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					                      Central GA Connections
                                                               Newsletter of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central GA (B&GCCG) - Year in Review 2006-2007
                                                                                              B&GCCG - funded in part by Office of Justice Programs (OJP)

  Board of Directors
                                                     In Celebration of Boys & Girls Club Week...

                                                                                    A Year in Review
Shane Spells, Chairperson
Natilyne Young, 1st Vice-Chair
Marvin Riggins, Vice-Chair
Russ Vaughn, Vice-Chair
Sean Ferrell, Treasurer
Tomieka Daniel, Secretary &           National Boys & Girls Club Week (March 25-                        develop great character - programs evolved to
  Ethics Officer                      31, 2007) is an opportunity for us to celebrate                   focus on key areas to specifically target
Marc Albertson                        the work of Boys & Girls Clubs. While we                          development of life skills.
  Sr. Relationship Manager, Patton,   are a local, community based organization,
  Albertson & Miller
                                      we are also part of a dramatically growing                        Club members learn goal setting, gain
Chad Bevill
  Real Estate                         national movement.                                                confidence, develop skills to identify and
Mike Burns                                                                                              resist risky behaviors, explore careers and the
  Chief of Police, Macon Police       We gain many insights and enjoy great                             necessary education to pursue them, plan
Doyle Byrd                            support from being part of a national                             and implement volunteering projects, get
  Sales Center Manager, Coca-         organization. As a whole, we are able to                          homework help, learn about nutrition and
J.D. Collins                          have national scope with local action.                            healthy habits, learn about money
   Domestic Violence Investigator,    That is the power of partnership.                                 management and many other useful skills.
   Bibb County District Attorney’s
Tomieka Richard Daniel                You may not know that all of our programs                         Club members spend an average of 10
  Staff Attorney, GA Legal Services   are developed nationally with detailed                            hours   every week in life enhancing
Craig Ferguson
  Assistant Director Macon            curriculum and proven results. National                           programs.
  RYDC, Department of Juvenile        partners who help support this development
                                      include Coca Cola, Staples, Macy’s, JC                            We are not the same old Boys & Girls Club.
Sean Ferrell
  VP of Support Services, MidSouth    Penney, Allstate, Best Buy, Taco Bell and
  Federal Credit Union
                                      Reader’s Digest. That’s great company to                          We Are More Than You Know.
Tripp Hubbard
  Proprietor, Outback Steakhouse      be in, isn’t it? And there are even more.                         This newsletter will cover events from Boys &
Michael Jones
  Vice President, Ken’s Audio -
                                      These national partnerships help us develop                       Girls Club Week 2006 to Boys & Girls Clubs
                                                                                                        Week 2007. We hope that this will raise your
  Video - Car Stereo
Donnie Laurens                        and strengthen local partnerships in many
  Sales Agent, Fickling &             cases. But, we have also found the middle                         curiosity and prompt you to find out more.
                                      Georgia community to be generous and                              We’d be glad to provide a Club tour or come
Roz McMillan
  Director, Clinical Outcomes         caring since our beginning in 1938.                               out and share more information with you.
  Resource Management, Medical
  Center of Central Georgia
                                                                                                        Just give us a call or drop us an email.
Jerry Modena                          That’s right, since 1938 we have been
  Sheriff, Bibb County Sheriff’s
  Office                              changing lives in middle Georgia. As
David Portwood                        many organizations, our methods have
  Chief Operating Officer, Coliseum
  Medical Centers
                                      changed over the years. Nationally and
Zelma Redding                         locally we developed into more than just
  Partner, Karla’s Shoe Boutique
                                      “swim & gym” - even though sports can
Marvin Riggins
  Deputy Chief, Macon-Bibb County
  Fire Department
Howard Simms
  District Attorney, Bibb County
Shane Spells
  Assistant VP & Investment
  Consultant, SunTrust Bank
Russ Vaughn                                                                          What’s Inside
  Financial Advisor, Wachovia
                                      Sponsor Highlights............. 2-3           Macon Symphony ............. 4       Event Highlights ........... 7-11
Mabel Wheeler
                                      Spotlight - Staples ..................2       Torch Club Clean-up ........ 4       Leadership Lunch .............. 7
Beverly Wyche
  Executive Assistant,                GE Commercial Finance ........2               Monroe County ................. 5    Golf 2006 ............................ 7
  Administration, Medical Center of
                                      Coca Cola ................................2   Outreach to Girls.............. 5    Day for Kids ....................... 7
  Central Georgia
Brenda Youmas                         Honey Baked Ham .................3            Fire Prevention Week ...... 6        Clay 2006............................ 8
  Partner, Edwards & Youmas           Macon Civic Club....................3         Keystone Food Bank ........ 6        Reception 2007 .............. 9-10
Natilyne Young
                                      CGR Credit Union ..................3          Healthy Smiles ................. 6
  Regional Administrator,
  Department of Juvenile Justice      Program Highlights............ 4-6                                                 Golf 2007 - upcoming ....... 11
                                      Math 24.................................. 4                                        WMTYK............................ 11
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -   YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                                                Page 2

