Income Automation System Review

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					Income Automation System Review
By Eliken Marketing

                                      Jonny Andrews released his masterpiece product, the Income
                                      Automation System on October 26, 2010. The product has been
                                      priced at $97 for the base package with 6 prefabricated websites
                                      and the revolutionary Instant Site Robot plugin included. In the
                                      tutorial section of the program, Jonny provides detailed
                                      instruction on his procedures for keyword research, and his
                                      method for determining the likelihood of conversion of the
                                      keywords, using Free tools. The tools he utilizes and recommends
                                      are the standard Google Keyword tool, to reveal keyword activity,
                                      and Microsoft Adcenter, where the commercial intent of the
                                      words is shown, in combination with Market Samurai, for the
                                      marketer who is ready to invest in more advanced algorithms.

Once you find a keyword combination with appropriate commercial intention, thereby enhancing the
possibility of conversion to a click through and sale, you can then create a properly formatted SEO
appropriate keyword rich WordPress Blog. Once the basic blog is activated, the instant site robot plugin
is utilized to foster automatic content creation. Setting up the instant site robot is a simple procedure,
and the plugin itself comes with a video tutorial, which resides in the plugin tab of the admin panel, in
the instant site setup. The instant site robot performs several helpful actions, the first of which is to
optimize the WordPress' links, and permalinks, typical housecleaning chores that are prerequisite for a
bloggers creation of an optimized WordPress Blog site. With the input of several variables, including
the scraping location, broad keyword terms desired and several other categories in the setup module,
the robot will gather content from the selected sources, Yahoo answers, YouTube, or one of several
Ezine directories. The set up is basically configured to work in the default position, with the exception
of your presell link (landing page) so there is little technical knowledge needed to use the plugin. You
can make some simple tweaks in the settings to optimize the use for a given session, including whether
you want to filter the foul language, or set permalinks to internal or external use.

While keyword targeting is essential to yielding appropriate commercial intent, a broad keyword phrase
will yield acceptable results in the content gathering procedure, you may automatically approve the
content gathered, or look over each post and edit at your discretion. There is a date range from which
you can pull information, and Jonny suggests that you use an earlier start date, to create the impression
that the site has been around for a while, the auto blogging software will go back to that point in time to
locate appropriate content from that date until the end date you input. You then scroll to the bottom of
the settings page, locate the button marked "get content" and you are off to the races, with up to 20 new
posts created from existing content on YouTube, Yahoo, or the E zines, you wind up with a content rich
blog as a result of the procedure. Each new post is linked to your presell page, located on a unique page
in the blog, which is then linked to your sales page, video or hoplink.

Jonny kept some of his Traffic techniques secret from the public, these unique processes are available
in his by invitation only webinar, which last ran live at 1900 EDT, Nov 1, 2010. As we have obviously
passed this date, you can, for a limited time get access, again by invitation to the replay. You can access
the replay, by joining EliKen Marketing.