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                                                                                                               C E L E B R AT I N G 4 Y E A R S
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A Q U A R T E R L Y P U B L I C AT I O N O F W O M E N I N A H O M E O F F I C E ™ – B E A C H C H A P T E R          WINTER 2004/2005       VOLUME 3, ISSUE 4

 Chaos to Calm for the Holidays

AAre you determined to enjoy the holidays this
 year without feeling overwhelmed? If yes,
 then we have some tips to help make your
                                                                  Download the Holiday
                                                                                                                      • Keep copies of the
                                                                                                                          recipes you plan
                                                                                                                          to make in the
 goal a reality. Start a Holiday Binder. You                                                                              Binder Pocket.
 will need: a three-ring binder, lined and hole                       Shopping List from
 punched paper, Binder Pockets (Avery
 786050, Removable labels (Avery 06505),                                              • Set up a wrapping station and stock it
                                                                                                                        with the necessities: ribbon, tape,
 and 2 three hole punched pencil cases.
                                                                            to track your                               scissors, gift bags, writing supplies,
 Insert the Binder Pockets into the binder                                                                              tissue, and gift tags.
 with lined paper between each of them. Use                                                                           • When bringing out holiday decorations,
 a Removable label to vertically label each                                gift purchases                               store regular household items in the
 pocket on the lower right hand side with                                                                               decoration boxes to save space over the
 the following categories: Money, Gifts,                             during the holidays                                holidays.
 Entertainment, Decorating, and The
 Schedule. Insert your pencil cases: one with                            and throughout                               The Schedule
                                                                                                                      • Start listing all the things you need to
 writing supplies, highlighters, and sticky
                                                                                                                        do and check them off when you have
 notes at the front of the binder and the                                         the year.                             scheduled it or you have done it.
 other into the Money section.
                                                                                                                      • Allocate time for the necessary To-Do’s
 Start with the following items in each                         flyers, or warehouse sale flyers so that                such as: dry-cleaning the linens, getting
 section and add you own items as your                          you know where and when you can                         your hair done (if you get colour you
 binder grows.                                                  purchase specific gifts.                                have time to book a manicure while
 Money                                                        • Mailing Gifts – check the Canada Post                   your colour is processing), scheduling
 • Keep all receipts from your holiday                          web site to check shipping times and                    the house cleaner, volunteer activities,

   purchases in the pencil case – after the                     costs.                                                  grocery shopping, buying flowers and
   holidays you can add up the categories                     • Include gift receipt when sending gifts.                candles, decorating the house, etc.
   and have ‘actual dollars spent’ to                         • Carry a list with family members                      • Schedule all events on the family
   budget next year’s expenses on.                              measurements to make shopping easier.                   calendar to avoid conflicts.
 • Categorize all receipts – decorations,                                                                             Deanne Bogdanovich and Kaos Group
   food, entertainment, gifts given, etc. to                                                                          wish you all a Safe and Happy Holiday
   make adding them up in January easier.                     • Determine how much baking you need
                                                                to do – gifts, cookie exchange, school,               Season.
 Gifts                                                          and identify what recipes you plan to                 Deanne Bogdanovich
 • Download the Holiday Shopping List                           make for other entertaining.                          Kaos Group
   from to track                       • Check your cupboards to see what                      T. 416.707.1816
   your gift purchases during the holidays                      supplies you have and what you will                   E.
   and throughout the year.                                     need – start the speciality-shopping list.            W.
 • Include pictures from magazines, store                       Shop early for non-perishables.
                              1    CHAOS TO CALM FOR THE HOLIDAYS               2   THE RIGHT ACCOUNTING SYSTEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS

                                          3     THE HOME YOU’LL LOVE ISN’T ABOUT MONEY                4   FIRING A CUSTOMER ?

The Right Accounting System for Your Business
T   There’s no getting around it. If you run a
    business, you have to do the accounting or
    bookkeeping. Such is life.
                                                       and forms to use. They’re available through
                                                       stationery outlets.
                                                       One-Write Systems - these are copyrighted
                                                                                                           training for the program.
                                                                                                           Or have a professional
                                                                                                           accountant review your
    Canadian law regarding financial records           systems that are set up using carbon-backed         work periodically to
    specifies that they be a permanent, accurate,      cheques. As you write the information on a          keep you on the right
    and complete record of your daily income and       cheque, it transfers the data to a record system.   track.

    expenses. Keeping good records makes good          Single-Entry Bookkeeping - a single-                I like to set up the
    business sense, since they will:                   entry system means every dollar transaction is      system and do the initial transactions
    • Keep you informed about the past and             recorded only once, either as income or             for my client’s business to make sure it’s done
        present financial position of your business.   expense, asset or liability. All entries are        right the first time. Then I train the client on
    • Keep you in control and give you the             recorded on a one-page synoptic journal, also       the functions of the package, such as
        information you need to make smart             known as a revenue and expense journal. It’s        recording invoices, recording bills, receiving
        business decisions.                            simple and easily understood, and requires          payments from customers, and paying bills.
    • Facilitate correct and timely remittances to     little training.                                    Once these basics are mastered, I move on to
        agencies such as Canada Revenue Agency,        There are also several excellent software           reconciling the bank, and familiarizing my
        Canada Pension Plan, Employment                packages available. These programs take             client with the system’s various reports. And I
        Insurance, Department of Finance, Goods        advantage of the power of the computer, and         always make myself available to answer my
        and Service Tax, and Workplace Safety &        can produce daily updated financial                 client’s questions as they’re learning the ins