Sponsor Spotlight - Staples
Lighting the Way - Torch Club Support

Staples, Inc. / Staples Foundation for                 the “Easy” button support Boys & Girls
Learning is a national sponsor of Boys &               Clubs.
Girls Clubs Torch Clubs - a leadership
and service club for members ages 11-                  Nationally, Staples Foundation for
13.                                                    Learning supports the B&GC Torch
                                                       Clubs, leadership and service groups
Our local Staples has participated in                  for members ages 11-13. This program
national promotions as well as provided                teaches youth teamwork and the
local based support. We are grateful to                democratic process as they plan and
store manager, Harvey Eason, who calls                 execute projects involving service to
us for donations of school and office                  the Club, community, education, health
supplies and even office furniture.                    & fitness and recreation.                           expand our partnership to                 include
“I know that donations to the Boys &                   Staples renewed their support for                   activities with Club members.”
Girls Clubs are put to good use,” stated               Torch Clubs in 2006 by committing to a              Staples, Boys & Girls Clubs and Torch
Mr. Eason. “They are responsive and                    three-year $3 million grant.                        Clubs - Lighting the Way for Club
conscientious and I know that they are                                                                     members to make their community a
appreciative of our support.”                          “Our partnership with Staples has
                                                       been so beneficial,” noted Mike Killen,             better place.
Staples customers have also been able                  B&GCCG president. “We are grateful
to donate school supplies and sales of                 to their consistent support and hope to             Pictured L-R: Mike Killen presented a plaque to
                                                                                                           Harvey Eason recognizing Staples support.

Other Sponsor Highlights
Sponsor of the Quarter Review                                                Sponsor of the Quarter Review
A gift from GE Commercial Finance allowed us to offer                        Coca Cola has been a Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia
Money Matters, a financial literacy program, during 2006. It                 partner for over 30 years!
also allowed us to expand partnerships as we provided this
program at Rutland High School during the school day. A                      Most recently our partnership has been expanded even further
win / win situation.                                                         due to national development of the Triple Play program - a
                                                                             collaboration of Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Kraft and
With the support of GE Commercial Finance, over 400 Club                     Coca-Cola.     This well-being
members completed the Money Matters curriculum and will                      program focuses on developing
hopefully avoid some common finance problems since they                      healthy habits in three areas -
have learned the basics of money management.                                 body, mind and soul.

                                                                             The program takes a holistic
                                                                             approach to educating Club
                                                                             members about good nutrition,
                                                                             physical fitness and developing
                                                                             individual strengths and good

                                                                             Right: Doyle Byrd receives a plaque at
                                                                             the 2006 tournament recognizing Coca
                                                                             Cola as a decade golf sponsor.

