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					 QAI CSTE Exam Study Course
                   (3 days)
     2008.6.19 -6.21
• Communicate with International QA/Testing Expert
• Quality Assurance Institute is a worldwide
organization and established in 1980 in USA
• Over 50,000+ QA & Testing professional has taken
QAI’s CSTE and CSQA certification.
• Including Fortune 500 companies staff and leading
IT services companies worldwide
• All training material are based on practical
experience plus contribution from the field experts
and QAI’s members
Hosting Organizer : Bytewatch    Supporting Organizer : QAI China
                                                                      and QAI Worldwide
Training Objectives
                                                       Target audience:
This training will cover the skill set of QAI’s
CSTE CBOK (Common Body of Knowledge)
and prepare for the QAI Worldwide’s CSTE
                          Worldwide’                  •Software testing engineers
professional exam
                                                      •Software test managers/supervisors
Training place                                        •IT quality control professionals
100 Xianlie Zhong Road, Guangzhou                     •Those pursuing CSTE certification
Training time
June 19th,2008-June 21th,2008                               Agenda:
Sign up close
                                                      •An overview of a world-class software
2008.5.6                                              testing model and a self-assessment of
                                                      your organizations software testing
Tele: 021 50808220                                    •Perform a software testing self-
Fax : 021 50806883                                    assessment on your personal testing skills
Contact person: Miss Zhou                             •Identify and learn the nine components of
Email:                   world-class software testing
Training fee                                          •Identify the top ten software testing
                                                      challenges and how to address them
12,500RMB/person( 3days’ courses)
12,500RMB/person(3days’ courses)                      •Each participant will complete a personal
Discount price:10,200RMB/person                       plan of action
( if two and above persons sign up
  Before June 6th,2008)                               This course addresses the QAI ’s Certified
Include the fee of training ,                         Software Testing Engineer ( CSTE)
teaching material ,tea and lunch                      common body of knowledge
This three-day foundation course of IT software testing concepts. The Certified Software Tester Exam
Study Course has been designed specifically to help the testing professional study and prepare for the
CSTE examination. The course is presented in a way that reinforces current knowledge, re-introduces
concepts that may not be used everyday, explains the rationale for use, and highlights sample questions,
both multiple-choice and essay type responses. The course provides a background of the IT testing
fundamentals and also includes the more advanced concepts, which the Certified Software Tester must
understand. The completion of this course along with the necessary practical experience and related
resource familiarity will help prepare the candidate for the CSTE examination*.

*Taking this course does not constitute, nor imply, the successful passing of the CSTE examination.

Due to time limitations of this course it is not intended to cover all the components of the common body of
knowledge in great depth.

Course Outline
This course addresses the CSTE common body of knowledge:
Skill Category 1.   Software Testing Principles and Concepts
Skill Category 2.   Building the Test Environment
Skill Category 3.   Managing the Test Project
Skill Category 4.   Test Planning
Skill Category 5.   Executing the Test Plan
Skill Category 6.   Test Status, Analysis and Reporting
Skill Category 7.   User Acceptance Testing
Skill Category 8.   Testing Software Developed by Outside Organizations
Skill Category 9.   Testing Software Controls and the Adequacy of Security Procedures
Skill Category 10. Testing New Technologies

   •   Learn practice test testing skills and give you better test taking tips.
   •   Review the Body of Knowledge for the Certified Software Tester examination.
   •   Refine your writing skills in preparation for the essay type response section of the examination.

Who Should Attend
Individuals with responsibilities such as:
   • Software testers
   • Software test managers/supervisors
   • IT quality control professionals
   • Those pursuing CSTE certification Individuals who desire to reinforce their skills,
   knowledge, and capacity to understand the CSTE Common Body of Knowledge

                                     More information please visit:
        BYTEWATCH GLOBAL GROUP                        QAI CHIAN              QAI WORLDWIDE
                        QAI CSTE Exam Study Course sign up blank
Welcome join us!Due to account of number finity,please finish the blank and fax it as soon as possible.
The fax number:021-50806883
Sign up close: June 18th, 2008
Include the fee of training ,teaching material ,tea and lunch
Name of Company

(very important)

We want join in QAI CSTE Exam Study Course,We need                                         seats
Name                                                sex          headship   email

Name                                                sex          headship   email
Name                                                sex          headship   email
Name                                                sex          headship   email
Pay method
□      telegraphic money order                                   □   cash
Name of open account:北京中信保科技发展有限公司
Bank :广东发展银行北京分行建国路支行
                                                                 Address :上海市郭守敬路 498 号浦东软件园
Number of bank:137041
                                                                 20 号楼 408 室
Accounts :137041516010007897

Contact :
Contact person:Miss Zhou

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