.-PR/Marketing Minneapolis        unpaid
9/21/10      Arthritis Foundation                Life Improvement Series Program Intern      Comm. - PR/ Marketing St. Paul        unpaid
9/21/10      Face Forward                        Marketing Intern                            Comm. - PR/ Marketing St. Paul        unpaid
9/21/10      Face Forward                        Business Relations Manager                                           St.
                                                                                             Business/Econ - Non profit Paul       unpaid
9/21/10      Plymouth Industries                 Accounting Intern                                                    Plymouth, MN unknown
                                                                                             Business / Econ - Corporate
9/21/10      David Harris Live                   Sales & Marketing Intern                    Comm. - PR/ Marketing Minneapolis     unknown
9/21/10      Great River Greening                Marketing & Events Specialist               Comm. - PR/ Marketing St. Paul        unknown
9/21/10      Great River Greening                Marketing Intern                            Comm. - PR/ Marketing St. Paul        unknown
9/24/2010    National Model United Nations       Communications intern                       Education/Academia       Minneapolis  unpaid
9/29/2010    Olive & Myrtle LLC                  Marketing/Creative Writing Intern           Comm. - PR/ Marketing St. Paul        $400 stipend + $200 store credit
10/1/10      Cooperative Energy Futures          Various positions                                                    St. Paul
                                                                                             Science / Environment (local)         unknown
10/1/10      Stevens Foster Financial Advisors   Website Designer                            Technology               Bloomington  unpaid
10/1/10      Global Deaf Connection              Grant Researcher                            Non-Profit Local         Minneapolis  unpaid
10/1/10      Accredited Investors                Wealth Management Inter                     Business/Econ- Corporate Edina, MN    $10/hr
10/4/2010    Syntiron                            Head Laboratory Technician                                           Saint
                                                                                             Science/Environment (local) Paul      paid
10/11/2010   Public Radio International          Interactive Content Intern                                        Minneapolis
                                                                                             Comm. -Media/Journalism                unpaid
For many more opportunities, search the Job and Internship Database (linked from our website).

