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      Key Issue:
 Economic Development
                           Goal 1
    Employ full time director for Barber County
 Development, Inc. and Barber County Foundation

• Objective 1 – Find long term resources for 5-year operation

• Objective 2 – Develop job description
   • Who – Board of Directors
   • When – During 1999
                           Goal 2
      Develop and utilize business retention and
                expansion activities

• Objective 1 - Using the Kansas Business First program, survey
  existing business
   • Who - BCD, Inc. and BCF in cooperation with Chambers
      of Commerce, Leadership graduates or youth
   • When - as soon as possible

• Objective 2 - Utilize the Microloan program to assist
  entrepreneurial startups and expansions
   • Who - BCD, Inc.'s microloan committee
   • When – plan underway
                            Goal 3
 Develop and utilize business recruitment activities

• Objective 1 - Investigate possible construction trade training

• Objective 2 - Investigate manufacturing to add value to present
  agricultural crops and range land

• Objective 3 - Investigate possible port authority

• Objective 4 - Most importantly, identify possible sites for new
  business both business incubator and manufacturing

• Objective 5 – Access labor force job skills

    • Who - BCD, Inc. and BCF
    • When - immediately with help from goal 1
                           Goal 4
    Maintain Leadership Barber County and YES

• Objective 1 – Involve and educate citizens about the benefits

• Objective 2 – Track progress of YES graduates (mentoring) and
  encourage involvement of adult graduates in our vision

   • Who – Leadership in Barber County
   • When – Within 1 year

     Key Issue:
                            Goal 1
 Develop and utilize business recruitment activities

• Objective 1 - Investigate possible construction trade training

• Objective 2 – Educate residents of Barber County of the
  economic benefits of tourism

    • Who – BCD, Inc. and Medicine Lodge Tourism Committee
      and Chambers of Commerce and Peace Treaty
    • When – After goal 1 is attained
                           Goal 2
   Identify and pursue other ways to promote and
             encourage travel and tourism

• Objective 1 – Provide info on the Internet

• Objective 2 – Enhance the Scenic Byway through Gyp Hills

• Objective 3 - Support and sustain county tourism attractions

• Objective 4 – Utilize KDoC&H KATIE program

• Objective 5 – Continue to explore a lake in the county

    • Who – BCD, Inc. and BCF and the formation of new
      technology committee in cooperation with KDoC&H and
      other counties and other county organizations
    • When – as soon as possible

     Key Issue:
                            Goal 1
    Retain and attract retirees and senior citizens

• Objective 1 – Research and develop ideas and thoughts
  concerning independent and assisted living for senior citizens

• Objective 2 – Encourage retirees to move back to Barber

    • Who – BCD, Inc. with cooperation from the cities in the
    • When – as soon as possible
                         Goal 2
        Investigate housing needs countywide

• Objective 1 – Assess housing and compile needs by networking
  with existing county groups

   • Who – BCD, Inc. and BCF and other existing groups with
   • When – as soon as possible

    Key Issue:
Community Foundation
                           Goal 1
          Explore and investigate possibilities

• Objective 1 – Obtain IRS letter granting tax exempt status

• Objective 2 – Educate citizens of its existence and explore the

    • Who – BCD, Inc. and BCF
    • When – as soon as possible

      Key Issue:
Communication County Wide
                           Goal 1
              Communication County Wide

• Objective 1 – Meet with at least one representative from each
  group in the county to collect vision statements

• Objective 2 – Establish a newsletter or calendar to promote
  networking and information exchange

   • Who – BCD, Inc. and BCF
   • When – as soon as possible
Barber County Development, Inc. was
created to improve Barber County’s
economic viability.

It is the desire of Barber County Development, Inc. to combine
the efforts of the entire county for a more effective thrust in
business development, helping existing businesses to expand,
recruiting new businesses, encouraging tourism.
Stay a while and and kick off your shoes. Discover Barber
County, a place where beautiful people live, work and play in

Incorporated ~ January 1999
Set up program for Micro-loan funds to be available in Barber County
Developed Strategic Plan for all of Barber County to be included as an
 Enterprise Zone ~ May 1999
Renewed Neighborhood Revitalization Plan ~ January 2000
Published “The Barber County Business Directory” ~ March 2000
Opened first office and hired part-time help ~ June 2000
Cooperated with Sunflower RC&D to update information in “The Barber County
 Business Directory” to create a multi-county “Business Directory” ~ July 2000
Renewed Barber County Enterprise Zone ~ November 2000
Received official nonprofit 501(c)6 status ~ May 2001
Updated Strategic Plan ~ June 2001
Barber County is located in South Central Kansas bordering
Oklahoma. Encompassing more than 11,000 square miles,
our grassland, in the western half of the county, with its
rugged, scenic terrain known as the “Gyp Hills,” is where Ted
Turner’s latest ranch acquisition is located. The eastern half
of the county holds the population centers. The population is
well educated with a strong work ethic.
The economy is primarily agricultural being home to one of the
largest cow/calf operations in the state and many wheat
Medicine Lodge is home to National Gypsum, the largest
employer in the area, deriving its business by mining gypsum
and manufacturing wallboard. Local trucking companies haul
their products and the majority come home empty, suggesting
extremely competitive back haul rates for materials being
shipped into the county. The second largest John Deere dealer
in the nation is located in Kiowa and is another major employer.

Oil and gas production also provides a vital part of our economy.
        Why are people moving to Barber County?

•Great quality of life              •Many friendly churches
•Beautiful natural environment      •Two compassionate effective hospitals
•Property taxes are low             •One long term care facility
•Low crime rate                     •Three public swimming pools
•Plentiful supply of electricity    •Average January temperatures - 320
 and natural gas
                                    •Average July temperatures – 890
•Below average utility rates
                                    •Mayor/Council town governments
•Quality water & fresh, clean air
                                    •County population of 5,300
•Excellent schools
                                    •80% of people live in the towns
•Many friendly churches
                                    •Contains our own landfill
Economic Development
      What Can BCD Do For You?

