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									100 + WEBSITES                                                                          1
Job Banks                     Minnesota Job Bank.                        America’s Job Bank – The largest job bank on-
                                   line, in partnership with the US Dept. of Labor.                    Explore job opportunities. Contains Canadian job
                                   opportunities.                    Job openings, search multiple sites, resume
www.Brain m                Comprehensive IT job site geared towards IT
www.CA m           Job-search site loaded with help and job leads.
                                   Searches multiple job data bases. m                Post resume, look for jobs, find employer
                                   information. m                    Recruitment site, Directory of Business and
                                   Industry m                 Job bank that searches by profession and location. m                 Job opportunities, internships, interview and job
                                   search m                Career-related questions answered by an expert.   Career Resource Center. m                Automated services and tools to assist the skilled
                                   individual that uses the Internet, computers or
                                   technology in their profession. information.          Research and find career information.             Directory of Business and Industry.                 Job bank, resume information.
www.emp loy m/          Job bank that searches over 300 job boards at a
                                   time.          Lycos careers.         Lycos business page including company research
                                   and business news.                   Job banks, easy to use, apply on line feature
                                   available.                 Job bank, post resume, job seeking information.                  1000’s of jobs listed from 100’s of companies.                 Healthcare and biotech professionals job bank. jconline           Job Choices Online – Job bank, career info,               Search for jobs, job boards, job seeking
                                   information. m               Computer programmer job search site.             Minnesota Jobs – post resumes online. m/               Organized index of job-hunting resources and
                                   resumes, cover letters and employer information

Specialized Career Job Sites:
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                      2 m/job/job.htm;    Occupational Listings m                     MN Job Links (Co mputer)                     Attorney                            Attorney, Minnesota State Bar Association                         Attorney, paralegal, secretary, admin. staff o r management
                                         positions m               Job listings, networking, on-line interviews m/jobs.cfm             Academic Positions m/                 Attorney, clerks, management, bookkeepers, secretary
                                         positions                    National Federation of paralegal association m                        Accounting                   Accounting m/jobs.cfm             Accounting              Accounting mp rd/actors.html     Acting/Modeling                   Admin istrative m/interactive/ ml   Advertising                         Aerospace                        Aerospace index.shtml                Aviation Jobs m/jobs/archlist.html   Architectural
www.portfo m/               Artists, writers, graphic designers, web design and graphics.                     Attorney Job Bank.                         Attorney jobs. m/ main.cfm       Attorney, engineering, co mmercial construction and many
                                         other jobs.            Automotive,/Recruit ing                        Automotive             Automotive, Steel and Metals Division                        Bank job – job bank, resume posting is available. m                        Bilingual English/Asian (job bank) m                        Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare                           Broadcasting m                      Business Professional (MBA Emp loy ment Connection)             Business Career site.                    Co mputer m                  Co mputer m                         Co mputer/Technical site.                              Co mputer – Society of Technical Co mmun ications m                       Co mputer – Technical Recruit ing Site m/                    Co mputer - Informat ion Technology (IT) job board with high
                                         tech permanent, contract and consulting jobs.                   Co mputer m                      Co mputer jobs for programmers.
www.prg jobscom                          Co mputer jobs for programmers.
www.web                      Co mputer – Association of Internet Professionals m                     Co mputer – High tech career connection.              Construction m/                       Contract Emp loy ment Weekly m              Electrical Eng ineering m                     Electronic                 Emergency/ Police/ Fire Depart ment employ ment
                                         opportunities.                     Engineer jobs              Engineering
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                                   3                                   Environmental                                 Environmental m/                   Environmental                                    Environmental                          Financial and accounting jobs for professionals at all levels.
www.g m/CareerWise/index.cfm   Financial                            Freelance, writers, designers and editors.                        Health Care                         Health Care jobs on Monster. m/                               Health Care – Physician on-line employ ment service. m/                                    Health Care – Physicians’ on-line.                                    Hu man Resources m                           Hu man Resources, Benefits Admin istration m/jobs/ ml            Hu man Resources
www.recruit                      Hu man resources search research firm sourcing candidates
                                                for several HR specialty areas. m/hr-careers/career                  Hu man Resources, Train ing and Develop ment m/cw/ccarrreers/jobs.html    Information Technology m/                        Information Technology m/careers                       Information Technology                           Information Technology – Experienced Professionals m/                               National Internet-Based Job Databank for Experienced
                                                Information Technology Professionals                    Internet                               Job Hunt: Meta list of Online Search Resources & Services m                     Mechanical Engineer                                  Mechanical Engineer                                   Minnesota Association of School Admin istrators                 Minnesota Special Education Emp loyment Board
www.recruit                    National Teacher Recruit ment Clearinghouse m              Occupational Informat ion and News about Careers                              Pharmaceutical
www.p m                                 Pharmaceutical m                                physicians/nurses m                        Pollution prevention                                 Public Serv ice Emp loyees Network*                              Physics                                Radio logy/ Oncology m/                                Research (Gallup) m/ mssa/                           Social Serv ice                            Show Biz Jobs m/ m               Social Serv ices m/ ml             Social Serv ices                             CBS Sports line                                 Teaching                                  Teaching, Minnesota Association of School Admin istrators m                         Teaching                            Teaching                                Teaching, Depart ment of Defense m/eduation                     Teaching m                                Trucking                                Trucking (Insiders guide to trucking)                                 Teleco mmunications              Teleco mmute Programming Jobs m                                Co mprehensive company research and career-related
                                                informat ion
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                            4 m                                  Women in Technology International m/jobs/                    Writers, copywriters and editors                              Writers, copywriters and editors m/                     Find a recruiter on-line.