        Insurance Board.                               statements. As they grow, most small                and outs of the package. Within six months,
    • Increase the odds of survival for your new       businesses have to manage larger inventories        most businesses are comfortable enough to
        business, and the chances of staying           and increased volumes of transactions. That’s       work more independently.
        healthy and earning good profits for your      when they need a computerized system.               What’s the payoff from using an accounting
        established business.
                                                       What System Is Best For Me?                         system? A clean set of books at year end that
    Types of Record Keeping Systems                                                                        you can use to remit your taxes in a timely
                                                       In my practice I often advise my clients to use
    There are many types of record books and                                                               and (almost) painless manner. Remember –
                                                       a basic computerized system, such as
    bookkeeping systems available, both manual                                                             a good record-keeping system should be
                                                       QuickBooks, right from the start. It helps you
    and computerized. Some of the manual                                                                   simple to use, easy to understand, reliable,
                                                       collect and manage your data and can be
    systems include:                                                                                       accurate, consistent, and designed to provide
                                                       expanded easily as your business grows. The
                                                                                                           information on a timely basis.
    Double-Entry Bookkeeping - this is the             benefits are time savings, accuracy, and
    system taught in most high-school and college      consistent record keeping.                          Which method is for you? Ask your friendly
    bookkeeping and accounting classes. Each                                                               accountant. He or she will assess your
                                                       With these systems in place, it’s easy for a
    transaction is recorded twice, with one account                                                        business and your aptitude, and suggest the
                                                       professional accountant to review your
    credited with the given dollar amount and a                                                            system that’s best for you.
                                                       processes. And that means you save time and
    second account debited by an equal amount.         money when you’re doing your taxes, evalu-          Melani Norman, CMA
    It’s an excellent system, but often requires       ating your business, or forecasting the future.     T. 416.471.0337
    formal training and practice to master.
                                                       Regardless of size, any business can use a          E.
    Commercial Bookkeeping Systems -                   computerized system. To ensure you’re getting       W.
    usually a package system with instructions         the most from your system, be sure to get

                                                                                                                   Market Yourself Smarter
     more than just                                                                                                Breakfast Series
     a bean counter                                                                                                for Women
                                                                                                                   Career, Parenting
                                                                                                                   Work-Life Balance

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 The Home You'll Love Isn’t About Money

 IImagine experiencing your home as a true sanctuary from
  the outside world, sitting in a room and smiling with the
                                                                                  Creating an environment that feeds our
                                                                                  soul has a ripple effect in other areas of

  pleasure of looking at it.                                                      our lives.
                                                                                  You can literally begin to transform your life by
           You can literally begin to                                             changing your environment. Start small. Get rid of that
                                                                                  uncomfortable chair you’ve always hated and tchotchkees
                                                                                  you don’t even see anymore. Keep only what you love. Pull
     transform your life by changing                                              out your favourite china or the fabulous soaps you got as a
                                                                                  gift. That special occasion you’re saving them for begins
                 your environment.                                                today. .

  It’s not about the money you spend on renovations and                           Debra Gould’s mission is to inspire others to live a life they
  furnishings. It’s about careful consideration of all the items                  love. Interior redesign, colour consulting and home
  in your home, the use of colour, texture, light and proportion.                 staging services are based on her Empowerment by
  It’s about letting go of anything you don’t find beautiful or                   Design
  useful, even when that means giving away something you’ve                       Debra Gould
  had for years, or that you bought last month.                                   Six Elements Inc.
  Fear of change can stand in our way, as can a core belief that                  T. 416.691.6615
  we don’t deserve the home we’ve always wanted. It’s not about                   E.
  how big your house is, it’s about how it makes you feel.                        W.

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     Firing a Customer?


    FFiring a customer? It may not be as crazy as             but Bill is less profitable. Profitability is the         profits . Firing just a few of them, would
     it sounds. Consider the customers of Jane                revenue the customer brings less the                      send your profit skyrocketing, even without
     Smith, a tax accountant.                                 associated costs. Bill’s phone calls, and                 replacing them.
     Fred is one of Jane’s customers. His annual              disorganization, cost Jane by taking time                 Take the time to understand your
     income tax return is straightforward, and he             away from other clients.                                  customer’s profitability – it’s worth it!
     provides Jane with all his information once.             “Firing” Bill means aligning costs -                      1
                                                                                                                            Angel Customer and Demon Customers, Selden and Colvin
     Bill is also a customer. However, every year,            charging him for the advice or for redoing
                                                              the tax return, for example. He may choose                Emma Warrillow
     after Jane has completed his tax return, he
                                                              another accountant, but that will allow Jane              Emma Warrillow & Associates Inc.
     discovers new receipts so that she has to redo
                                                              time to find another Fred or even two!                    T. 416.699.5730
     it. He also frequently calls her to ask for
     advice.                                                  For many companies, the bottom 20% of
     Each customer provides the same revenue                  customers by profitability can generate losses
                                                              equal to more than 100% of total company

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