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									MBA in
Supply Chain
MBA in Supply
The effective supply chain has become a new organizational and operational
model for the information age. Supply chain management is a business process
that enables a virtual integration of business partners to achieve new levels of
efficiency and productivity, as well as extraordinary returns to investors. It is also
a major area of teaching and research at Rutgers Business School–Newark and
New Brunswick, which offers an MBA concentration and PhD in supply chain
management with the involvement of the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain
Management and over 50 corporate executives. The center, which enjoys the
participation of a multidisciplinary faculty and industry practitioners, conducts
cutting-edge research and serves as a valuable business resource.

                         The Rutgers Reputation
                         Rutgers Business School–Newark and New Brunswick is an integral part of
                         one of the nation’s oldest, largest, and most distinguished institutions of
                         higher learning—Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. Rutgers is
                         one of only 62 select members of the prestigious Association of American
                         Universities. Rutgers Business School has been accredited by AACSB
                         International since 1941.

                         MBA in Supply Chain Management
                         Supply chain management is one of the strategic MBA concentrations at
                         Rutgers Business School. The curriculum was designed by faculty with
                         input from industry experts to ensure that it is both comprehensive and
                         current. All students take “Operations Analysis” as part of the core MBA
                         curriculum. In addition to the required 3-credit course “Supply Chain
                         Strategies,” students electing to concentrate in supply chain management
                         take an additional 12 credits* (any combination) of elective courses in
                         two primary areas of focus: Procurement and Sourcing Management and
                         Supply Chain Technologies.
                         *Part-time students take an additional 9 credits.
Chain Manageme
Concentration Core Course: Supply Chain Strategies
Focus Area 1:
Procurement and Sourcing Management Courses
  Business-to-Business Marketing
  Contract Management
  Cross-Cultural Management
  Customer Relationship Management
  Executive Leadership
  Introduction to Total Quality Management
      and Control
  Pharmaceutical Purchasing and
    Supply Management                                   Supply Chain Employers
  Procurement Management and Global Sourcing
                                                        Rutgers’ supply chain management students are in
  Retail Management
                                                        demand by some of the largest employers around the
  Transportation and Importation Management             globe. Employers who recruit students for full-time posi-
Focus Area 2:                                           tions and internships in supply chain management include:
Supply Chain Technologies Courses                       A&P                           MetLife
  Business Process Improvement                          AmerisourceBergen             New Jersey Department
  Corporate Strategy and Product Innovation             AstraZeneca                     of the Treasury
  Ecommerce                                             Barrier Therapeutics          Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  Emerging Supply Chain Technologies                    BASF                          Panasonic
  Enterprise Resource Planning                          Bayer HealthCare              Pfizer
  Internet Technology and Ebusiness                     BD (Becton, Dickinson         Praxair
  Managing Strategic Transformations                      and Company)                PSEG
  Strategic Cost Management                             Benjamin Moore                Roche
  Team Building and Group Process                       Bristol-Myers Squibb          Schering-Plough
                                                        Exelon                        Stryker
Industry Client Projects
                                                        IBM                           Time Warner
Students in the supply chain management concen-
                                                        Intel                         Tyco International
tration also have opportunities to earn credits while
working under the direction of faculty and industry     Johnson & Johnson             Unilever
advisers on real-world industry projects sponsored by   JPMorgan Chase                VeriSign
major corporations in the area.                         Kraft Foods                   Wachovia
                                      With a doctoral degree in industrial engineering, Professor Lei Lei brings a valuable
                                      perspective to the study of supply chain management. Students take advantage of
                                      Professor Lei's expertise in the classroom, but they also benefit from her continuous
                                      success in developing connections with industry leaders through her role as director
                                      of Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management. It is largely through her efforts that
                                      Rutgers Business School has attained its well-deserved global reputation of being a
                                      supply chain powerhouse.

  Supply Chain Student Initiative
  Supply chain management students benefit from the program’s cross-functional
  curriculum, enhanced by the school’s ties to industry. The Supply Chain Student
  Initiative (SCSI), led by top students, partners closely with the Rutgers Center for
  Supply Chain Management and local corporations to expose students to industry
  leaders and events. SCSI organizes guest lectures, facility tours, seminars, and
  other hot-topic events throughout the year. Recent activities included:

    I Facility tours of A&P, BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company),
       Liz Claiborne, L’Oréal, Port Elizabeth, and Toys “R” Us
    I Guest lectures by AmerisourceBergen, BASF, Revlon, Roche, and
       Tyco International

  Case Competition
  The Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management sponsors an annual
  case competition in which students demonstrate their knowledge of
  problem solving and supply chain strategies before a panel of industry
  executive judges. Teams from Rutgers Business School, Rutgers
  School of Engineering, Lehigh University, New Jersey Institute of
  Technology, New York University, and Penn State University have com-
  peted on the Rutgers campus for top honors at this popular event.