Inte rnet Assistance and Directories:
Multi and Meta Search Engines;                 Meta Search engines are search tools which look across
                                               mu ltip le databases and often eliminate redundant listings                      Exp lains how search engines find and rank web pages. m                      Crawler based search engine.                       Crawler based search engine. m                                   The "natural language" search engine that let you search by
                                               asking questions and responded with what seemed to be the
                                               right answer to everything. Utilizes hu man editors and
                                               crawler based technology to search the web. ml                    Career research and job-hunting site. Including reg ional
                                               resources, m m                            This is a very organized index o f job-hunting resources plus
                                               a summary of resume databases and job search guides. m/                               Twice voted “Most outstanding Search Engine”. Well
                                               deserved reputation as the top choice for searching the web.                            Internet Tutorial (step-by-step). m                      Hu man-co mpiled directory of web sites that operates its own
                                               web site m/                                Easy to navigate - it searches the top ten search engine
                                               databases, and             Links to career related Associations and Societies.                                   Search engine, expert job advise, and career articles.                            Directory of Business and Industry – addresses and maps
www.ixqu m/                             Fast, comprehensive and ranks findings by relevance!
                                               Searches 14 engines. Results ranked by relevancy and
                                               include info rmation about which search engine it came fro m.                           Launched in 1994, World ’s oldest search engine. Uses
                                               crawler-based results provided by FAST same as all the web.                          Microsoft operates MSN and has its own team of editors that
                                               monitors the most popular searches being performed and
                                               then hand-picks sites that are believed to be the most
                                               relevant. m                             Directory of Business and Industry – addresses and maps                           Easy to use, provides highly relevant listings from the ten
                                               search engines and organizes findings into logical groupings. m/                          One of a new generation of metasearch engines. Provides
                                               comprehensive coverage, finding relevant listings and
                                               clusters like listings. m                            Search engine.                                  Launched in 1994, World ’s oldest search engine. Powered by
                                               Google since 10/2002.                        Meta-search engine.

Federal, State, County and City Job Postings                                    Veteran’s Affairs                                    Social Security information                               State of Minnesota Home Page                                    Small Business Association ml            Wage, hour and employ ment law                      Federal Govern ment jobs
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                                 5           Federal job postings                               Govern ment/Federal Jobs (Federal Jobs Digest)                   Govern ment Jobs, clearing house of information                       Govern ment Jobs/Public Service (Jobs in Government)                               Govern ment Jobs, Public Service Emp loyees Network                               Govern ment job postings        Minnesota Court System jobs ml            Minnesota Historical Society jobs
www1.u                              University of M innesota Human Resources site                      Occupational information & news about careers. Site
                                               includes info on product updates, government/legislative
                                               news, grant opportunities, training opportunities, and career
                                               resource links. m/job/ m     Govern ment/Civil Serv ice Listings                                  ISEEK-M N Careers/Job Openings                            Benton County            Hennepin County Human Resources              Ramsey County Hu man Resources m           Carver County Human Resources                           Stearns County                         Sherburne County                             Scott County Human Resources                Dakota County Human Resources                       City of Minneapolis Hu man Resources

