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                                                       Cooperation                                                                Person
                                                                   Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Industrial Belt is the leading area
                                                                   established by Henan Provincial Committee and Henan
                                                                   People’s Government to carry out the development of
                                                                   Henan cities, the industrial gathering area in the integration
                                                                   of Zhengzhou and Kaifeng, the demonstration area for
                                                                   economizing on land, and the experimental area for
                                                                   comprehensive reforms within the province. Zhengzhou-
                                                                   Kaifeng Industrial Belt covers the following area: west to
                                                                   Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Express Way, east to Jinming
                                                                   Avenue in Kaifeng, north to Lianhuo Express Way, south
                                                                   to the 310 National Highway. The total area is about 478
                                                                   sq km. The main areas to be developed include: west to the
                                                                   Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Express Way, east to Jinming
                          Zhongmou                                                                                                                            Zhongmou
        Zhenghou-                                                  Avenue in Kaifeng, north to the planned Yuxing Avenue
                          County                                                                                                                              County
      1 Kaifeng                          14000000     Co-sponsored (connecting the Fourth North Ring Road of Zhengzhou            Du Manqi   +86-371-62166216
                          Bureau of                                                                                                                           Bureau of
        Industrial Belt                                            and Dongjing Avenue in Kaifeng), and south to the
                          Commerce                                                                                                                            Commerce
                                                                   planned Central Avenue (connecting the Central Avenue
                                                                   of Zhengzhou and Songcheng Road of Kaifeng). It will be
                                                                   distributed in belt and developed into different functional
                                                                   groups. It will cover the belt along the area within 2.5 km
                                                                   on either side of the Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Highway. The
                                                                   belt totals 39.2km in length and its total area is 167.12 sq
                                                                   km. The area along Zhengzhou-Kaifeng Avenue will be
                                                                   mainly for vocational education, modern service industry,
                                                                   high and new technology, modern business and commerce,
                                                                   technological research and development, cutural tourism
                                                                   and service industry, modern manufacturing industry,
                                                                   farming products deep processing industry and modern
                                                                   agricultural demonstration. Projects that are in line with
                                                       Henan Huiji Economic and Technological Development
                                                       Zone is the only one provincial-level development area in
                                                       Zhengzhou approved of by National Development and
                                                       Reform Commission. It borders Zhongzhou Avenue in the
                                                       east, Dongfeng Canal in the west, Jialu River in the south,
                                                       and Dahe Road in the north. Its total area is 149.84
                                                       hectare. The 107 national highway, Zhougzhou Avenue,
                                                       Zhenghua Road, Wenhua Road, Kaiyuan Road, and Outer
                                                       Fourth Ring Road go through the zone. With such as a
  Henan Huiji                                          convenient transportation network, it has a bright prospect.
  Economic &     Huiji                                 Neighboring University Town North, International Auto                                   Huiji District
2 Technolgical   District   As Agreed                  City, and the Yellow River Yingbin Hotel, the                Cheng Jun +86-371-60925999 Bureau of
  Development    Government                            development zone will offer a good platform for investors                               Commerce
  Zone                                                 home and abroad with its well equipped infrastructure, rich
                                                       land resources, favorable investment policies, a liberal
                                                       development environment, convenient transportation,
                                                       perfect geographical location, cheap labor force and
                                                       vigorous stream of people. Investment in such industries as
                                                       hi-tech, environmental friendly electronic manufacturing,
                                                       mechanic manufacturing, food production and large-sized
                                                       storage supermarket, comprehensive shopping center and
                                                       up-market cultural, entertainment consumption projects is
                                                       highly welcomed.
                                                      The project is a high and new technological industrial park
                                                      co-sponsored by Jinshui District Government and Liulin
                                                      Town Government. It is one of Zhengzhou's major
                                                      industrial parks. It is located on the two sides of Yangjin
                                                      Road, between Zhongzhou Avenue and the side road of
                                                      the new 107 National Highway. It covers an area of 10000
                                                      mu which formerly belonged to seven villages, Yanghuai
                                                      Village, He Village, Xin Village, Xu Village, Malin
                                                      Village, Matougang Village, and Daxiao He Vilalge. The
  Henan State-
                                                      park will be divided into four sections, Food Industrial
  level                                                                                                                                      Jinshui
                  Jinshui              Independently- Section, Industrial Section, Ecological Section, and Aoke Wang
  Universities                                                                                                              +86-371-63526298 District
3                 District     55000   sponsored      Sightseeing Section. The park will pursue the goal of       Yinghai
  Technological                                                                                                             +86-371-63526460 Bureau of
                  Government           Cooperative    "three highs and one low", refering to high technological Liujing
  Park (East)                                                                                                                                Commerce
                                                      contents, high quality, high economic profits, low
                                                      pollution. A number of large-sized, profitable enterprises
                                                      are to be introduced to the park. Now six roads whose
                                                      length totals 21 km have been built. The park has been
                                                      equipped with water supply and discharge system,
                                                      electricity and illumination and green spaces. Power lines
                                                      and cables and telecommunications facilities have been set.