  Supply Chain Advisory Board Scholarships
  and Leadership Awards
  Each year, the advisory board of the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain
  Management grants scholarships to MBA students who demonstrate academic
  excellence and commitment to the field of supply chain management. The center
  also presents annual leadership awards to students who have demonstrated
  exemplary leadership and dedication to supply chain management during their
  academic careers.

  Alfred J. Battaglia Memorial Fellowship
  Alfred J. Battaglia, a former Becton, Dickinson and Company executive, was a
  driving force behind the creation of Rutgers’ supply chain management pro-
  gram. After his death, his family, friends, and colleagues at Becton, Dickinson
  and Company created this fellowship.
Graduate Perspectives
“Rutgers Business School closed the gap in my
résumé, which was the need to update my skills to
better cope with tomorrow’s challenges. It also gave
me a better understanding of business processes,
methodologies, and theories for operations I used
to try to do ‘by the seat of my pants.’ I will always
be grateful to the professors and staff at Rutgers for
helping me to achieve my goal of finding a mean-
ingful job while increasing my understanding of the
latest business decision-making processes.”
Alan Taber (MBA’02), First Graduate of Supply
Chain Management Program, hired by IBM

“The Rutgers MBA degree provided me with an
in-depth foundation of supply chain management
                                                         “My objective for the MBA program was to transi-
through a variety of challenging courses.
                                                         tion from my previous role as an independent infor-
Additionally, the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain
                                                         mation technology consultant serving the needs of
Management continues to provide me with
                                                         many customers across many industries to a chal-
valuable, ongoing assistance and support in my
                                                         lenging position in process quality, technology, or
current career. Earning a Rutgers MBA has proven
                                                         supply chain management, where I could utilize for
to be the best career investment I have made.”
                                                         the benefit of a single organization the vast skill set
Danny Lim (MBA’04), Supply Chain Student
                                                         that I had developed over the last 10 years. The
Initiative (SCSI) President 2003–2004, hired by
                                                         challenging curriculum at Rutgers and the exposure
Benjamin Moore
                                                         to supply chain management professionals through
                                                         my interaction with the Center for Supply Chain
                                                         Management helped me to achieve this goal.”
                                                         Melisa D. Sloan (MBA’05), SCSI Copresident
                                                         2004–2005, hired by Stryker Orthopaedics

                                                         “The Rutgers MBA in supply chain management pro-
                                                         gram strengthened my interest in the SCM field with
                                                         its first-class curriculum and a highly active Supply
                                                         Chain Student Initiative that organized interesting
                                                         facility visits and informative guest speaker sessions.”
                                                         Sreeja Chettur (MBA’06), SCSI Copresident
                                                         2005–2006, hired by Tyco International
Rutgers Center for Supply
Chain Management
Established in 2000, the Rutgers Center for Supply
Chain Management is dedicated to promoting
research in supply chain management and develop-
ing new strategies and solutions to problems
encountered by business.
    Students have the opportunity to work with
distinguished faculty members with a wealth of
research and consulting experience in logistics
management, inbound/outbound transportation
network design, modeling and optimization, part-
nership and negotiation, information technology
and ecommerce, and end-to-end supply chain                 Academic Advisory Board
management strategies.                                     The center is also supported by an advisory board
    Consistent with its mission, the center also main-     of distinguished professors who periodically review
tains close ties with the business community. It facili-   the academic quality of supply chain management
tates discussion on emerging issues of importance          programs. The board includes:
to supply chain managers, serves as a source for
                                                              Dr. Stephen Graves, Sloan School of
leading-edge best practices, and delivers executive
                                                                 Management, Massachusetts Institute
education programs.                                              of Technology
                                                              Dr. Lei Lei, Rutgers Business School–Newark and
Industry Advisory Board                                          New Brunswick, Rutgers University
The Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management is             Dr. Michael Pinedo, Stern School of Business,
                                                                 New York University
actively supported by an advisory board of corporate
                                                              Dr. David Wu, Dean, College of Engineering and
officers and senior executives from major corpora-
                                                                 Applied Science, Lehigh University
tions. Students benefit from their participation
through off-site learning and internship opportunities.    For More Information
In addition, these advisers generate research oppor-
tunities for students and faculty members.                 For admissions information and an application,
                                                           please call 973-353-1234 or visit us online at
Current member companies include:                 For more infor-
                                                           mation about the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain
AmerisourceBergen             Merck
                                                           Management, please call 973-353-1169 or
AstraZeneca                   MetLife
                                                           visit us online at
Barrier Therapeutics          Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Bayer HealthCare              Panasonic Computer
BD (Becton, Dickinson           Solutions
  and Company)                Pfizer
Bristol-Myers Squibb          PSEG
Colgate-Palmolive             Roche
Deloitte Consulting           Schering-Plough
Exelon                        Unilever
                                                           Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is dedicated by
Johnson & Johnson             VeriSign                     law and by purpose to serving all people on an equal and
                                                           nondiscriminatory basis.
                                                           Photography: Dennis Connors
                                                           Produced by Rutgers’ Department of University Relations.

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