           Ron Kovich, Systems Lead; Tammi Walker,
           B&GCCG, and Virginia Cartmell-Martin, IFS National
           Sales Director.
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -   YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                                Page 3

Honey Baked Ham                                                                   Macon Civic Club
Here’s a story that shows                                                                                  The Macon Civic Club presented
several examples of the                                                                                    their 46th annual musical revue,
power of one. Sometimes                                                                                    Lipstick on Your Collar, in 2007.
just one action makes a big
                                                                                                           The Civic Club used their Club
                                                                                                           member’s talent to develop, produce
The day our summer                                                                                         and cast the show which included
newsletter went out we got                                                                                 song, dance and comedy
a phone call. Gisela Coley                                                                                 highlighted with spectacular
from Honey Baked Ham                                                                                       scenery, glamorous costumes and
(pictured) wanted to help us                                                                               live music. As always, proceeds
with     an    additional                                                                                  from the show will benefit local
fundraiser.                                                                                                charities.

“Our national, passive                                                                                  We are grateful to be a recipient of
fundraising promotions help many organizations raise funds by                                           past proceeds and were glad to help
selling gift certificates,” commented Ms. Coley. “After reading                   spread the word about this year’s show.
the newsletter, I knew the Boys & Girls Clubs was an
                                                                                  We hope that you were able to attend and mark you
organization I wanted to help.”
                                                                                  calendar to check for next year’s event in January 2008!
The fundraiser held in November and December, raised nearly
$1,800 to support teen programming.        “This was a great
fundraiser for us,” noted Shane Spells, BGCCG Board chair. “It
didn’t take much time and was a win-win for everyone involved.
Donors got their certificates delivered to them, Honey Baked
Ham got increased sales and we earned money too.”

One donor noted that they doubled their order because they were
buying through Boys & Girls Clubs.

And, It Just Takes One...another donor received our email about
the fundraiser from a friend, through two forwarded emails -
called and ordered their company’s holiday employee gifts
($4,000 in certificates!!) through the promotion!
                                                                                     One person can change a life…can change America.
We look forward to partnering with Honey Baked Ham again                             Are you the one?
this year! Please keep us in mind as you plan your Thanksgiving
and Christmas gift certificate purchases.

                                                                                  A Loan with a Cause
                                                                                  CGR Credit Union (CGRCU) held its second annual
                                                                                  promotion in November 2006 to benefit BGCCG. For every
                                                                                  car loan processed in the month, CGRCU made a donation
                                                                                  to BGCCG.

                                                                                  “Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia is such a fantastic
                                                                                  organization,” commented Arizona White, CGRCU’s
                                                                                  Director of Marketing & Business Development. “They are
                                                                                  making a significant difference in the lives of the young
                                                                                  people, who will be entering our workforce in a few years.
                                                                                  We are proud to offer our support.”

                                                                                  Thanks to Credit Union employees and member
                                                                                  participation $3,500 was raised to support BGCCG - a 50%
                                                                                  increase over the 2005 promotion!
Pictured: representing CGRCU: Arizona White; Shelia Bacchus, Branch
Manager; Sherry Belcher, CFO; and Jerry Jordan, President & CEO.
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -   YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                              Page 4

                                                                                 Six Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Georgia Keystone Club
Hartley’s Math 24 Team - a great example of the positive                         members served as ushers for the Macon Symphony’s
results of school and Club collaboration.                                        January 2007 Pops Concert held at the City Auditorium.
                                                                                 Keystone Club is a teen service club and members meet
In February 2006 they were the best in Bibb County. In May
                                                                                 regularly to plan and execute service projects to benefit
they won the state championship. Now they are recognized
                                                                                 their Club, school or community.
as 4th in the NATION!!

Team members are - 4th grade: Lexus Finney, Adonijah
Palmer, Tyreisha Hunt, Jessica Stallworth and 5th grade:
Versheka Jolly, Jalecia Jones, Jessica Whipple and Tyesha

The team, comprised of Club members, use their time in the
Club to hone their skills. “Club programs also help members
stay focused on the effort, build teamwork skills and
perseverance,” noted Ms. Woolfork, Math 24 advisor.

“I am encouraged to see how Club programs supplement and
reinforce the school day work,” commented Dr. Campbell,
principal of Hartley Elementary. “They not only engage
students, but they keep students and teachers excited about

Curious? Check our spring ‘06 newsletter for a sample math

                                                                                  The Riley Torch Club organized a campus beautification
                                                                                  project with a trash pick-up. Here are a few members
                                                                                  making a statement about litter before bagging it with the
                                                                                  help of volunteer, Barry Ficklin.