                                                      Now, the pre-planning of the park has been finished and
                                                      formalities of land use, planning, and construction are
                                                      being cleared.
                                                         The project is located in the area surrounded by                                             Merchants
  Henan State-     t Committee
                                                         Zhengzhou West Third Ring Road, Liming Road, Qinling                                          Bureau of
  level                  of                                                                                           Shan          +86-371-
                                          Independently- Road, and Baizhuang Road. It covers an area of 10.3.34                                      Zhengzhou Hi-
  Universities      Zhengzhou                                                                                         Maolin        67981535 +86-
4                                 29258   sponsored      hectare. The park will be divided into five functional                                         & New-
  Technological    Hi- & New-                                                                                         Zhang         13803895433
                                          Cooperative    sections: International Incubation Section, IT Industrial                                    Technology
  Park (East)      Technology                                                                                         Zhenwei       +86-371-67895001
                                                         Section, Research Institutions Section, Enterprises                                         Development
  Project           Developme
                                                         Headquarters Section and Central Section.                                                       Zone
                      nt Zone

                                                         Guancheng Jindai Industrial Park has a planned area of
                    t Committee
                                                         11.42sq km, which has been enlarged to 18sq km. The
                    of                                                                                                                               Guancheng
  Guancheng                                              Park will be developed into a modern industrial park           Zhang
                    Guancheng                                                                                                                        District
5 Jindai Industrial               25000   Cooperative    integrating industrial trading park, storage and logistic park Xianli Qu   +86-371-66319611
                    District                                                                                                                         Bureau of
  Park Project                                           and ecological park. At present the Park has been equipped Min
                    Jindai                                                                                                                           Commerce
                                                         with infrastructures and facilities and a considerable
                                                         number of enterprises have settled here.
                                                      According to the general plan of Zhengzhou Airport Area,
                                                      the project is to build an Information Technology
                                                      Industrial Park which integrates residential, research and
                                                      production, exhibition center and incubation center.
                                                      Following the principle of prioritizing the development of
                                                      IT industry, the Park promotes the development of the high
                                                      and new technology enterprises specializing in the
                                                      following: wired or wireless telecommunication materials
                    Merchants                         and equipment manufacturing, wired or wireless internet
  IT Industrial                                       technology development and equipment manufacturing,                                    Merchants
                    Bureau of
  Park Project of                       Co-sponsored, semi-conductor and integrated breadboard production,                                   Bureau of
6                   Zhengzhou   15000                                                                             Wu Jiming +86-371-62589838
  Zhengzhou                             Cooperative   liquid crystal display technolgical products, office                                   Zhengzhou
  Airport Area                                        automatization, optical and electronic technology, optical,                            Airport Area
                                                      mechanical and electronic integration equipment, scienfic
                                                      research and development, computer software, and the
                                                      production of other electronic product. Besides, other
                                                      projects of suporting facilities and industries such as
                                                      financial information consultation service, catering and
                                                      tourism enterprises, industrial incubation buildings,
                                                      commercial chambers, themed parks, stared hotels,
                                                      universities and ohter research institutions, shopping
                                                      centers and high-end residential villas.
                                                        The project is located in the north gate to Zhengzhou's
                                                        urban area, Huiji District. Its first stage has a planned area
                                                        of 4.7sq km. Bordering North Fourth Ring Road and
                                                        Lianhuo Expressway Exit in the south, Jiangshan Road in
                                                        the west, and the Forest Ecological Tourist Site whic is
  Huiji District  Huiji                                                                                                                           Huiji District
                                         Independently- 500m in width in the north, the project enjoys convenient
7 Dahe Industrial District   As Agreed                                                                                 Cheng Jun +86-371-60925999 Bureau of
                                         sponsored      transportation. Modern concepts and design and
  Park Project    Government                                                                                                                      Commerce
                                                        constructoin methods are adopted in planning the roads,
                                                        water supply, power supply, fire-fighting facilties,
                                                        telecommunications, illuminations, forestation and heating
                                                        supply. A superb modern ecological park is to be created
                                                        mainly for printing and packaging industry.