Questions or suggestions? Email

Internship student workers: use extension
Deadline       Source
11/2/10        LACN
10/13/10       LACN
until filled   Email
until filled   Email
until filled   Email
until filled   Email
unspecified    Email
until filled   Email
unspecified    Email
unspecified    Email
rolling        Email
unspecified    email
unspecified    Email
unspecified    Email
2/15/11        St. Thomas database
2/15/11        St. Thomas database
rolling        MacJID
until filled   Email
2/28/11        LACN
10/15/10       LACN
10/5/10        LACN
until filled   Email
unspecified    Email
rolling        Email
rolling        Email
12/3/10        MacJID
unspecified    Email
            unspecified    Email
            unspecified    Email
            unspecified    Email
            unspecified    Email
            until filled   Email
            until filled   Email
            unspecified    Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   MacJID
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   LACN
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
             10/1/10       LACN
             10/1/10       LACN
             10/1/10       LACN
             10/1/10       LACN
             10/1/10       LACN
             11/6/10       MacJID
             unspecified   Email
             unspecified   Email
500 stipend per month      St. Thomas database
             11/30/10      MacJID
             10/8/10       St. Thomas database
             unspecified   Email
unspecified    Email
11/9/10        MacJID
unspecified    LACN
10/13/10       St. Thomas database
until filled   Mail
until filled   Mail
until filled   Email
until filled   Email
11/10/10       LandIt
10/11/10       LandIt
unspecified    Idealist
10/5/10        St. Thomas database
10/5/10        St. Thomas database
10/15/10       St. Thomas database
10/15/10       St. Thomas database
10/5/10        St. Thomas database
11/18/10       Idealist
11/1/10        Idealist
10/1/10        St. Thomas database
10/11/10       St. Thomas database
10/11/10       St. Thomas database
10/1/10        St. Thomas database
ASAP           Mail
ASAP           Mail
ASAP           Mail
until filled   MN Council of Nonprofits
10/11/10       St. Thomas database
unspecified    Email
11/12/10       LandIt
unspecified    Email
10/30/10       LandIt
unspecified    Email
unspecified    Email
Organize Hmong community leaders, students, clans, and community members. Coordinate events, canvass, and run phone banks.
Write, edit, and package online content; research for an upcoming book; develop online advertising.
Design and implement the program, research leadership development programs, prepare communication materials, help with outreach, coordinate trainings, etc.
Survey industrial sites, research zoning and uses of empty sites, conduct best practices research to address livability of neighborhoods
Identify and contact rural landowners, develop interview questions, schedule and conduct focus groups, prepare research report
Research best practices for bike cooperatives, research barriers to biking, meet with development committee and boards
Man a renter rights hotline. Answer questions from and provide solutions to MN tenants.
Utilize social media; research/write/compile content for newsletter; assist with research and impression tracking; update website; etc.
Work in a wide variety of fields such as museum marketing and promotions, programming, creating and planning a national tour, and exhibit development.
Help coordinate group advertisements, update Marketing Handbook, review submissions from publishers seeking distribution, research and develop content.
Volunteer as a Marketing Coordinator Intern, Youth Power Program Assistant, Clinic Administrative Assistant, or in many other capacities.
Work with hand-coding, developing database-driven site, bit-map and vector editing tools, etc.
Organize tasks, recruit supporters, assist with logistics, interact with attendees at events, identify and increase public support.
Help with grassroots planning, advocacy and electoral targeting, and grassroots campaign management.
Research media opportunities and editorial calendars, track publicity, draft press releases and story pitches, plan and execute marketing campaigns.
Coordinate fundraising event logistics, assist with editing/writing/proofing promo materials, participate in committee meetings, assess volunteer needs, etc.
Help with arts education, environmental arts education, early childhood education, arts administration, or Spanish language programs.
Write and edit web content, post content, create and update marketing materials, assist with social media.
Help with political asylum cases and research on human rights conditions in specific countries. Also work on application forms and petitions.
Conduct public policy research, work with outreach, set up and coordinate meetings for focus group discussions, provide logistical suppport.
Complete research projects on restoration and improvement of building, help with such things as carpentry, plumbing, electrical, heating, landscaping.
Research trade-related job loss, write OpEd pieces, interview people impacted by trade policies, educate members of Congress on trade issues in MN
Help with membership, assist with planning/publicity/event preparation, help handle and account for donations, help with administrative tasks.
Process donations, create fundraising reports, maintain database, conduct preliminary research on prospective donors, etc.
Organize and manage voter contact events, recruit/manage/retain volunteers, help maintain voter database.
Research legislation, update and maintain resources, help prepare workshops with PACER'S advocates.
Help people identify needs/strengths to develop self-sufficiency goals and action plans, provide ongoing support and guidance, develop and maintain relationships.
Help with outreach and communications, community organizing, researching, event organizing, being a webmaster, etc.
Work in Edu. and Community Engagment Dept. in dev. and admin. of programs specific to Target World Music and Dance Series. Also data/stats work
On campus student advisor working with Ordway Staff to communicate, design and implement communications, programming -Macalester , St. Thomas and Metro State campuses
Administrative assistance producing, programming-mailings, filing, etc., managing and tracking contracts for actors, etc., company transportation and accomodations, etc.
Writing and/or updating copy for selected NYFS brochures, flyers, news releases, etc.; designing new brochures and ad-hoc promotional pieces complementing logo etc.
Assist Discovery Coach, co-lead trainings, groups, seminars, assume primary role in mentor relationships with teens; attend staffings, conferences, etc.
DLCC interns will help with a variety of field, election protection and get-out-the-vote projects including database management, election official outreach, etc.
Editorial Intern- will focus on various aspects of editorial and genral publishing tasks. Design Intern- will focus on various aspects of book design and related production tasks.
The intern will work with MNIC students and staff in identifying practices that need to be changed at the school and will work with our student Green Team to make the changes, etc
Opportunity to learn more about day to day management, operations, marketing, etc. of small-nonprofit. Also learn more about educational equity issues and impact ending achieve
Work with IATP staff to research and write a background report on the history of the Food Stamp/SNAP program and the Farm Bill,etc.