                     It’s About TIME...
           64% of alumni said the Club helped them
              set goals and pursue their dreams.
                        Louis Harris & Associates
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -   YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                                    Page 5

Expanding Services - Monroe County
Through partnership with Monroe                    Connection Coordinator. “We knew we                     “In addition to expanding our services,
County Board of Education and Monroe               needed some after-school activities and                 these are our first Clubs in middle
County Fa mily Conn ection, we                     through volunteering with committee                     schools. This is a great way to reach
expanded our services with the addition            work, I knew Boys & Girls Clubs was a                   teens and pre-teens by allowing them
of two Clubs.                                      great organization.”                                    their own space separate from the
                                                                                                           elementary Club members.”
In the fall of 2006 Boys & Girls Clubs             “The students at both middle schools -
opened in Banks Stephens and William               though tentative at first - are really
Hubbard Middle Schools.                            enjoying the programs.” McLendon
                                                   commented.          “This is a real
Boys & Girls Clubs and Monroe County               opportunity for our youth.”
Schools took a gradual approach to
starting the after-school partnership so           It is typical for teens and pre-teens,
staff would be well trained and excited            who aren’t familiar with the Club, to
about integrating learning and                     see it as a place for young children.
enrichment activities during non-school            And as a result we have been changing
hours. Now, with just over half a year             our method of program delivery and
under our belt, operations are going               member recruitment to attract more
smoothly.                                          teens and pre-teens.

“We are excited to be able to offer these          “This is a wonderful opportunity for
services to our youth,” noted Lisa                 us,” noted Natilyne Young, BGCCG
McLendon, Monroe County Family                     Board program committee chairperson.

                                                                          Outreach to Girls

                                                                          In celebration of Boys & Girls Club Week 2006 and in response
                                                                          to a national initiative to provide more programs specifically
                                                                          for girls, we held several “girls-only” events.

                                                                          Club teens enjoyed tips on enhancing natural beauty at the
                                                                          Club and then went to American Professional Institute for hair
                                                                          styling and nail care before taking in a movie at Regal

                                                                          Younger Club members enjoyed a National Pajama Party at
                                                                          Camp Martha Johnston.

                                                                          Both events served as a recruiting opportunity as each Club
                                                                          member invited a friend. These were great opportunities to
                                                                          practice social skills and develop new friendships.

                                                                          Pictured top left: Karmen Foster, Mary Kay representative,
                                                                          presented Essential Steps to Beauty.

                                                                          Pictured bottom left: fun and games at camp.
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -   YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                               Page 6

                                                                              During Fire Prevention Week in October 2006, the Macon-
                                                                              Bibb Fire Department visited with Club members and went
                                                                              over fire safety. Members got life-saving information from
                                                                              the fire safety presentation. But they loved getting a tour of
                                                                              the equipment on the truck and seeing the fire-fighter’s suit
                                                                              and gear and learning how it protects them in a fire.

                                                                              They even got to try out the hose!

                                                                              Firefighters who visited the Riley Club were, Captain
                                                                              McClain, Private Johnson, Private Thompson, Private
                                                                              Hunter and Private Chester.

As part of the Crest Healthy Smiles program and Cavity
Free Zone, Club members get instruction on oral hygiene
from volunteer Nikita Ferebee.

They also learn about healthy snacks and the correct way to
brush and floss. Here, a few members practice with supplies
they were given to take home.

                                                                             Carl Thomas Keystone Club work on an on-going project
                                                                             at the Middle Georgia Food Bank. Club members organize
                                                                             and bag up food for elderly Food Bank clients.

