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									Press Statement – 28 April 2009
Swine Influenza – Update

Princess Alexandra Hospital has been making preparations to deal with any
patients who attend the hospital with flu like symptoms.

The Trust’s pandemic planning group has been meeting to check any planned
response to the swine flu alert.

Dr Sandra Dimmock, Medical Director said: “Currently, the swine flu outbreak
in Mexico is being investigated to establish what the true position is. This is an
evolving situation and it is likely that more countries, including the UK, will be

“The HPA and SHA have already issued advice to the local NHS and you
should be following the patient algorithms issued by the HPA for suspected
cases - obviously this guidance will be constantly reviewed and updated”

“Patients who meet the swine flu criteria and who require testing will be given
a surgical mask and treated in our A&E. So far we have had one man who
was seen in A&E yesterday having returned from Mexico some days ago. He
was assessed by doctors who were happy his symptoms did not relate to
swine flu.”

Note to Editors:
Advice to returned travellers from countries affected by swine flu is available
from the HPA at:


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