Students who would work together to promote college student engagement with and participation in the Northland Bioneers Conference at Macalester 10/23 & 24. Also Allinace fo
NARAL is looking for a creative, upbeat, resoulutely pro-choice student to fill the Campus Representative position. Educates, Activates students and community members re: importa
Pre-K Leaders collaborate with staff to facilitate a toddler playgrous that emphasizes early-literacy and motor skill development. Also help identify and develop resources.
Interns work directly with youth on reading, homework, and fun literacy-skill building activities. Also can collaborate with staff to develop literacy activities and resources.
Interns work in small groups and one-on-one with parents on individual eduacational/employment goals and/or English language skill development. Also assist parents in learning str
Gain leadership skills as you create and strengthen a Project Nur Chapter at your school and lead students in doing human rights, social justice and cultural programming that engend
Responsibilities include designing posters, brochures, and promotional materials, video editing, wesite design and maintence, blog creating and mainenance, etc.
The internship's focus is on educational outreach programming and curriculum development. Experience will be gained working in education plus learning about the science of renew
Gain experience working in international social enterprise. Specific needs are for strong researchers and writers with multiple areas of interest. Multiple positions available.
Work in one of a variety of positions available for Tarryl Clark's campaign against Michele Bachmann.
Translate client statements, birth/marriage certificates, and office documents from Spanish to English; help to streamline ILCM document translation process
Assist in implementation of development plan, assist in proposal and grant report preparation, populate/maintain contact database, and assist in donor campaign.
Provide individual/family legal representation in immigration matters and provide outreach and communication with the greater Hmong community.
Assist legal staff performing administrative tasks, maintaining client databases, and supporting case work.
Assist with advocacy work on behalf of federal/state proposals that might affect immigrants and refugees; research, coalition building, and drafting statements.
Help in the creation, development, and promotion of the company's online media family.
Primary duty is to assist AEDA with communications and outreach to businesses; editing/distributing newsletters, creating flyers/brochures, and data entry.
Primary duty is to update a social networking site with multimedia content, update Twitter, Facebook, Youtube accounts, provide content for monthly newsletter
Intern Responsibilities: designing and producing numerous promotional flyers. Coordinating, writing and disseminating weekly calendar of event announcements to Twin Cities media
Internship Description: An intern with PHM may focus on one of two programs (or both pending availability)I.Green and Healthy Schools: Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) Pesticide
Be responsible for a wide range of online content and is expected to conceptualize, design, develop and maintenance website for LJA. Communicate with staff and teachers in regard
Assist program coordinators in identifying community partners, financial resources, and/or in-kind donations to support the teams; work one-on-one with Venture Team during sessi
Work closely with Fundraising Team to review 2010 Plan and develop 2011 Plan; coordinate Fall Donor Drive to solicit individual donors; research foundations and develop target fou
Provide marketing support for the Team In Training campaign through targeted mailings, promotional materials, press releases, and website editing.
Interns will help route calls and give information to people with mental illnesses, their families and friends. They may also help plan outreach projects and compile information.
Interns will learn various aspects of the online brokerage business.
Tutor middle school students once a week, work with program coordinater to co-lead activities or community service, assist staff with goals, and attend orientation and trainings.
Guide students as they take action through service work and assist staff as they identify leadership and youth development opportunities.
Create a comprehensive social media strategy to define programs that use social media marketing techniques to increase visibility and donors
Create a new Global Deaf Connection website using WordPress templates and plug-ins.
Public health administration, Clinical experience, Research, administrative and outreach tasks.
Marketing and Sales internship.
Planned Parenthood Mn is offering an HR Assistant Internship to gain experience in areas of payroll, benefit, recruitment and other key areas.
Assist with accounts payable, write copies for radio liners, coordinate added value materials, organize and create client meeting materials.
Work on property tax assessment, leasing, property management and development, basic accounting, space planning, marketing concepts, etc.
Maintain client databases, market current listings, and help to develop new marketing strategies.
Provide analytical and project development for the Sales Team, help develop forecasts and financial analyses, assist with promotions and client presentations.
Help with newsletter design, website design, and client communications.
Write grant proposals, organize drives for donations, locate funding opportunities, organize fundraising webpage, create additional creative fundraising opportunities.
Build upon existing social media outreach and engagement strategy.
Assist with data collection, volunteer recruitment, volunteer retention and in completing program site visits.
Organizing marketing activities and campaigns, project management and implementing new marketing oppurtunities.
Implementing new sponsorship oppurtunities and strategies, managing the sponsprship team and creating proposals.
Completing bank and account reconciliations, preparing sales tax returns and financial statement.
Datbase entry, easy sales pitches, follow-up communications.
Work on marketing materials, deliver presentations, help with program research and development of educational materials.
Maintain social media, help with foundation research, help develop and implement Fall Fundraiser.
Assist with social networking to engage students and faculty, and create an alumni network for MUN.
Handle social media outreach, upkeep of the blog, research media, help with marketing strategies, research sustainable business practices, etc.
Help with web and graphic design, accounting, Spanish/Somali translation, resource generation, or research.
Edit website content, enhance format and appearance, improve functionality, and provide methods and procedures for updating site.
Write proposals, budgets, and reports; monitor and manage grants income goal; assist with fundraising projects.
Scan and catolog informatio, print and assemble reports, and assist planners and asset management in the creation of various client presentations.
Manage laboratory inventory, maintain equipment, prepare media and reagents, perform QC tests, etc.
Pitch, research, and write content for based on Public Radio International's awarding winning shows; surf the web for interesting content; and help create at least three article
Social Services
d Metro State campuses
modations, etc.