                                                                             Each time they organize the project to make efficient use of
                                                                             time and resources. They take great care to avoid any
                                                                             busted bags or damaged product. It is a great teamwork

                                                                             They spend about an hour and a half on site and have a goal
                                                                             of completing 100 bags an hour.
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -     YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                                Page 7

First Leadership Luncheon                                                     2006 Golf Tournament
We held our first Leadership Luncheon in celebration of Boys                  An occasion for recognition
& Girls Clubs Week in April 2006 which was well attended by
some of our corporate, political and community leaders.                       Our 10th golf tournament was held in June 2006. This was a
                                                                              great time to recognize sponsors who had supported the golf
We were excited to have Ronnie Jenkins from Boys & Girls                      tournament for 10 years.
Clubs of America join us to speak about the national
Movement and to review the recently published Youth Report                    Our decade sponsors were: Coca Cola, Cox Communications,
to America. Our local results are still published on our                      Outback Steakhouse and Security Bank.
website if you’d like to see what’s on the minds of some of our
                                                                              Two awards were also presented. Shawn Bresnahan, who
Middle Georgia youth.
                                                                              served on the Board for 10 years was presented with the
We were honored to recognize Charles Jones with our                           National Medallion for unusually devoted service.        Mr.
Lifetime Achievement Award for his extraordinary                              Bresnahan moved out of state right after the tournament, but
philanthropy in our community and its positive impact on the                  his passion for Boys & Girls Club work remains with us.
future of our youth.
                                                                              Tammi Walker, BGCCG staff member, received the National
                                                                              Professional Service Award for exemplary service.

                                                                                                                                    Walker &
                                                                                                                                    at the

     Roz McMillan, B&GCCG Board chair, with Charles & Ves Jones.

                                                          The third Saturday in September has been
                                                          set aside to celebrate spending meaningful
                                                          time with children.

                                                          Thanks to the generosity of our event
                                                          sponsors we had a great celebration. Club
                                                          members and their families had a great
                                                          time at Starcadia and enjoyed refreshments from Coca Cola and Tacala /Taco Bell.

                                                          This year was additionally special as we presented our Lifetime Achievement
                                                          Award to a former Boys & Girls Clubs professional for his commitment to Middle
                                                          Georgia youth.

                                                          Lamar Geddis is dedicated to helping children succeed and has been involved with
                                                          a variety of state and local organizations that help children.

                                                          “In the presence of so many happy children,“ noted Mike Killen, B&GCCG
                                                          president, “we couldn't think of a more appropriate place to present this award to
                                                          Mr. Geddis.” Several in attendance made comments as to how Mr. Geddis had
                                                          made a difference in their lives.

                                                          Mr. Geddis made a few comments and noted how very touched he was to receive
                                                          the award and that it meant so much to be recognized for something he believes in
                                                          so deeply.

                                                          See our website (under special events) for a photo gallery of the day and to get
Lamar Geddis with wife, Lynda. at Day                     meaningful time tips! Visit the official Day for Kids site at for
for Kids celebration.                                     even more ideas.
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -         YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                               Page 8

Clay Shoot Recap                                                                                We appreciate our Title Sponsor -

Congratulations to Ron Williams of Imedia Group, our
committee chair, for leading a successful fundraiser. Our
2nd clay shoot saw participation double and an increase in

Special thanks to our repeat title sponsor - Cox
Communications. “Cox Communications is an extremely
generous corporate citizen,” commented Mr. Williams. “Boys
& Girls Club is grateful for their support and specifically
with the clay shoot. Their significant contribution is helping
to get a new fundraiser - that is full of potential - off the

We appreciate our fabulous committee & volunteers -                                     We appreciate our Presenting Sponsors -
Ron Williams, chair, Bill Burriss, Tom Carter, JD Collins,
Sean Ferrell, Dianne Guilloud, Kendyl Jones, Mike Kane,
Shane Spells, Mike Van Wyck and Natilyne Young.

                                                                                                                    official prize sponsor

   Cox Communications’ team enjoyed a day on the course.