• Facilitate tax abatement under the Neighborhood
  Revitalization Plan.

• Offer the Micro Loan Program assistance.

• Explain tax incentives for new and expanding

• Find out the answers to your questions or
  connect you with the people who have them.

• Help you find available commercial sites
• Secure available commercial sites.
    Barber County Organizations

• Medicine Lodge Area Chamber of

• Kiowa Chamber of Commerce

• Hardtner Chamber of Commerce
                            Food & Dining

•   Burger Shack, 424 W. Central Ave Medicine Lodge, 620-886-5752
•   Indian Grill Restaurant, 301 W. Fowler Ave(US 160) Medicine Lodge, 620-886-3476
•   RayKies Grill & Dairy, 110 W. Fowler Ave Medicine Lodge, 620-886-5938
•   Pizza Hut, Hwy 281 Medicine Lodge, 620-886-3784
•   The Plum Thickett Inn, 1215 Main St Kiowa, 620-825-4218
•   Whistle Stop Diner, 320 Main St Kiowa, 620-825-4138
•   Yur Place, 108 E. Central Ave Hartner, 620-296-4477
•   Buster's, Main St Lake City, 620-886-3256
•   Dairy Bar Drive In, 603 North 7th Kiowa, 620-825-4525
•   Gambino's Pizza, 629 Main St Kiowa, 620-825-4233
•   Sterling's Barn, 4694 SW Rattlesnake Trail, Hardtner 620-296-4670 or -4477
•   Larson Ranch, 1801 NW Forest City Rd, Medicine Lodge
•   Sterling Catering, 620-296-4670
•   Simple Simon's Pizza & Taco Tico, North Main, Medicine Lodge 620-866-9963
                  Area Attractions

• Lodging
  • Copa Motel W Hwy
    160 Medicine Lodge, 620-
  • Lodge Inn Hwy 281
    North Medicine Lodge,
  • The Guest Lodge 505
    Miller St. Kiowa, 620-825-
  • Heritage House Bed &
    Breakfast Hazelton, 620-
  • Hardtner Motel 100
    North Cherokee Hardtner,
                  Area Attractions

• Museums
  • Coca Cola Memorabilia 410        • Medicine Lodge Peace
    N Main, Medicine Lodge 620-        Treaty Statue - is located at
    886-385                            the corner of Main & First
  • Door Knob Museum 310 W             Street on the Medicine Lodge
    Kansas, Medicine Lodge 620-        Intermediate School Grounds
    886-5915                           Barber County
  • Carrie Nation Home &             • Kiowa Historical Museum -
    Stockade Museum 209-211            located at 107 North Seventh
    W Fowler, Medicine                 Street Medicine Lodge Indian
    Lodge 620-886-3553                 Peace Treaty Pageant
  • Gyp Hills Scenic Drive
    Self Guide Tour
    located on the Medicine Lodge
    High School Grounds
    one block east of US 281 on El
    Dorado Avenue
                 Area Attractions

• Lakes & Fishing                 • Scenery
  • Barber County State Fishing     • Scenic By-way Project -
    Lake                              is now a "Kansas
                                      Designated Scenic By-way
• County Fairs                        on US 160 between
                                      Medicine Lodge and
  • Barber County Fair
                                    • 2 Scenic Overlooks - one
                                      on the south side of the
                                      road is 6 miles out, and one
                                      on the north side is 9 miles
                                      out both are west of
                                      Medicine Lodge on US 160
Notes on Strategic Planning Session 4/8/04
    What We Dream of Seeing in 10 years
•   Branson Atmosphere – lots of   •   Telecommunications Center
                                   •   National Competitions
•   Increased Baby Boomers
                                   •   Stockade (visitors from 45
•   Hunters/Fisherman – from           states & Washington DC
                                   •   Resort Hotel
•   Housing Manufacturer
                                   •   Baby Busters
•   New Houses
                                   •   Depletion of resources
•   Regional Thinking
                                   •   Growth – possible business
•   School Consolidation               incubator

•   Regional Airport               •   Commitment to offer
•   Senior Population
     Things we think have impacted the
           community (timeline)
• Things we think have       • Steve – Lake we need
  impacted the community
  (timeline)                 • Marcia – Hardware store
                               in Kiowa
• Sue – 2001    Ted Turner
  Purchase of Land           • Hannah – Neighborhood
• Monte 2001-2 Airport 5
  new houses                 • Mark – Barber County
                               Dev’t initiated discussion
• Mick – 2002 Kiowa Ag         and sold them
            Discussion of Strengths

• Good Board           • 4 Libraries

• Schools              • Income Base

• Environment          • Oil & Gas

• Growth               • Leadership

• Tourism              • Business

• People               • Human Resources

• Transportation       • Infrastructure

• Technology           • People – work ethic
         Discussion of Concerns

• Housing

• Urban Drain

• Population

• Job Opportunities

• Lack of public recreation

• Agriculture
            Discussion of Issues

• Long term resources     • Agriculture
  for organization
                          • Health Care
• Capital Investment
                          • LMI
• Economic
  Development             • Aging Population
  Education Committee
                          • Brain Trust
• Negative Attitudes
                          • Mentoring Program
• Geographical Conflict
                          • Attitudes - communication
• Environment (water)
     County Information

     Barber County Weather:
               Medicine Lodge

Kansas Department of Commerce & Housing

          Medicine Lodge Tourism

   Medicine Lodge Indian Peace Treaty
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