                                                   The area of the workshops varies from 50 to 1500sq m,
                                                   which can be freely divided or combined. It is suitable for
                                                   the gathering of a number of enterprises so that industrial
                                                   gathering competitiveness can be realized. Enterprises
                                                   settled here are specializing in sealing materials, industrial
                                                   processing, and etc. The park integrates incubation and
                                                   production. The incubator is surrounded by not only
                                                   20000sq m incubation workshops and 20000sq m
                  West Main                        residential group base. The park is characterized by the
                  Street                           following: first, the workshops and office buildings are
  Xinmi                                                                                                                     +86-
                  Office and                       mutli-functional and can be used as factories, buildings,                               Xinmi County
  Hongsheng                                                                                                       Chen      371-69888933
8                 Bureau of    11429   As Agreed   exhibition centers and residences; second, there are various                            Bureau of
  Entrapreneurial                                                                                                 Zhongyi   +86-
                  Commerce                         kinds of buildings from standardized workshops as large as                              Commerce
  Park Project                                                                                                              371-69824002
                  of Xinmi                         1500sq m to residential buildings as small as 50sq m.
                  County                           These buildings can be either sold or rented; third,
                                                   bordering Zhengshao Expressway and Zhengzhou
                                                   International Airport, it has a convenient transportation
                                                   network leading everwhere; fourth, it is well-equipped
                                                   with infrastructures like water facilities, power facilities
                                                   and telecommunications facilities; fifth, it has preferential
                                                   tax policies. Enterprises in the park will recieve the
                                                   preferential tax policies offered by Xinmi Economic
                                                   Development Zone.
                                                      Xinmi Chaohua Refractory Industrial Gathering Area is an
                                                      industrial park area designated by Zhengzhou Municipal
                                                      Government. It specializes in the production and sale of
                                                      various refractory materials. The planned area is 4000mu.
                                                      Currently, there are 106 enterprieses, who main products
   Xinmi Chaohua
                                                      include aluminum-silicon series, silicon series, magnesium               +86-
   Refractory     Chaohua                                                                                                                     Xinmi County
                                         Co-sponsored series, carbon contained series, light heat preservation       Chen      371-69888933
 9 Industrial     Town       As Agreed                                                                                                        Bureau of
                                         Cooperative  series, fusion casting series and adventitious refractory. Its Zhongyi   +86-
   Gathering Area Government                                                                                                                  Commerce
                                                      products have found markets throughout China and other                   371-69824002
                                                      nations like South Korea, North Korea, Japan, Indonesia,
                                                      India, Russia, and Tunisia. In order to promote the
                                                      development of the Park and to make full use of the
                                                      intensification of the enterprises, investors home and
                                                      abraod are now welcome to make investment in the park.
                                                      Dawei Paper Manufacturing Industry Gathering Area now
                                                      has 20 enterprises whose annual sales volume totals ¥2.5
                                                      billion Yuan and whose annual paper making capacity is
   Dawei Paper                                        about 1.2 million MT. Main products include, newsprint
   Manufacturing Dawei                                paper, enamel paper, paper of production use, packaging                                 Xinmi County
                                         Co-sponsored                                                          Chen            371-69888933
10 Industry       Town       As Agreed                paper, boxboard, corrugating medium paper, special paper                                Bureau of
                                         Cooperative                                                           Zhongyi         +86-
   Gathering Area Government                          and paper board. It will offer comprehensive service to                                 Commerce
   Project                                            projects in the area. The area is equipped with sewage
                                                      treatment plant which can pre-treat the sewage to enable
                                                      the discharged sewage to meet relevant standards and
                                                         The project has a planned area of 7sq km. There are two
                                                         power plants in or near the area, and three power stations,
                                                         220KV, 110KV, 35KV respectively. Henan Shengrun
   Xinmi Shengrun    Liuzhai
                                                         Power can offer a capacity of 2×50T/H heating steam and               +86-
   Industrial Park   Town                                                                                                                     Xinmi County
                                            Co-sponsored 0.8 billion KWatt hour. The area will be mainly for the     Chen      371-69888933
11 Merchants         Government As Agreed                                                                                                     Bureau of
                                            Cooperative  development of industries such as coalmining, power         Zhongyi   +86-
   Atrraction        Xinmi                                                                                                                    Commerce
                                                         supply, coal chemicals, new energy, new building                      371-69824002
   Project           County
                                                         amterials, high-end refractory materials, granulating
                                                         materials, auto windshield, building decorative glasses,
                                                         equipment manufacturing, and quality packaging paper.




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