                                                                                              We appreciate our Media Sponsors

A group of participants gather to show off their “Cox Connects Day” t-shirts.
Cox Connects Day is a national day of service - building communities from
the kids up!
 NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -      YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                                       Page 9

2007 Annual Meeting & Awards Reception
A celebration of commitment to youth and of future opportunities.

We were surrounded by friends and                   Michael Jones, vice president at
supporters at our annual meeting and                Ken’s Audio-Video-Car Stereo, accepted
reception in January, where we                      Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s
installed new Board officers, reflected             (BGCA) National Service to Youth
on a completed year, looked to visions              Award.     Ronnie Jenkins, BGCA’s
of the future and presented several                 Southeast Regional Service Center,
                                                                                                                     Event Contributors
awards.                                             presented the award commenting on
                                                    Mr. Jones’ passion and dedication to
Roz McMillan, 2006 Board chair, noted               the youth of the Middle Georgia                            Special thanks to our event
two of our most notable                             community. He commented that it                            sponsors who made the evening a
accomplishments for 2006 were the                   takes people who roll up their sleeves,                    success!
formation of a partnership with                     share their expertise and offer
Monroe County Schools (see related                                                                             •   Alsco Servitex
                                                    financial support for causes they
story on page 5) and expanding                      believe in. Mr. Jones has certainly
                                                                                                               •   Carling Memorial Foundation
programs offered during the school day              done that for us, he has been a friend                     •   CGR Credit Union
with the Money Matters program at                   and supporter of BGCCG for 10 years.                       •   Channel 14
Rutland High School.                                                                                           •   Clark Media Services
                                                    Ron Williams, chairman of Imedia                           •   Coca Cola
She also commented on the great                     Group, accepted our local Lifetime                         •   Cox Communications
relationship that we enjoy with United              Achievement Award which recognizes
Way and how grateful we are for their                                                                          •   Georgia Music
                                                    substantial contributions to the youth                     •   Georgia Pine Level Foundation
support.                                            of our community.       Roz McMillan
                                                                                                               •   Imedia Group
We were honored to have two alumni                  presented the award noting that “Mr.
                                                                                                               •   JCPenney
speak on our behalf, Curtis Swint and               Williams’ was involved with the Boys &
                                                    Girls Clubs before they were so                            •   Macon Civic Club
Cornelius Spencer.      Each with a                                                                            •   Nextel
different perspective on Boys & Girls               nationally recognized and that he has
                                                    worked behind the scenes in an untold                      •   Outback Steakhouse
Clubs, but both grateful for their
                                                    number of ways to improve our                              •   Publix
                                                    community.”                                                •   Rutherford Trophies
Award presentations:                                                                                           •   Unforgettable
                                                    Sarah Miller, BGCCG staff member,
Our Youth of the Year Finalists                     received the National Professional
were presented and our 2007 Youth of                Service Award for her devoted and
the Year was introduced.        Kelvin              exemplary service to the Club. Ms.
Jones, a freshman at Westside High                  Miller worked part-time in the Club
School, was selected to represent us at
                                                                               (Continued on page 10)
state competition.

                                                                                  Roz McMillan, 2006 Board chair, with Michael & Wendy Jones and Ronnie
Roz McMillan, 2006 Board chair, with Dot & Ron Williams and Ronnie Jenkins.
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -        YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                                         Page 10

until she retired from the Bibb School system                          Youth of the Year Judges
with 30 years of experience and became a full
time staffer. Ms. Miller’s care has caused her to                                                                         Event Committee
be loved and remembered by Club members.                               We are grateful to our Youth of
                                                                       the Year judges’ panel for                       We appreciate your time!
We were humbled by the heartfelt comments
                                                                       interviewing our candidates
made by the evening’s speakers and are grateful                                                                             Tomieka Daniel
                                                                       and making the tough decision -
that their experience with Boys & Girls Clubs                                                                               Summer Greene
has created such a bond. After all, when all is                        Linda Carter, JCPenney
                                                                                                                            Tripp Hubbard
said and done, it is about people helping people.                                                                           Kendyl Jones
                                                                       Summer Greene,              Beneficial
                                                                          Mortgage                                          Debbie Kitchens
We look forward to 2007 with great excitement
                                                                                                                            Rosalind McMillan
for the possibilities of reaching even more youth
                                                                       Dominique Johnson,              Mercer               Shane Spells
and having a greater impact on our community.
                                                                          University                                        Beverly Wyche
                                                                                                                            Natilyne Young
                                                                       Natilyne Young, Department of
                                                                          Juvenile Justice and Board

Youth of the Year Finalists. Pictured: Roz McMillan, Kelvin Jones (Youth of the Year),
Mike Killen, BGCCG president & CEO, Brandon Brown, Christa Redding, Noelle                    Sarah Miller with husband, Jesse, and Ronnie Jenkins.
Davis, Christopher Lawrence, Celina Garcia (Jr. Youth of the Year) and Ronnie
Jenkins, representing BGCA.

