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Personal Statement (up to 500 words) - DOC by jasonpeters


									                            Personal Statement (up to 500 words)

Applicant Name:

Programme applied to:                Masters of Public Administration
                                     Masters in Public Policy and Management

Brief overview of ways in which the Scholarship will enable you to make a
fuller contribution to development in your country

How do you hope to have an impact on your immediate colleagues and/or your
professional community?

Requirements of study
This is an interactive, online programme requiring students to login in to discussion
groups several times each week and therefore we need applicants to confirm the

        I meet the minimum system (IT) requirements of the programme (see for further details)

        I have basic IT and internet skills and access to a personal (home) computer

        I understand that I will need to login to the programme several times per week
         in order to take part in the supported discussion activities

        I understand that I will be required to take part in the four week online


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