Employe r Information Sites:                        Yahoo! Finance offers company profiles fro m Market Gu ide,
                                               with informat ion on over 9,000 public co mpanies.
http://market                   Listings of Business Associations
www.tho              m is the world’s leading resource for
                                               informat ion on industrial products and services.                                Hoovers on-line – co mpany profiles

Non-Profit:                              Minnesota Council of Non-profits – Online non-profit job
                                               board m/                        Social Serv ice Jobs – Social service & non-profit jobs by
                                               state.              Hamline University Career Center
                                               Listing full & part-time jobs, internships in Twin Cities.                  Twin Cit ies FREE-NET
                                               Co mmunity non-profit resources in Minneapolis / St. Paul.                              United Way – Job line Non-profit job listings.                           Vo lunteer Opportunities –Thousands of volunteer
                                               opportunities online – chose area using zip code location.

Employme nt Classifieds & Job Posting Sites: m/workavenue                Star Tribune Search e mp loyment classifieds, post your
                                               resume, research company profiles, and learn about career
                                               events.                 St. Pau l Pioneer Press Search for jobs, post resume, salary
                                               wizard, and job hunting tips. m/                              Twin Cit ies Emp loy ment Weekly Twin Cit ies emp loyment
                                               postings, calendar of events, and career articles.
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                                 6 m/                To search specific newspapers' classified ads by state and
                                               city.                      National help-wanted ad search. Geared towards
                                               management, professional, technical and executive positions. m

Minnesota Sites of Interest:                               Portal page to Minnesota state government informat ion and
                                               services including local and tribal govern ment.                           What's New Directories Publications Maps Other
                                               Govern ment Links to the World Library Help Site Map
                                               Search Please direct all co mments concerning issues or
                                               legislation to your House Member or Senator
www.eac-mn .org/                               Emp loy ment Action Center Programs ml         Minnesota’s Libraries
                                               Listing of public libraries in M innesota.                        Minnesota Department of Health Health Department
                                               programs, health by topics, statistics, and other
                                               resources.                           Minnesota Medical Alley Non-profit trade association
                                               of healthcare organizations.               Minnesota Rehabilitation Serv ices Lists state
                                               organizations/agencies with resources for people with
                                               disabilit ies.                               North Star – M innesota Government Online Minnesota state
                                               government services.                      City of Minneapolis site. m/                              Twin Cit ies Guide. News – press releases,
                                               government, libraries, tourism, zip codes, business,
                                               events, and more.

Career Information Sites:
www.b m/                                          Career site for students of
                                               Black Co lleg ian On line
                                               color – search jobs, post resumes and research
                                               employers m                          Business Week on-line.   On-line lessons on learning co mputers and the web. m                         Wall Street Journal’s Career Journal, art icles, tips for job
                                               seekers. Salaries by industry, articles by career
                                               columnists, and job-hunting advice.                             A career strategy and human capital management firm that
                                               orchestrates remarkable career advancement fo r mid-to
                                               senior-level managers and executives, top professionals,
                                               consultants, and entrepreneurs.                              Resume information site, created by Yana Parker – author of
                                               “Damn Good Resumes”.
www.geocit            An Internet guide to access sites that can help with career
                                               decisions, career preparation and obtaining the job you want. m/                      Net guide for job seekers, created by Richard Bolles – author
                                               of “What color is your parachute”.                                Learn your temperament type m                         Articles and tips for job seekers.
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                                7                           Washington Post                            America’s Info Net – for info rmed career choices                          Resume assistance.
www1.u                   University of M innesota resume assistance m/                                Job search by companies.                                 Job Hunt List of online job search resources.        Link
                                                 to jobs in academia and education. m.u          University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada – Career Manual.
                                                 The manual lists six steps to help you manage your career
                                                 development                            JobNET Job search resources (strategies, trends, and
                                                 statistics). Post your resume online and review job
                                                 postings.                   Job Star Career information on resumes, salary
                                                 surveys, and negotiation strategies and networking.
                                                 Online career fairs, emp loyer research, and salary
                                                 informat ion.                                 National Association of Colleges & Emp loyers (NA CE)
                                                 Links to employment centers, professional
                                                 associations, job search information, career library
                                                 resources, and professional development.
www.u m             Resume Tutor – University of M innesota Human Resources
                                                 Resume styles, summary of qualifications, words
                                                 of wisdom, and examples of resumes.                             Small Business Association Information and resources for
                                                 small business development.