                                 A few quotes from Charles Richardson’s July 16, 2006 Macon Telegraph article
                                 concerning the Carl Thomas Boys & Girls Club.

                                 “Before you think, “what kid is going to study instead of play?” The answer is:
                                 They have no choice.”

                                 “It (the Club) gives structure and reinforces discipline and provides positive role
                                 models for the children to see and emulate.”

                                                                      Read the whole article in our summer ‘06 newsletter.
NE WS LE TTER OF T HE BOY S & GIR LS CLUBS OF CE NTR AL GA ( B&GCCG ) -   YE AR IN RE V IE W 2006 -20 07                                    Page 11

Golf Tournament Coming Up                                                    WMTYK
River Forest, Monday, June 4
                                                                             We’re More Than You Know - this is a public relations /
Planning for our 11th annual tournament is underway                          image building campaign comprised of six full page ads
under the leadership of Donnie Laurens from Fickling &                       published by Imedia Group.
                                                                             Each ad gives some key points about a core program area
“We are looking forward to another great tournament,”                        and is sponsored by a company in support of BGCCG. If you
said Mr. Laurens. “We have a goal to increase our yard                       are interested in sponsorship please contact us.
marker sponsors this year. It is a great sponsor level for
companies who can’t play to get the benefit of some                          You can see the ads on our website - under the menu “We’re
recognition while supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs.”                        More Than You Know.” One ad in the series is shown below.

Thanks to some of our presenting partners:                                   •    Sports, Fitness & Recreation, sponsored by Dick's
                                                                                  Sporting Goods. (Nov/Dec 2006)
    •   Official Prize Sponsor --- Dick’s Sporting Goods                     •    Education & Career Development, sponsored by
    •   Lunch --- Outback Steakhouse                                              Beneficial Mortgage. (Jan/Feb 2007)
    •   Refreshments --- Coca Cola                                           •    Health & Life Skills - sponsored by Medical Center of
                                                                                  Central Georgia (Mar/Apr 2007)
    •   Breakfast items for AM group --- Publix
                                                                             •    Character & Leadership Development - available
    •   Printing --- Litho Press
                                                                             •    The Arts - available
    •   Marketing --- Cox Communications, Clark Media
                                                                             •    General overview - available
        Service, Macon Telegraph, City Channel 14 & Imedia

Hole in One contest commitments so far:

    •   Riverside Kia
    •   Dick’s Sporting Goods
    •   Commercial Furnishings – Hawaii trip
    •   Butler Auto Group

You can visit our website for updates, to sign up and (thanks
to your feedback) to pay via secure credit card

Opportunities to help or participate:
•   Be a marquee level sponsor with additional
    recognition. We’ll be finalizing these soon!
•   Be a signage sponsor at:
         • $250 - yard marker
         • $650 - combo: yard marker & team
         • $1,500 - hole: sign at a tee & team
•   Play the tournament - $500 / team
•   Support our raffle by donating a raffle item. Bring
    new customers into your business!
                                                                                                                   Contact Us
•   Volunteer for tournament day - we’ll need help with
                                                                             Help us expand.
    our hole in one contest verifications – this is a ½ day or               Please forward
    full day commitment. It is a great time to enjoy the                                                    Please contact Tammi at 746-2430 or
                                                                             this to friends or
    day outside and catch up on some reading!                                                              check our website for details & updates
                                                                             associates who
                                                                                                                 on items in our newsletter.
                                                                             m a y         b e
Tournament Details:                                                                               
                                                                             interested in our
• River Forest, Forsyth, Ga                                                  work!
• 4 person scramble                                                                                                 Mailing Address
• 9 am & 2 pm shotgun starts                                                                                  PO Box 4431, Macon GA 31208
                                                                                                            Administrative office - 478-743-4153

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