Proceedings of the Society for Marketing Advances Annual Symposium by slapshotmel


									Proceedings of the 2004 Society for Marketing Advances
 Annual Symposium on Retail Patronage and Strategy
           Edited by: Barry J. Babin, USM
        Jean-Charles Chebat, HEC, Montreal

                 November 2-3, 2004
The Relations between the Types of Private Label Brands and Consumer Store Loyalty
Anne-Sophie BINNINGER                                                                2

What We Say vs. What We Do- The Relationship between Service Environment and Brand
Personality in Retailing
Sacha Joseph & Renu Singh

Development of a Brand Personality Scale and Application to Two French Retail Brands
Dwight Merunka, Laure Ambroise, Jean-Marc Ferrandi, & Pierre Valette-Florence

Consumer Shopping Benefits, Customer Satisfaction, and Loyalty: The Case of Lifestyle
Retail Brands
Jason M. Carpenter & Ann E. Fairhurst

                                  Strategic Thinking
Building Explicit Models in Retail Executives' Implicit Thinking
Arch G. Woodside & Elizabeth J. Wilson

Local marketing Decisions: An Exploratory Study in Retailing Adilson Borges
Renaud Sore-Larregain & Anne Julien

Strategic Orientation and Marketing Capabilities in the U.S. Retail Industry
Marguerite Moore

An Exploratory Study of the Semantic Association Network of the Price-Quality
Hsiu-Yuan Tsao & Ian Phau

        Adaptive Behavior and Atmospherics Retail Images
Effects of Gender-Congruent Ambient Scent on Approach and Avoidance Behaviors in a
Retail Store
Eric R. Spangenberg, David E. Sprott, Bianca Grohmann & Daniel L. Tracy

An Exploratory Study of the Semantic Association Network of the Price-Quality
A. Ben Oumlil

Can A Consumer Be Satisfied In A Crowded Retailer? The Key Role of Expectations and
the Shopping Situation
Frank Pons
Selling experiences: The impact on patronage intentions by retail salespeople and store
Natalie Hedrick, Harmen Oppewal & Michael Beverland

                                  Retail Images
Image Transfer from Mall to Store: The Mediating Effect of Self-Image Congruence and the
Moderating Effect of Store Type
Jean-Charles Chebat, M. Joseph Sirgy & Valerie St-James

Success Strategies for Private Labels in Small Hotels, Inns and Bed and Breakfast
Lodgins: An Exploratory Study.
Jan Owens

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