National Advertisements: m                               NationJob – National Job Database, research companies                          Chronicle of h igher education                               Net Jobs – job banks (St. Cloud)                        Chronicle of Philanthropy - Philanthropy careers                                MN Council o f Non-profits, job bank, lin ks to additional non

Chambers of Commerce m/chambers/default;          U.S. CHAMB ER OF COMMERC E

MINNE SOTA CHAMBERS OF C OMMERCE BY CITY: m/;                          State of MN Chamber minnesot2.htm;             MN Chambers of Co mmerce

TWIN CITY AREA CHAMB ERS :                     Anoka
http://www.avmnchamber. org/                         Apple Valley                       Buffalo
http://www.burns                   Burns ville Chamber                       Chaska       Delano                            Eden Prairie
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                                         8                                   Edina                                Elk River                           Excelsior   Farmington
http://www.                                         Forest Lake                                     Hastings fm                           I-94 West Chamber (Rogers, Dayton, St.Michael,
                                                               etc.)                                   Inver Grove Heights Area
http://www.lakeminnetonkac                         Lake Minnetonka
http://www.lakevillec hamberc                          Lakeville Chamber
http://www.metronorthc hamber. org/                            Metro North Area Chamber (Andover, Blaine, Coon
                                                               Rapids,etc.)                                  Midway Chamber (St.Paul)                                     Nort h Hennepin Area Chamber (NW Suburbs)                                    Nort hern Dakota County Chambers (E agan,
                                                               Mendota, Mendota Hgts., Rosemount, West
http://www.richfieldchamberc                           Richfield                                  Robbinsdale                                  Savage
http://www.shak                                      Shakopee                              Stillwater
http://www.twincitiesnorth. org/                               Twin Cities Nort h Chamber (Fridley area)                                       Twin West Chamber (Western Suburbs)
http://www.                                Wayzata
http://www.                              White Bear Lake
http://www.                              Woodbury

TOWNS OF MINNES OTA (locate Chambers & To wns in MN)      http://www.dig it
MN City Sites: (another lin k to Cit ies in MN) 

St. Cl oud Area Chambers: m                                  Albany Chamber of Co mmerce m                                    Becker Chamber of Co mmerce
www.b m                                  Big Lake Chamber of Co mmerce m                                 Cold Spring Cha mber o f Co mmerce
www.littlefalls m                            Little Falls Chamber of Co mmerce m                                Monticello Chamber o f Co mmerce m                               Paynesville Chamber of Co mmerce m/                              St. Cloud Chamber of Co mmerce. Local business
                                                          informat ion; web site address and job bank. Includes Sauk
                                                          Rapids & Waite Park. m/                                  Sartell Chamber o f Co mmerce.                                 Sauk Centre Chamber of Co mmerce                                Princeton Chamber of Co mmerce. m                            Chamber of Co mmerce directory, search by city/state. m/                                    Minneapolis Chamber of Co mmerce m/                                   St. Pau l Chamber of Co mmerce
http://www.chamberofco m/                       Official Global Chamber locator, use Minnesota for search
                                                          term. Many chambers have a business directory to find
                                                          emp loyer in formation.
100 + WEBSITES                                                                                           9
Inte rnet Library/ Resource m/id/238/221                 Library of Congress – Electronic Library   Search the e-
                                             library database for articles.                              James J. Hill Library Business research tools and Hill
                                             Library services.
www.Ipl.o rg                                 Internet Public Library m/glossarit.htm             Freeality On line Glossary and Acronyms m m/                       On-line encyclopedia
www.bart                           On-line lib rary m                             On-line writing assistance
www.b                            Occupational Outlook Handbook and Statistics                         Small Business Administration – Starting your own business

Maps & Travel Information                               Route Type: Door-to-Door City-to-City. m                             Find addresses, businesses, & places, get driving directions.                             Find directions for and explore towns and cities world wide.                             Customized maps /directions integrated with nationwide
                                             yellow pages.                           Yahoo maps are point to point directions.                                 Downloadable d igital/ paper maps, and travel accessories.
www.Map                            Get driv ing direct ions or search the local YELLOWPA GES.

Free E-Mail Servers m/           m                   m/                           www.goin m m                            www.myo m/                                      m

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