 production tasks.
to make the changes, etc.
nd impact ending achievement gap.

/23 & 24. Also Allinace for Sustainability 's Midtown Transitions Fair 11/13 at South High School in Minneapolis.
 nity members re: importance of reproductive rights issues.
 lop resources.
and resources.
sist parents in learning strategies that promote literacy skill devleopment with their own children.
programming that engenders tolerance and co-existence between students on campus and beyond, etc.

about the science of renewable energy
 itions available.

ments to Twin Cities media. Develop social media marketing strategies. Support promotional events; conferences, special events. Maintainging marketing database as needed. Maintainging and sto
  Schools (MPS) Pesticide Use Reduction •Assist Project Manager with establishing community meetings in Minneapolis with public school stakeholders – parents, teachers, staff, school district em
aff and teachers in regards to website updates and news.
 enture Team during sessions; help organize the Community Panel event.
ns and develop target foundations; work with staff to write and submit grant proposals to target foundations.

ompile information.

ntation and trainings.

reate at least three articles for each week.
Possible projects include: expanding environmental education curriculum, improving waster-water treatment, developing a sustainable car-fleet, working in hydrology, etc.
English or
in a health
Work in sustainable livlihoods development, health-based infrastructure and education, and habitat conservation.
ase as needed. Maintainging and stocking promotional materials throughout downtown building. Assisting Marketing Manager in other marketing functions as needed.
ts, teachers, staff, school district employees and school board members•Assist in development and distribution of educational materials regarding the negative health effects of pesticides on child
orking in hydrology, etc.
health effects of pesticides on children’s health•Investigate the “inactive” ingredients of pesticides currently applied to MPS athletic fields•Participate in meetings with stakeholders and decision
ings with stakeholders and decision makers (in an effort to persuade MPS to eliminate their use of pesticides on athletic fields)•Intern may develop an advocacy piece for decision makers (School
y piece for decision makers (School Board members, Grounds Maintenance staff, Parents & Students)•Investigate opportunities to applied lessons learned from this project to other schools (i.e. p
m this project to other schools (i.e. private colleges or universities in Twin Cit

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