Unit Descr Short Desc 00100 Indiana State Police St Police 00305 Dept of Fire Bldg Services FBS 00385 IN Dept of Homeland Security HomelndSec by zhq76577


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									Unit   Descr                           Short Desc
00100 Indiana State Police             St Police
00305 Dept of Fire & Bldg Services     FBS
00385 IN Dept of Homeland Security     HomelndSec

00300 Dept. of Natural Resources       DNR
00044 Protection Advocacy Svcs Comm    PAS
00560 Indiana School for the Deaf      ISD
00570 Indiana Veteran's Home           IVH
00719 Commission for Higher Ed         CHE
00070 State Personnel Department       SPD
00705 Indiana Arts Commission          IAC
00265 State Racing Commission          SRC
00032 Criminal Justice Institute       CJI
00205 Utility Consumer Counsel         UCC
00038 Lieutenant Governor's Office     Lt. Gov.
00046 Attorney General's Office        AG
00405 Family & Social Services Admin   FSSA
00061 Department of Administration     IDOA
00062 Commission on Public Records     ICPR
00064 Public Access Counselor          Public Acs
00260 IN Economic Development Corp     IEDC
00502 Department of Child Services     Child Svcs
00200 Indiana Utility Regulatory Com   IURC

00103 Law Enforcement Training Board   ILEA
00240 Coroner's Training Board         CTB
00245 Professional Standards Board     PSB
00250 Professional Licensing Agency    IPLA
00258 Civil Rights Commission          CRC
00275 Health Professions Bureau        HPB
                                                                                          Pilot Agencies to go 10/07
00036 Department of Agriculture        Agricultre                                         Went Live Prior to Go Live
00030 Governor's Office                Governor                                           Go Live 1st
00800 Indiana Dept of Transportation   INDOT                                              Go Live 2nd
00090 Department of Revenue            Revenue                                            Go Live 3rd
                                                                                          Go Live 4th
                                                                                          Go Live 5th
00351 Board of Animal Health           BAH                                                Go Live 6th
00515 Prison Enterprise Network        PEN Prod                                           Go Live 7th
00605 Public Defender Office           Public Def                                         Go Live 8th
00607 Henryville Corr Facility         HCF
00610 Public Defender Council          PDC
00615 Department of Correction         DOC
00616 North Central Juv Corr Fac       NJC          Data collection for all agencies should start once AOS announces their go live date.
00617 Youth Rehab Facility             YRF          The first implementation should be 60-90 days after AOS is live.
00618 Miami Correctional Facility      Miami Corr   Implementations do not need to be done on a monthly basis. They can be done as ca
00619 Logansport Juv Intake/Diag Fac   LJF          Creation of accounts once all information is at IDOA takes about 3-4 weeks.
00620 Indiana State Prison             SPU
00630 Pendleton Corr Facility          PCU
00635 Corr Industrial Facility         CIC
00640 Indiana Womens Prison            IWP
00645 New Castle Correctonal Fclty.    New Castle
00650 Putnamville Corr Facility        PCF
00655 Pendleton Juvenile Corr Fac      Pendle Juv
00665 Wabash Valley Corr Facility      WVC
00667 Madison Correctional Facility    MCU
00670 Indianapolis Juv Corr Facility   IJC
00675 Branchville Corr Facility        BCF
00680 Westville Corr Facility          WCF
00681 Westville Transitional Fac       WTU
00682 Maximum Control Facility         MCC
00685 Rockville Corr Facility          RCF
00690 Plainfield Corr Facility         PCF
00695 Reception Diagnostic Center      RDC
08001 Indiana Child Care Fund, Inc.    ICCF
30104 Northeast Juv. Corr. Facility    Northeast
30105 Bloomington Juv. Corr. Facilit   Bloom JC
30106 Indpls. Men's Work Rel. Ctr      MensWrkRls
30107 Indpls. Women's Work Rel. Ctr    WomenWrkRl
30108 South Bend Work Release Center   SBWrkRls
30109 Camp Summit                      CampSummit
30110 Medaryville Corr. Facility       Medaryvill
30111 Chain O' Lakes Corr Facility     ChainOLake
30112 Atterbury Correctional Facilit   Atterbury
30113 Edinburgh Corr Facility          Edinburgh
30114 Lakeside Correctional Facility   Lakeside
30115 Ft Wayne Juvenile Corr. Fac.     FtWayneJuv
30116 South Bend Juv Corr. Facility    SoBendJuv

00035 Gov Cncl for People w/Disabili   PCPD
00400 Department of Health             ISDH
00041 Hazardous Waste Siting Auth.     Haz Waste
00495 IN Dept of Environmental Mgmt    IDEM
00496 Environmental Adjudication       OEA
00796 Environmental Adjudication       Envir Adj

00510 Dept of Workforce Development    DWD
00050 Auditor of State                 Auditor
00700 Department of Education          DOE
00190 Indiana Gaming Commission        Gaming

00410 Division of Mental Health        DMH
00415 Evansville Psych Child Ctr       EPCC
00425 Evansville State Hospital        ESH
00430 Madison State Hospital           MSH
00435 Logansport State Hospital        LSH
00440 Richmond State Hospital          RSH
00450 Larue Carter State Hospital      LCSH
00460 New Castle State Dev Ctr         NCSD
00465 Ft Wayne State Dev Ctr           FWSD
00470 Muscatatuck State Dev Ctr        MSDC
00480 Silvercrest Children Dev Cntr    SCCH
00490 Northern IN State Dev Ctr        NISCD
00497 Div of Disability & Rehab Svcs   DDRS
00498 IN Dept of Aging Admin           Aging
00500 Division of Family Resources     DFR
00503 FSSA Medicaid                    Medicaid
00550 IN School for the Blind          IBS
00580 Soldiers/Sailors Children Home   SSCH
00730 Indiana State Library            St Library
00735 Historical Bureau                IHB

00235 Bureau of Motor Vehicles         BMV
00055 Office of Managemnt and Budget   Mgmt_Bgt
00057 State Budget Agency              Budget Agn
00075 Office of Inspector General      Ethics
00080 State Board of Accounts          SBA
00081 Office of Inspector General      Insp_Gnrl
00085 Info Tech Oversight Comm         ITOC
00067 Office of Technology             Technology
00195 Department of Gaming Research    DGR
00208 Dept of Financial Institutions   DFI
00210 Department of Insurance          DOI
00215 Dept. of Local Gov't Finance     Loc Financ
00217 Indiana Board of Tax Review      IBTR
00056 Office of Fed Grants and Proc    FGrnts_Pro
00058 Tobacco Prevention & Cessation   ITPCA
00063 Election Board                   SEB
00074 Employee Appeal Commission       SEAC
00160 Dept. of Veteran's Affairs       DVA
00220 Worker's Compensation Board      WCB
00225 Department of Labor              Labor
00230 Alcohol & Tobacco Commission     ABC
00285 Public Safety Training Inst      PSTI
00286 Integrated Public Safety Comm.   IPSC
00505 Education Employment Relations   EERB
00715 State Student Assistance         SSA
00718 School Lunch Division            School Lun
00720 Office of Faith-Based and Comm   OFBC
00721 Off of Faith-Based / Community   OFBCI
00728 Human Resource Investment Cncl   HRIC
00755 Medical Education Board          Med Ed Bd
 go live date.

n be done as card plans and documents are provided.

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